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Dec 27, 2015



  • Dealer Service Tools 2006

    Hoists 11-1Chain Adjuster 159-3337 11-7Chain Sling Identification Tag 253-9937 11-7Columbus McKinnon Herc-Alloy 800 Chain 11-6Electric Chain Hoists 11-2Fabric Slings, Protective Sleeve, and Shackles 11-4Hand Hoists 11-2Heavy-Duty Mobile Lifting Crane, 2,200 lb. 1U-7484 11-1Heavy-Duty Mobile Lifting Crane, 4,400 lb. 1U-7485 11-1Hoist Rings and Anchor Shackle 11-9Leveling Assembly 137-4370 11-3Lifting Eye Bolts 11-8Lifting Shackles 11-9Link Brackets 11-8Load Positioners and Warning Tag 11-3Metric Eyebolts 11-8Mobile Lifting Crane, 6,000 lb. 1U-7555 11-1Nylon Lifting Slings 11-5Tow Straps 11-9

    Jacks 11-10Air/Manual Hydraulic Service Jack, 10 Ton 1U-9745 11-12Blade Lift Jack (Blade Master) 174-6004 11-14Crankcase and Transmission Guard Jack 5P-3050 11-14Drive Train Handler Accessory 4C-4090 11-13Dual Wheel Dolly 4C-3051 11-14Extension Tube 183-1262 11-14Hydraulic Jack 159-3175 11-15Hydraulic Service Jack, 2 Ton 1U-9744 11-12Hydraulic Transmission Jack, 1 Ton 1U-9753 11-12Mechanical Ratchet Lever Jacks, 5 and 10 Ton 11-10Mechanical Ratcheting Screw Jacks 1U-9330 11-11Mechanical Ratcheting Screw Jacks 1U-9331 11-11Mechanical Screw Jacks, 20 and 24 Ton 11-10Mobile Low Lift Transmission Jack, 2,000 lb. 1U-7505 11-13Ratchet Lever Jack, 20 Ton 1U-9323 11-11Service Jack, 25 Ton 4C-4091 11-15Steel Lever Bars (Sold Separately) 11-11Three Tube Extension Set 4C-4092 11-15Transmission Jack, 1.5 Ton 4C-4089 11-13Tune-up and Repair Kits for Discontinued Jacks 11-15

    Stands 11-163- and 10-Ton Stands 11-1675-Ton Jack Stand 11-20Cat Lift Stands, 25, 55 and 100 Ton 11-17Extension for 75-Ton Heavy-Duty Jack Stand 4C-9925 11-21Heavy Duty Repair Stand, 2,000 lb. 1U-7502 11-19Heavy-Duty Support Stands, 12 Ton 1U-7498 11-17Heavy-Duty Support Stands, 12 Ton 1U-7499 11-17Hose Group for 75-Ton Jack Stand 9U-5227 11-21Stand 11-16Transmission Adapter Kit 1U-7506 11-19Transmission Bracket 178-8906 11-19Tube Stands 11-18

    Tube Holder FT0890 11-18

    Miscellaneous 11-21Aluminum Alloy Lever Pullers 11-22Cable Cutter Set 6V-4920 11-24Cable Saver Blocks FT0600 11-24Columbus-McKinnon Drop Forged Load Binder

    (overcenter) 1U-9724 11-22Columbus-McKinnon Ratchet-Type Binder 1U-9722 11-22Columbus-McKinnon Ratchet-Type Binder 1U-9723 11-22Load Leveler 6V-3145 11-23Load Leveler 6V-6146 11-23Ratchet Puller 5P-9694 11-23Ratchet Puller 8S-9906 11-23Skid Plate Assembly FT2977 11-23Spreader Bar Assembly 133-9874 11-23Tractor Lift 11-21


  • Caterpillar Inc. warrants all products sold, against defects in workmanshipor materials under normal use, for Six Months after date of purchase,unless otherwise stated.

