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Enterprise Design and the Future of Enterprise Architecture - Dansk IT EA Conference 2013

Jan 27, 2015



Outside-in architecting, customer experience, and quite frankly, the whole people side of the enterprise, have traditionally not been focus areas for enterprise architects, nor in the way architects are trained. This lecture presents the Enterprise Design Framework, which puts EA into a wider, people-oriented design approach.


  • 1. Enterprise Design and the Future of Enterprise Architecture Milan Guenther, Partner, eda.c John Gtze, CEO, EA Fellows

2. Agenda Introduction Experience Journeys Enterprise Ecosystems The Role of Digital Enterprise Design Enterprise Innovation Enterprise Design Framework Brief Case Study: eda.c's work with the UN The Future of Enterprise Architecture The changing role of EA and enterprise architects Systems Thinking in EA Design (Thinking) and EA Collaboration Our retreat - discipline variety, getting to know each other Designing the story that goes with an architecture Innovating and transforming enterprises 3. The Future of Enterprise Architecture EA at a tipping point? New Normal? Balkanization and Empire Building AaaS New challenges The Alignment Trap 4. Business-IT Alignment The degree of fit and integration among business strategy, IT strategy, business infrastructure, and IT infrastructure. Henderson and Venkatraman (1989)CBS Library Apr 2013: 21.199 peerreviewed articles about businessIT alignment.(Ross, Weill and Robertson, 2006) 5. Business/ITAlignment 6. You are now entering The Business 7. Enterprise Alignment Remember Your Vector Math!= 0 Alignment = the ability of the organization to operate as ONE by working towards a common shared vision supported by a well orchestrated set of strategies and actions. (Doucet et al, 2009) 8. StoryAlignmentGetyourducksinarow! GovernmentsofCanada StrategicReferenceModel 35 9. TheEnterpriseArchitect 1. Changeagent 2. Communicator 3.Leader 4.Manager 5.Modeler 11/11/201337 10. Coreenterprise architects: experts inenterprise architecture theory and practice. Implicitenterprise architects: those who supportenterprise architecture work. Appliedenterprise architects: those who define enterprise architecture requirements. 11/11/201338 11. 1. Enterprisearchitecture and related standardswill merge tobecome mainstream. 2. Enterprisearchitecture will focus moreonbusinessand servicearchitecture,andless about IT. 3. EAtooling will merge and evolve into seamless enterprise management practices. 12. Architecture? FEAFIIandEA3 Asystematicapproachthatorganizesandguidesdesign,analysis, planning,anddocumentationactivities.ISO42010: system fundamentalconceptsorpropertiesofasysteminitsenvironmentembodiedinits elements,relationships,andintheprinciplesofits designandevolution. ISO15288:aremanmadeandmaybeconfiguredwithoneor moreofthefollowing:hardware,software,data,humans, processes(e.g.processesforprovidingservicetousers),procedures (e.g.operatorinstructions),facilities,materialsandnaturally occurringentities1111201340 13. FrankLloydWright Destructionofthebox 14. SystemThinkingisabout.. Wholes Not ITManagingComplexity FeedbackLoopsNot ProcessEmergence CreationofPurpose42PatrickHoverstadt 15. VSM ViabLe SystemModelGovernance Intelligence Delivery MonitoringCo-ordinationEnvironmentOperationsPatrickHoverstadt(2008)TheFractal Organization:Creating sustainable organizations withtheViable SystemModel.Wiley 16. WhichisEAThinking?JohnSeddon (2008)SystemsThinking inthePublicSector: TheFailure oftheReformRegime....andaManifesto foraBetter Way Triarchy Press 17. EABoundary Objects Artifacts,which are theshared tools, documents,models. Discourse,which isacommon language that can be shared across communities ofpractice. Processes,i.e.,theshared processes,routines, andproceduresthat facilitate coordination of andbetween communities ofpractice. Gtze,J.,2013,TheChanging Role oftheEnterpriseArchitect.Proceedings ofthe2013 17thIEEEInternationalEnterpriseDistributedObjectComputingConferenceWorkshops (EDOCW2013),913September2013,Vancouver,BritishColumbia,Canada( 