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Engineers Without Borders:

Mar 21, 2016




Engineers Without Borders:. changing the landscape of the developing world. Corianne Hart Engineers Without Borders, Portland State Chapter Environmental Engineering, M.S. 2008. Overview. EWB-USA EWB-Portland State University Chapter PSU Past Projects PSU Future Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Engineers Without Borders:EWB-PSU: www.ewb.pdx.educhanging the landscape of the developing worldCorianne Hart

    Engineers Without Borders, Portland State ChapterEnvironmental Engineering, M.S. 2008


  • OverviewEWB-USAEWB-Portland State University ChapterPSU Past ProjectsPSU Future ProjectsHow to get involved!

  • EWB-USA OverviewA non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life

    Involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible engineers and engineering students

  • EWB-USA HistoryFounded by Dr. Bernard Amadei, at the University of Colorado at Boulder, in April 2000First Project San Pablo, Belize water supply systemMobilized 8 University of Colorado students, forming the founding members of the first chapterDemonstrated the potential of professional and student engineers working together

  • EWB-USA Mission StatementTo partner with developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable, and economical engineering projects.

    In the process of working to advance developing communities, EWB-USA promotes the development of globally aware and internationally responsible engineers, students, and professionals

  • EWB-USA GoalsTo create a system to empower developing communitiesTo build relationships to meet the needs of a communityTo develop a new generation of globally and environmentally aware engineersTo preserve, learn from, and propagate information on sustainable engineering practicesTo develop a sustainable organization

  • EWB Portland State Chapter Student service organization

    Founded in 200530 students4 facultySeveral professional mentorsMultidisciplinary: CivilMechanicalElectricalEnvironmentalEconomicsImplemented 2 projects in Nicaragua

  • EWB-PSU PartnershipsJessie F. Richardson FoundationEWB Portland ProfessionalsTeamworks InternationalNicaraguan municipality in JinotepeUniversity of Paulo Friere, NicaraguaPSU Institute on Aging

  • EWB-PSU Events and FundraisingEWB-PSU Annual Fundraising BanquetChinook Book FundraiserWest Coast regional workshop (2007)PSU Student Activity Leadership Program

  • EWB-PSU Projects - Nicaragua2006 ImplementationsAssessments 2007ImplementationsAssessments2008Future Projects

  • EWB-PSU Nicaraguan Communities (2006)JinotepeWater distribution systemMatagalpaIrrigation system

  • EWB-PSU Completed Projects and Assessments (2006)Implementation: Matagalpa irrigation systemAssessments: Jinotepe water distribution system

    Finished drip system at orchardSchematic of irrigation drip system implemented in Matagalpa

  • EWB-PSU Nicaraguan Communities (2007)ImplementationsJinotepeHogarAssessmentsEl Bluff Community & SchoolsPuerta Cabezas Hospital & SchoolJinotepeSchool and Huehuete well

  • EWB-PSU Completed Projects and Assessments (2007)Water Tank & Tower Installation Roof Stabilization SystemElectrical System Upgrade Installation

    Preliminary foundation designInstalling tank and tower

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Team members:9 engineering students1 professional engineer9 health studentsImplementationTwo weeks in countryJune 2007

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Residents of the Hogar

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Water Tank & Tower Installation Goals:

    Elevate the 2500-liter tank currently on groundLocate tower for this tank Construct the concrete tower footingsIsolate the current tower for continued facility water service.Install the tank

    Elevate the new 5000-liter tankConstruct the concrete footings for the second new tower.Install the tank

    Connect tanks

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Water Tower

    Site Assessment

    First time to see the site

    Check physical dimensions

    Connect to people at the Hogar

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Water Tower

    Introduction to Nicaraguan engineering students

    Start foundation excavation

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Water Tower

    Adjustments to a prefabricated tower

    Nicaraguan students brought skills and equipment

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Water Tower

    Placement of 5000 L water tank

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Water Tower

    Setback:Leg of tower directly over an unpressurized water main

    Solution:Rotated tower legs

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Roof Stabilization System Goals:

    Stabilize the roof system to prevent tiles from shifting or falling during a seismic event.

    Metal tension strapping to be attached into the roof frame and concrete of the exterior wall.

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Roof Stabilization:

    700 feet of CS16 galvanized steel tension strapping donated by Simpson Strong-Tie

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Roof Stabilization:

    Bolted strapping to concrete wall

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Roof Stabilization:

    Straps must be installed in tension

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Electrical System goals:

    Examine and correct the unsafe existing circuits.

    Consider the exposed junction boxes.

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Electrical

    Nicaraguan electrical contractor assessed students with electrical work

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Electrical

    Students measured and cut all conduit

  • EWB-PSU Nicaragua 2007Electrical

    Created individual light switches for each room

  • EWB-PSU Active Projects (Spring 2008)Jinotepe elementary school flooding projectPuerto Cabezas hospital water distribution/ purification project Huehuete well design/management

    Central clinic in Puerto Cabezas School flooding project in Jinotepe

  • Engineers without Borders Get Involved!Become involved in building a better world one community at a time, whether you are:An engineering studentA student in some other field of studyA professional engineer or university faculty memberNot an engineer at all!

  • Engineers without Borders Get Involved!How to Volunteer?Join or Start a Chapter Be a Professional ReviewerCoordinate Between Projects Provide Technical Expertise Help as a Non-Engineer Support Our Administrative Needs

  • Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. R.W. Emerson

    Thank you

    ***We have over 200 developing and established chapters working on over 170 projects in41 countries.***Created by engineering students: notably Colleen CunninghamWeve grown, now we have 4 faculty supporters.

    *Project support - Jinotepe Mayor: Alvaro Porto Carrero SilvaInfrastructure Commissioner: Juan Navarette Vindell

    **Discuss Past project implemented and current projects

    *Nicaragua: located in Central America (above Costa Rica and below Honduras)

    Our first Project was implemented in the center of the country;

    *Matagalpa: Implemented drip system at Elderly care facility for their 300 tree orchard to replace the flood and furrow system that was in use. Ran infiltration tests, surveys and dug over 2,300 feet of trench.

    Jinotepe: Assessed the pressure in existing water tank and designed a gravity fed water distribution process to be implemented in 2007

    *El bluff: taken on by EWB San Francisco student chapterLa Pita Coop: taken on by EWB Honolulu student chapterIbra and San Ignacio were determined to be well organized and not as in need

    *Water tower: Raised existing water tank which was installed the previous year; 2 water towers were installedOftentimes, city water is turned off by the city with out notice or warning. Roof: installed steel tension strapping for seismic concerns (entire region is on fault line)Electrical: replaced 20% of facility electrical with new materials for an expansion on the existing structure.

    *********Vertical pins and gravity/friction on exterior wall hold the rafters now.

    **would be attached in a cross-brace formation using concrete anchor bolts, metal and wood screws toanchor the strap to the walls, ridge beam and rafters. This cross-bracing roof stabilization systemshould help not only to prevent catastrophic falling of the roof or tiles during a large event, but alsoto resist small tile movements during minor events so that leaks between the tiles are minimized.

    **The electrical system at the hogar prior to the 2007 project had been described asinsufficient and in a risk situationCircuit breakers were often tripped, indicating system overload,and there had been frequent brownouts at the facility.

    ****Jinotepe: road improvements resulted in redirection of storm water Puerto Cabezas: running, potable water in operating room: a group of six students (capstone project)Huehuete: salt water intrusion, village water management plan (are receiving assistance from the mayor of Jinotepe) Two masters students for their projects


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