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Enhancing Motivation In the Workplace. What is Motivation? An inner drive, impulse or intention that causes people to act in a certain way or to achieve

Jan 01, 2016



  • Enhancing Motivation In the Workplace

  • What is Motivation?An inner drive, impulse or intention that causes people to act in a certain way or to achieve a certain goal. Want to see motivation? Watch employees at the end of their shift.Watch them play sports or engage in their favorite hobby or past-time.Get them to talk about their children or grandchildren.

  • Where does Motivation come from? The inside or the outside?

  • What Motivates YOU?Improving your quality of lifeWorking for a reputablecompanyGood benefitsChance to earn raises and advancementsJob security

  • Morale 1st Motivation 2ndMorale is created when physical, mental and emotional needs of workers are met. Then the focus shifts to motivation to add additional levels of passion within the organization.

  • Motivation Versus MoraleMotivation is a short-term condition createdby extrinsic motivators: give-aways, lively activities, contests, food and games.

  • Morale is a long-term condition created by values workers feel about SGMC, created by feelings:

    TrustRespectIntegrityHonestyFairnessCommunicationGenuine care and concern

  • Benefits of High Morale Reduced turnover Increased productivity Increased customer satisfaction Instills coworker respect Builds employee loyalty

  • Factors That Can Decrease Job Satisfaction and PerformanceCompany politicsUnclear expectationsWithholding informationCriticismTolerating poor performanceUnder-utilized capability

  • Factors That Can Increase Job Satisfaction and PerformanceVarietyInput and choiceResponsibilityTeamworkGoalsAppreciation Respect

  • Ingredients of a Positive and Negative EnvironmentPositiveNegative Words and Actions Match Limited open door policy Acknowledging Coworkers Criticize Vs. Compliment

  • Four Variables of a Motivating Environment Quality of life Morale Energy level Optimism Ongoing Communication

  • The Results Of A Happy WorkforcePositive attitude and spiritRetentionIncreased productivityImproved efficiencySuccess Customer Satisfaction

  • Workplace IssuesAre we often too busy, self-absorbed or stressed-out toHave fun at work?To engage our customers?To live in the moment?To remember we can choose our attitude?

  • Do You Feel Youre a...A cost to be controlled or containedorAn asset to be empowered and trained?

  • Obedient Workers Arent Motivated WorkersCompliance giving in to a request or demand whether a person believes in it or not Commitment a pledge or promise, freely given. It suggest personal identification with a goal or an organization that motivates one to take actions to achieve that goal or contribute to the success of the organization.

  • Avoid insubordinationIf you put people in a subordinate position, you invite insubordination. Treat them with respect, as equals, and you earn cooperation!

  • The #1 Reason Why People Leave Their Jobs: Lack of Recognition

  • Work Creates Its Own Reward? Yes, If1. People like what they are doing2.They see the importance of their tasks3.They do the job well in their opinion and in the opinion of others that they respect

  • The Public Institute, 1999Job Factors as Rated by Employees

    1.Appreciation of their work2. Feeling plugged in3.Help with personal problems4.Security

  • The Public Institute, 1999Job Factors as Rated by Employees, contd.

    Wages6.Interesting work7.Growth potential8.Personal loyalty9.Working conditions

  • Creating an inspiring work environment means doing more than buying a poster and sticking it on the wall.

  • Organizations Should Give Employees What They Can

    Things you cant control:WagesBenefitsPoliticsThings you can control: Your attitude and performance standards Your commitment to internal and external customers

  • What We Really Want Out of Work besides a paycheck:A chance to do good workFor our work to make a differenceTo be recognized for our contributions and loyaltyTo learn and master new skills

  • Basic Rights in the Workplace Some control over our actions

    To be respected, trusted and supported

    To be treated fairly

    To have our efforts recognized and rewarded

  • Basic Requirements to Enable us to do Good Work:Proper equipment and sufficient materialsA chance to define problems and create solutionsA voice in the decisions that affect usOngoing training and updating

  • Jumpstart Your Day With A Positive MessageWhen you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be aliveto breathe, to thinkto enjoyto love.-Marcus Aurelius-

  • How do youRefuel, Recharge & Refocus?Neutralize the Energy Vampires people who drain the energy and excitementright out of you.

    Negative comments: Did I tell you how unfair life is?Dream snatching: You cant do that! Shrinking devices: What is wrong with you? No one around here cares how hard you work.

  • Try These Steps to Break Away From The Energy Vampire:Look in the mirror. Are you being negative or positive?Confront and reformtell the EV that he/ she is being negative.Turn on the lightrespond with love, kindness and positive energynegative energy is powerless in the light.Run-Run-Runas fast as you can! You only have so much energydont allow another person to drain it.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Pearls of Wisdom I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

  • Ways to renew your mind, body and spiritfueling your life with new experiences:Make a point to reach out to a new person every it forward!Attend a play or movieGo to a museum or parkTry a new dishBuy a new CD or bookDrive home a different way from workLearn a new word each day

  • Ways to renew your mind, body and spiritfueling your life with new experiences, contd.Take a mini vacation to a place youve never been to beforeVolunteerDo something nice and unexpected for someone that will never find out

  • Become a cruiser instead of a rusherRemember life isnt a raceTake several deep breaths and regroup when you become s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-dLive in the momentTake comfort in that everyone has the same amount of time

  • Give Up The BagsDrop The Excess BaggageLearn from your past but live in the presentMonitor your words and thoughts:-Let go of past emotions-Forgive people-Be thankful of what you have nowDont be a victimCreate your best life today

  • Be a Positive Energy AddictBe a carrier of positive energyRemember to smileits contagiousGive high fives, pats on the back, handshakes and hugswhen appropriateSincerely compliment peopleShare good news, great stories and happy endings with your coworkers and/or family

  • Plant New Energy Seeds

    With every deed you are sowing a seed - though the harvest you may not see! -Ella Wilcox-

  • Your Reason for BeingWe must stop thinking of work as something imposed upon us by the need to make money, and think of it as something we have chosen toparticipate in because of its value in our lives and in the community at large.

    James A. Autry Love and Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership

  • Does Motivation Last? People often say that motivation doesnt last.

    Well, neither does bathingthats why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar -

  • Stephen Covey QuoteIt is in the ordinary events of every day that we develop the proactive capacity to handle the extraordinary pressures of life. Its how we make and keep commitments, how we handle a traffic jam, how we handle untangling Christmas tree lights, how we respond to an irate customer or disobedient child. Its how we view our problems and where we focus our energies.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to serve as your Customer Service Coach! Rita Suiter, SGMC Customer Service Coach WE CARE: We Encourage Compassion And Recognize Excellence

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