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Environmental and Atmospheric · PDF file Hydrology Environmental Law, Politics and Economics Environmental and Atmospheric Science. Contents Environmental Science 1 Atmospheric Science

Jun 04, 2020




  • 2006

    Environmental Science

    Atmospheric Science

    Oceanography and Hydrology

    Environmental Law, Politics and Economics

    Environmental and Atmospheric Science

  • Contents Environmental Science 1 Atmospheric Science 5 Oceanography and Hydrology 10 Environmental Law, Politics and

    Economics 15 Also of Interest 17 Author and Title Index 19

    We are delighted to present the new Environmental and Atmospheric Science catalogue from Cambridge University Press, announcing our new titles in the areas of atmospheric science, environmental science, environmental policy, hydrology and oceanography, as well as books on related maths/computing topics. Our book list in these areas encompasses undergraduate and graduate textbooks, academic monographs and reference volumes from leading scientists in the field.

    The Press Editors for this prestigious part of our publishing programme are Matt Lloyd and Susan Francis. We are very keen to continue to expand on the Cambridge University Press tradition of excellence in Earth and Environmental Science publishing, and look forward to hearing from you if you have ideas for new books or wish to comment on our present publications. We hope to meet many of you at conferences and on campus throughout 2006 and beyond.

    All the very best,

    Dr Matt Lloyd Dr Susan Francis Publisher, Commissioning Editor, Earth and Space Sciences Earth and Planetary Sciences

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    Prices and Payment Prices and publication dates are correct at the time of going to press but are subject to alteration without notice. This catalogue contains a selection of our most recent publishing in this area. Please visit our website for a full and searchable listing of all our titles in print and also an extensive range of news, features and resources. Our online ordering service is secure and easy to use. Many of our journal titles are now available online. Each journal entry in this catalogue indicates where the price includes, or will include, access to the electronic version of the journal during 2005. Full text is available FREE to all individuals within the registered domain address of full rate subscribers. In addition, the service provides all users with FREE access to tables of contents and abstracts, and a FREE email alerting service.

    The book industry is changing its numbering system. When quoting the ISBN, please use either the 13 or 10 digit ISBN (shown in brackets) when ordering during 2005 and 2006.

  • 1

    Environmental Science


    Soils Genesis and Geomorphology Randall J. Schaetzl Michigan State University

    and Sharon Anderson California State University, Monterey Bay

    Soils: Genesis and Geomorphology is a comprehensive and accessible textbook on all aspects of soils. The book’s introductory chapters on soil morphology, physics, mineralogy and organisms prepare the reader for the more advanced treatment that follows. This refreshingly readable text takes a truly global perspective. Replete with hundreds of high quality figures and a large glossary, the book will be invaluable for anyone studying soils, landforms and landscape change at the mid- to upper-level undergraduate and graduate level. It will also be an invaluable reference text for researchers.

    • Thoroughly up-to-date

    • Comprehensive, accessible, and well- written

    • Global in scope; well-illustrated ‘ … a landmark publication in the study of soils … This book should be unusually versatile, suitable at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels for courses in pedology, soil geography, and soil geomorphology. It is a remarkable volume, quite unlike any other soils book out there.’ Vance Holliday, Professor of Anthropology and Geosciences, University of Arizona

    ‘… a well written, refreshing, and sorely needed addition to the fields of soils, geomorphology, physical geography, ecology, archaeology, and Quaternary geology. This book has it all … I predict wide adoption in courses that treat these subjects. It is not just a text, it is a useful compendium, a comprehensive all- encompassing goldmine … It will be a welcome addition to the shelves of all who claim any field of environmental science as part of their research or teaching domain. Kudos to the authors for a job well done.’ Donald Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