  • Hoists

    1U-7484 Heavy-Duty Mobile Lifting Crane, 2,200 lb.1U-7485 Heavy-Duty Mobile Lifting Crane, 4,400 lb.Warranty: Six Months

    Versatile features and rugged construction of OTC heavy-duty cranes let you handle just about any lifting job with speed.

    Folds into a compact package for storage Leg spread adjusts to clear vehicles wheels, other obstacles for close-in work. Telescoping boom extension gives additional reach. A 2-speed hydraulic hand pump provides fast boom travel;

    descent of boom is under precise control of operator. Equipped with roller-bearing mounted wheels, crane

    rolls smoothly into position or storage location. Steering dolly provides easy maneuverability. Space saving Fold-Away feature

    Optional Hydraulics (Sold Separately) For greater speed and ease of operation,

    your crane can be powered with an air-driven, air/hydraulic pump such as the 1U-7554.


    1U-7484 1U-7485

    Capacity, boom extracted 2,200 lb 4,400 lb

    Capacity, boom extended 1,650 lb 3,300 lb

    Maximum boom height -Boom extracted 107 in 111 in

    Maximum boom height -Boom extended 117 in 122 in

    Overall height, boom horizontal 80 in 82 in

    Overall length 83 in 89 in

    Minimum throat width 24 in 25 in

    Inside leg length 54 in 5712 in

    Effective boom reach (retracted) 33 in 3512 in

    Effective boom reach (extended) 48 in 5012 in

    Inside leg width (3-position) 24 in-36 in- 26 in-40 in-48 in 5212 in

    Leg height 8 in 912 in

    Dolly wheel diameter 5 in 5 in

    Wheel diameter 6 in 8 in

    Caster diameter 6 in 6 in

    Floor space, folded 27 in x 38 in 31 x 42 in

    Height, folder 79 in 86 in

    Lifting chain 1678 in 1838 in

    Weight 471 lb 642 lb

    Supplier part no. 1819 1820

    Dealer Service Tools 2006







    1U-7555 Mobile Lifting Crane, 6,000 lb.Warranty: Manufacturers Two Year Limited

    Heavyweight, retractable-leg, mobile floor crane equipped with electric/hydraulic (115V) pump with remote motor control

    Three boom positions give you capacities of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 lbs enough to lift the biggest engines.

    Features a boom swivel, and extendable legs Vertical and lateral swing Equipped with an electric/hydraulic pump with

    remote control for raising and lowering Includes a steering dolly for maneuverability;

    dolly also acts as a floor lock by lifting the rear wheel off the floor

    Built to take all the hard use you can give it. Ideal for freeing up an overhead crane,

    letting you pull engines from any bay in the shop Offers greater mobility and versatility

    than installing and overhead crane or gantry Coupled with the 6V-3145 Load Leveler (sold

    separately) and the 1U-5750 Revolver (sold separately) engine stand this crane gives you a complete set of heavy-duty engine equipment.

    Repair InformationSPX Service Solutions2300 Park DriveOwatonna, MN 55060-0994

    Phone: 1-800-344-4013 x4369

    ID: C58223T1

    Ext. Center Ret.Boom Capacity 4,000 5,000 6,000

    Max. boom height 16178 in 1501116 in 13912 in

    Min. boom height 6 in 1738 in 2834 in

    Overall height, boom horizontal 87 in 87 in 87 in

    Overall length 12918 in 11378 in 9814 inLegs in storage position: 8078 in

    Inside leg length 911116 in 7618 in 4314 in

    Effective boom horizontal reach 9414 in 7834 in 6314 in

    Outside leg width 5934 in 5734 in 5534 inLegs in storage position: 5312 in

    Boom swing 36 in 31 in 26 in

    Inside leg width 3534 in

    Leg height 9116 in

    Dolly wheel diameter 5 in

    Wheel diameter 8 in

    Supplier part no.: 1814

  • Hand HoistsWarranty: Manufacturers One Year Against Defects In Workmanship

    Compact lifting power built of lightweight aluminum alloy

    Features a fully enclosed brake and rugged Hoistaloy load chain

    Requires no lubrication Design is compact and simple. 12 ton through 10 ton capacities Load limiter, CMs automatic overload protection, consists

    of a special hand wheel and friction clutch assembly. Load limiter is fully protected does not require

    adjustment. Repairable For trolleys, see Electric Chain Hoist accessories.

