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Nov 19, 2014




ITEC Presentation - Oct. 2011

  • 1. Engage and EmpowerStudents
    Carol VanHook
    Iowa Teacher Librarian
    ITEC 2011

2. (Image: Microsoft)
Every period of history has endorsed technology.
3. 1950s!
4. 21st C!
5. Empowering
teachers to teach
Engaging studentsto learn
6. What our students must get
things students are doing: learning to use the Internet to research, learning to organize their work, learning to use professional writing tools, learning to collaborate with others.
Karen Cator, Director of the Office of Educational Technology in the United States Department of Education
(...on the value of technology in schools)
7. Students need to experience
Investigativeresearch skills.not just Googlingthe cut and paste answer
C - currency
A - author
R - reasonableness
S - sources
You Factor!
8. Students need guidance
Management and organization of docs, folders, and systems!
Notetakinginthe Clouds!
9. Students need coaching
Practice writing skills
Pepper it up!
Stir the students senses.
Get students thinking!
New Postage Stamp RuleWho do you think should be first
the first living person to be featured on the stamp?
(Image: Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
10. Students need to practiceCollaborating and connecting
Britannica Online
(Additional Databases:Student News Net, 10/7/2011)
11. Teaching
21C Style
The focus is not just on technology.
12. Context
Standards driven
Real world apps
Community based learning
21st C. skills
Personalize, allows for diverse learning styles
13. Research skills
Never stop learning and sharing! RSS feeds pull from your favorite websites and blogs. Mixing with my Facebook and Twitter.
My Summify
My Google Feeds
My RSS feeds
14. Motivation
Want to Learn about QR Codes
Dont be afraid to experiment.
Choose learning scenarios, with something for every student to do
Be on the look out for new apps
Leads to Google form to join the Book Club. Also, brought smiles to faces!
15. Fun with QR codes!
(My photo)
16. Social Interaction
Watch for new tools and trends
Share your vision with others
Bookmarking.some like delicious / some do Diigo
17. Outcomes the relevancy level
Share results! Others will build off what you have learned!
Take a look at!
Empower and Engage Learning
18. more outcomes
Reflection is an importance part of the learning cycle!
The beauty of Creative Commons!
19. What learning tools can we provide our students to empower them as leaders in the 21stC?
20. How can we engagelearning at relevant levels of opportunity in the 21stC classroom?
21. We must build on relevant learning experiences and let technology take our student to higher levels of performance and confidence!We do this for their future!
(Image: Microsoft Clip Art Gallery