    Contents: Part I. The Building Blocks of Soil: 1. Introduction; 2. Basic concepts: soil morphology; 3. Basic concepts: soil horizonation; 4. Basic concepts: soil

    mineralogy; 5. Basic concepts: soil physics; 6. Basic concepts: soil organisms; 7. Soil classification, mapping and maps; Part II. Soil Genesis: From Parent Material to Soil: 8. Soil parent materials; 9. Weathering; 10. Pedoturbation; 11. Models and concepts of soil formation; 12. Soil genesis and profile differentiation; Part III. Soil Geomorphology: 13. Soil geomorphology and hydrology; 14. Soil development and surface exposure dating; 15. Soils, paleosols and paleoenvironmental reconstruction; 16. Conclusions and Perspectives; Literature cited; Glossary; Index.

    2005 246 x 189 mm 832pp 387 line diagrams 142 half-tones 81 tables 978 0 521 81201 6 (0 521 81201 1) Hardback £45.00


    An Introduction to the Environmental Physics of Soil, Water and Watersheds Calvin W. Rose Griffith University, Queensland

    This textbook provides a thorough introduction to the sustainable, productive use of land resources that is vital in maintaining healthy rivers and good groundwater qualities. Complete with exercises and solutions (available on the Internet), it is suitable for undergraduate students as well as research and management staff in environmental organisations. ‘If you are new to the subject, want to learn of environmental physics from first principles and prepare yourself for more advanced texts and for the real world then get this book. If you teach newcomers then you might like to recommend it to them.’ R. Webster, European Journal of Soil Science

    Contents: Preface; 1. Environmental systems of rock, soil and earth energy exchanges; 2. Soil and soil strength; 3. The behaviour of liquids; 4. Soil, water and watersheds; 5. Evotranspiration and energy exchange at the earth surface; 6. Infiltration at the field scale; 7. Surface hydrology of watersheds; 8. Water erosion and deposition; 9. Watersheds and rivers; 10. Water movement through the groundwater zone; 11. Water movement through the unsaturated zone; 12. Salinity and contaminant transport; Appendix table A; Index.

    2004 247 x 174 mm 454pp 210 line diagrams 10 half-tones 17 tables 83 exercises 978 0 521 82994 6 (0 521 82994 1) Hardback £75.00 978 0 521 53679 0 (0 521 53679 0) Paperback £30.00


    Environmental Change Key Issues and Alternative Approaches Frank Oldfield University of Liverpool

    Environmental Change explains the current and future significance of past and contemporary environmental and climatic change. It poses key questions about environmental change and presents the results of recent research. Special emphasis is placed on past periods of rapid warming, the nature of climatic variability over the last 1000 years and the dramatic, accelerating changes heralded by the industrial revolution. The book is extensively referenced and illustrated. It provides a balanced, non-specialist exploration of global change for advanced undergraduates in Geography, Environmental, Earth, Biological and Ecological Sciences.

    • Identifies key questions in environmental science and addresses them from a broad and integrative perspective

    • Introduces the conceptual basis for modelling environmental and climatic change in language that is accessible to those unfamilar with numerical modelling

    • Provides an exhaustively referenced and up-to-date basis for developing a new advanced course component across a range of disciplines Contents: 1. Defining and exploring the key questions; 2. An introduction to models and modelling; 3. The palaeo-record: approaches, timeframes and chronology; 4. The palaeo-record: archives, proxies and calibration; 5. Glacial and interglacial worlds; 6. The transition from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene; 7. The Holocene; 8. The Anthropocene – a changing atmosphere; 9. The Anthropocene – changing land; 10. The Anthropocene: changing aquatic environments and ecosystems; 11. Changing biodiversity; 12. Detection and attribution; 13. Future mean global temperatures and sea-level; 14. From the global to the specific; 15. Impacts and vulnerability; 16. Sceptics, responses and partial answers.

    2005 246 x 189 mm 392pp 101 line diagrams 978 0 521 82936 6 (0 521 82936 4) Hardback £70.00 978 0 521 53633 2 (0 521 53633 2) Paperback £35.00 Publi