    Repair InformationColumbus-McKinnonAudubon and Sylan Pkwy.Amherst, NY 14228

    Phone: (800) 888-0985Fax: (716) 689-5644Web site:

    ID: C58225T1

    Supplier Standard Net Shortest Distance Chain Pull to Strands Part No. Part No. Capacity Lift Weight Between Hooks Lift Load of Chain

    1U-9206 4622 12 ton 8 ft 33 lb 1278 in 46 lb 1

    1U-9207 4624 1 ton 8 ft 36 lb 14 in 69 lb 1

    1U-9208 4626 2 ton 8 ft 60 lb 17516 in 83 lb 1

    1U-9209 4629 5 ton 8 ft 122 lb 2414 in 75 lb 3

    1U-9210 4632 10 ton 8 ft 219 lb 3512 in 95 lb 5

    Electric Chain HoistsWarranty: Manufacturers One Year Against Defects In Workmanship

    Heavy-duty motors Workings are completely enclosed and compact

    for low headroom. Safety features include: Lodestar Protector,

    a friction clutch assembly designed to stop the hoist when overloading occurs. A dual braking system heavy-duty magnetic and regenerative plus upper and lower limit features.

    Snap action control station carries only 115 volts and is completely sealed, weatherproofed and waterproofed.

    Gears receive lifetime lubrication at factory.

    NOTE: Due to various applications, suspension for hoist must be ordered separately. Please see part numbers listed under accessories.

    Repair InformationColumbus-McKinnonAudubon and Sylan Pkwy.Amherst, NY 14228

    Phone: (800) 888-0985Fax: (716) 689-5644Web

    LiftingMax. Speed Maximum Motor Electrical

    Part No. Capacity Per Min. Lift HP Requirements

    4C-6953 12 ton 4.88 m/min 4.5 m 12 hp 115 V/1 Phase/60 Hz(16 fpm) (15 ft)

    4C-6954 1 ton 4.88 m/min 4.5 m 1 hp 115 V/1 Phase/60 Hz(16 fpm) (15 ft)

    4C-6956 2 ton 2.44 m/min 6.1 m 1 hp 115 V/1 Phase/60 Hz(8 fpm) (20 ft)

    4C-6958 3 ton 1.68 m/min 6.1 m 1 hp 115 V/1 Phase/60 Hz(5.5 fpm) (20 ft)

    4C-6959 3 ton 1.68 m/min 6.1 m 1 hp 230/460 V/3 Phase/60 Hz(5.5 fpm) (20 ft)


    Min. Tread LengthPart Radius Dia. of of TravelNo. Capacity Curve Wheels Lift Speed Use with Hoist:

    Rigid Hook Suspension

    1U-6361 1U-9195, 4C-6953

    1U-6362 1U-9197, 4C-6954

    1U-9812 1U-9810, 4C-6958, 4C-6959

    Rigid Lug Suspension

    1U-9216 1U-9198, 4C-6955, 4C-6956

    Chain Container

    1U-9561 15 ft 1U-9194, 1U-9196, 1U-9197,4C-6954

    1U-9559 20 ft 1U-9195, 4C-6953

    1U-9562 15 ft 1U-9198, 4C-6955

    1U-9560 20 ft 1U-9197, 4C-6954, 1U-9194,1U-9196

    1U-9813 15 ft 1U-9810, 4C-6958, 4C-6959

    4C-6960 20 ft 4C-6956, 4C-6957

    Dealer Service Tools 2006







    ID: C33299T1

  • Dealer Service Tools 2006