11/11/201345 18. Dialectic skills Enterprisearchitects musthavecompetencies in resolving conflicts,andincreating consensus, synthesis andcommon understanding.Detect what might establish that common ground and theskill ofseeking theintent rather than just reading thefacevalue ofthewords.11/11/2013Ibid.46 19. Dialogic skills Infacing wicked problems,enterprise architects mustfocus moreon problemfinding than problemsolving. Inanalogy withcraftsmanship,craft looksatsituationsinaproblemfinding manner.When skilled inthecraft ofcooperation,andconfident intheir ability tonegotiate complexity,thearchitects can interact withthose who are different,antagonistic,oreven aggressivetowards them.Such dialogic skills also include listening well,behaving tactfully,finding pointsof agreementandmanaging disagreement,andavoiding frustrationina difficult discussion.Dialogics,orthedialogical domain,isthat world oftalk that makes anopensocialspace,where discussion can take anunforeseen direction.Dialogic conversation,thesubjunctive mood inspeech,opens a space ofambiguitywithin theconversation,forallpartiesequally.Italso facilitates empathy,which should be distinguished fromsympathy,as curiosity orwonder about another,asopposed toidentification. Ibid.,quotingRichardSennettsTogether47 20. DesignandArchitecture 21. BarcelonaRetreat Lets bringdesignersandarchitects together foraweek. We havefound that we havea mutual interest inEnterpriseDesign, which we both work with,butusing different approachesWe think we can learn alot fromeach other,and came upwiththeidea ofthis retreat.Butthen we thought again why notinvite some ofour respected peerarchitects and designerstojoin us,sowe can all learn together andfromeach other? John&Milan 22. Topics PRINCIPLES *GoodDesign/ArchitecturePrinciples *Dowe haveprinciplestocreate principles? *Arethere characteristics forprinciples? INTEGRATION *EAAgility>Canwe lookatthat using ServiceDesign? *Howtodesigntheagileenterprise? *DesignThinking inOrganisations *Howtodiscover&express anaspirational target state? *Researchandprototyping forEnterpriseArchitecture *Modeling andanalyisis forStrategicDesign *Howtoavoid MANAGER/MINISTERCENTREDDESIGN? *Where dodesigners/architects fit inanorganisation? GOVERNANCE *Management/Governance /KPI>Howwe dealwithit! *Governance *10K>Beagile?Behuman? *"ITGovernance"vs."Whatever Governance TOOLS *HybridWikis *Modelling andTools *EnterpriseRepositoryforDesignWork? 23. MoreTopics Representation What isthemeasureofarchitecture/designsucess? What isthevalue we add? Dowe havedocumented thevalue tododesign? Where tostartwithDesign&Archictecture? What's abrandcore idea? External BrandingInternal Branding Uniquevs.Scaling Designs HowtoASSUREadesignorarchitecture? VisualDesignersvs."Designer">It's notthesame (Adrawing ofahousewithatree) Dowe need tohide our buzzwords? Wicked problems Extendedhyperconnected enterprise ecosystems SystemsofInnovation/Differentiation/Record Taking theIToutofEA 24. 1st Enterprise Design Retreat Case: Executive Master in IT Leadership at the IT-University of Copenhagen 25. ITU:Current State Conditional Accreditation External lecturers vs researchers(DVIP/VIP)issue SplitMasterinITinto three studies Unfocused brand Brandopportunity withnewMaster Unclear role ofexecedu attheuniversity Staffing,services,etc Creativesolutions Guests,networks,partnering Pilotindigitalization 54 26. DesignChallenge ThePerfectExecutive MasterinITLeadership Ideation,stories: DesignforExecutives MoreRockStars,also JerrySpringer Learningmorethan Teaching. ParticipantsasTeachers. Space/Placenot limited toITUBuilding 5000CoolPlaces,EuroCIO,Gartner 55 27. University Capabilities56 28. University Capabilities Architecture Identity Experience+doubleuptake,restructuring work,andKPIwork (target meetingsvs meetingtargets)57 29. Digitalledelseidenoffentligesektor Klokken17iAud3! JimmyKevinPedersen EksternlektorITU SeniorPolicyAdvisor,TeknologiskInstitutAdamLebech Kontorchef/Digitaliseringschefi konomi ogIndenrigsministeriet 30. John Gtze CEO, EA Fellows Copenhagen [email protected] @gotzeMilan Guenther Partner, eda.c Paris [email protected] @eda__c