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English Class The Town

Jul 26, 2015



1. English Class Teacher: Ana Campos 2. Team two Members: Covarrubias Tapia Luis Arturo Garcia Castan Luis Eugenio Magallanes Stefania Mejia Rivas Denisse Perez Valeriano Paloma Victoria Torrecilla Lpez Ernesto Torres Fausto Sandra Nayeli Zuiga Ortega Rogelio 3. Unit 2 My neighborhood 4. Topic 2.4 IN TOWN 5. Vocabulary In town 6. Repeat after me 7. Hospital 8. Post Office 9. Library 10. School 11. Supermarket 12. Hotel 13. Restaurant 14. Park 15. Store 16. Mall 17. How do I get to the ..? School Hospital Mall Shop Park Restaurant Library Bank Hotel Post office High school 18. EXAMPLE How do I get to the bank? Turn right onto baker street. Turn right at the library. Go down Baker street. The bank is on baker street. The bank is between the Hospital and the Post office. The bank is across the street from the school. 19. Activity 1 20. Wrong answer! 21. Correct Answer! 22. Wrong answer! 23. Correct Answer! 24. Where is the park? 25. Wrong answer! 26. Correct Answer! 27. Where is the library? 28. Wrong answer! 29. Correct Answer! 30. California the Golden State 31. Vocabulary Places to visit 32. neighborhood 33. city 34. village 35. cathedral 36. Art gallery 37. museum 38. theater 39. Movie theater 40. Mall 41. castle 42. stadium 43. square 44. Activity 2 45. Vocabulary no place like home 46. microwave 47. Washing machine 48. dishwasher 49. refrigerator 50. stove 51. television 52. Apartment 53. house 54. drugstore 55. Activity 3 My house is big and has two floors, in the first floor there is a drugstore and a garage. The front of my house is blue, has a white door and two white windows. I live in the second floor. The living room has green walls, green floor and white windows. My mom cooks for us in the kitchen delicious mexican food. The refrigerator, stove, washing machine and t.V. Are necesary to my house.