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Apr 12, 2017






    1.1 .Introduction

    In today's time of internet popularity and globalization, a web page or website is a

    dynamic tool in the market for us to both acquire and service our clients. It enables

    one to make information easily available about themselves as well as the products and

    services they plan to offer.

    Now a days the need for higher education institutions to a have a reliable, effective

    and attractive web presence is increasing as online technology is becoming an

    important part of the educational process .The higher education institutions play a

    vital role in the development of a society while higher education websites have many

    roles to fill. They need to provide information for prospective students, current

    students, Faculty and alumni. They often need to include reams of information in a

    way that makes everything easy to explore and its a great challenge.

    Many people are confused about the Higher Education, because there have been many

    changes recently, including institutions changing their names and titles and degree

    programs. The Higher education can be defined as a university level education. It

    offers a number of qualifications ranging from Higher National Diplomas and

    Foundation Degrees to Honors Degrees and as a further step, Postgraduate programs

    such as Masters Degrees and Doctorates.

    According to research it explains in Srilanka there are many students after their

    Ordinary level and Advanced level examinations willing to and seeking for

    universities to complete their higher studies. Lots of these numbers include people

    from the outskirts who find it difficult to travel to Colombo and other locations every

    time in search of an educational institute for their higher studies.

  • Considering above said issues I decided to develop a website which is an online

    course finder, and would give the opportunity for students to find a college/university

    of their choice in one site instead of having to search many websites which will be

    time consuming and complicated. This website will include a variety of the best and

    recognized colleges/ campuses and universities in Colombo as well as out of

    Colombo. In Colombo most of the Campuses are affiliated with foreign Universities

    which would grant the student of obtaining a foreign degree at the completion of

    his/her study period. This online course finder website will not only list the names of

    the finest colleges and universities in Sri Lanka but also include the required and

    necessary details a person would need to know. Some of the details would include the

    website, study programs offered, if affiliated with foreign universities and councilors

    to contact.

    My main objective is to help students who a really willing to continue their higher

    studies to find the college/University of their choice within few seconds as most find

    it hard to travel from place to place in search of a good university.

    1.2. Background Studies

    1.2.1. Brief Description of Company

    Set up in 2000, this is one of the leading tertiary education providers in Sri Lanka

    with the largest number of students in the private sector higher education category.

    Popularly known as ICBT Campus, it delivers Certificate, Diplomas, pre University

    programs, Undergraduate programs , Masters level programs including Doctorate

    level programs in association with some of the best Universities and educational

    service providers in UK, Australia, Thailand, India and Sweden.

    ICBT Campus has expanded their operation in setting up branches island wide. Main

    branch is located at Mount Lavinia. Other branches are located in Bambalapitiya,

    Kandy, Matara, Nugegoda, Galle, Kollupitiya & Jaffna.

    Educational partners of ICBT Campus include Middlesex University UK, Salford

    University UK, Edexcel UK, Cardiff Metropolitan University - UK, Asian Institute of

    Technology Thailand, Liverpool John Moores University - UK, Sheffield Hallam

    University - UK and Royal KTH University of Sweden.

  • The Campus comprises a strong panel of lecturers who are academically as well as

    professionally qualified and adopt modern and structured coaching methods to

    provide a vibrant qualification and knowledge to its students.

    ICBT Campus provides facilities such as libraries with an array the latest editions of

    study materials, computer labs, internet accessibility/reference, Gymnasium s ,etc

    All study/common areas are WIFI enabled. Laboratories, lecture theatres, library and

    reading rooms are air conditioned.

    ICBT Campus language center conducted range of English programs. It is also a

    British Council preferred IELTS Training and Testing Center in Sri Lanka. It is the

    1st center of delivering PTE Academic exams for the local students who wish to

    migrate for studies.ICBT Campus is ISO 9001:2000 certified by Det Norske Veritas


    Study Abroad center of ICBT Campus provides student guidance counseling services

    to top universities in the world for enrolment .ICBT Training and Testing Centre is

    the latest and the most modern facility in Colombo delivering range of exam from

    Prometric & Pearson VUE testing providers & offers internationally recognized IT

    professional certification with the online testing.

    1.2.2. The need of an online course finder website.

    Higher education is about taking our education to the next level: learning new things

    and getting to where you want to be.

    As there are many students around the country seeking educational institutes to

    continue their higher studies, they are facing problems in finding good, reputed places

    to enroll themselves in. There are many famous, well known and reputed colleges and

    universities available in Colombo such as ICBT, ACBT, ANC and SLIIT where some

    of them are affiliated with American and UK universities as well.

    Students who are looking for universities from locations such as the Eastern and

    Northern province which are very far from Colombo find it extremely hard to enroll

    themselves in these good colleges and universities in Colombo because most of them

  • have a problem with travelling for many hours, three or four times up and down just

    to consult the councilors and find details from these universities. Therefore most of

    them end up joining a normal institute in their area which may not be of satisfactory


    The problem is that, if students are looking for well recognized places to continue

    their studies they have to go to about four or five institutions in order to compare the

    colleges and choose the best out of all, after which they have to see if the desired

    institution offers the specific program the student hopes to study and the institutions

    requirements from the students and so forth. Therefore getting all these details in a

    day is not possible and will cause the person to travel many times which is costly as

    well as time consuming.

    It is also a hassle for the people in Colombo looking to join such a college or

    university because they may decide on a specific recognized university to enroll

    themselves in as they know the standard of these institutions and do not have to

    compare many places like the students coming from the outskirts, but after deciding

    on a specific institution and going and finding details and what the university requires

    from the student, and if this student is not able to join, it will be a major

    disappointment. Also for example a student may want to do a degree in law and join

    ANC. This person will go and speak to the specific college, but after taking time and

    going if ANC doesnt offer law it will be a waste of time, a cost of travelling as well

    as a disappointment for the student.

    Therefore, I believe this online course finder will be of great use to students seeking

    institutions for the completion of higher studies in Colombo as well as out of


    1.2.3. Suggested Solution

    An idea which I came up with for the above mentioned need is the online course

    finder system which is the online course enrollment website.

    With the use of this website students seeking for institutions to continue their higher

    studies will be able to find a list of all the colleges and universities available in Sri

  • Lanka, especially in Colombo along with their website and all other required details,

    which will prevent the person from having to go get details from these institutions.

    As a list of all these colleges and universities will be available on one specific site a

    person does not have to browse through many sites and waste their time. They will be

    able to obtain all the required details from only one site which will be available at

    anytime of the day from any place in the country.

    After choosing the desired college or university from the site which offers the

    program the students may want to do and if the requirements of the university can be

    fulfilled by the them, then they may contact an official from the institution through

    the numbers provided on the site and then once and for all enroll themselves, which

    will satisfy the student as well as be an advantage comparing to the problems

    mentioned above.

    Therefore, this website would be