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Energy Solutions Worldwide - Commercial, Industry & Municipal product overview

May 09, 2015



Energy Solutions Worldwide (ESW) is focused on providing state-of-the-art, green energy solutions to industrial, commercial and residential markets throughout the world.

Our broad portfolio of green energy products and services deliver significant energy savings, water conservation, carbon footprint reduction and significant financial return opportunities. Some projects may qualify for no out of pocket expense to our clients and all offer attractive Returns on Investments (ROI's).

ESW, helping solve the energy problem, one client at a time.
Energy solution products that can give you an immediate ROI
Efficient Lighting Improvements
HVAC Additives
Power Conditioning and Surge Protection
Energy Management and Monitoring Systems
Window and Roof Coatings
Water Conservation


2. ABOUT US Energy SolutionsWorldwide (ESW) is focused on providing green energy solutions to industrial, commercial and residential markets throughout the world. We offer a broad portfolio of products focused on providing energy savings, water conservation and carbon footprint reduction opportunities. Efficient Lighting Improvements I.e. LED, Induction, High Output/Efficient Fluorescents, CFLs etc. HVAC additives to reduce energy consumption, increase system life and improve efficiency of HVAC systems Power Conditioning and Surge Protection products Energy Management Systems & Energy Monitoring Systems Energy saving window and roof coatings Water conservation products I.e.Water saving valves & Dual Flush toilet systems Founded in March 2009 and based in South Florida We continuously seek out new energy saving products to compliment our offerings 2COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 3. FULL SERVICE ENERGY SOLUTIONS 3 Numerous products and systems to serve our customers and achieve solid energy savings COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC ESW Efficient Lighting HVAC Refrigeration Power Conditioners Voltage Optimizers Surge Protection Energy Management Systems Green Energy Systems UV Glass Protection Water Treatment & Conservation Controllers & Thermostats Reflective Roof Coating 4. US D.O.E. STATISTICS COMMERCIAL Lighting & HVAC makes up more than 50% of energy costs We Offer $ignificant $avings $imple $olutions Immediate Impact COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 4 * The pie chart includes 1 quad of energy (5.5%) that is a statistical adjustment by the Energy Information Administration to reconcile two divergent data sources. Note: Two caveats apply to this aggregate presentation. First, these percentages are statistical estimates, not physical measurements derived from actual end-use metering in buildings. Second, the importance of individual end-uses varies by building type. For instance, cooking is dominant in restaurants, water heating in hospitals, and refrigeration in grocery stores. 5. TYPICAL PROJECT GOALS Improve Overall Energy Usage/Efficiency Reduce Energy Costs Ensure Solid Return on Investment Fast Paybacks & ROIs Offer a financing option for minimal to no out of pocket expense COPYRIGHT 2012 ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC WWW.GOESW.COM 5 6. SAVING EXAMPLES 6 T-Shirt Factory - (Lighting, Cold-Plus, KristalBond, EMS) Total Cost = $75k Annual Savings = $40k & 5yr Savings = $128k 1yr ROI = 54% (271% @ 5yrs) Payback < 22 months 106 Room Hotel Broward, FL (Lighting, Cold- Plus, KristalBond, EMS) Total Cost = $63k Annual Savings = $44k & 5yr Savings = $220k 1yr ROI = 70% Payback = 17 months 25 Story Office Bldg Miami, FL (Lighting, Cold- Plus) Total Cost = $129k Annual Savings = $98k & 5yr Savings = $489k 1yr ROI = 76% Payback = 15.9 months Warehouse & Office Miami, FL - (Lighting, Cold-Plus, KristalBond, EMS) Total Cost = $60k Annual Savings = $54k & 5yr Savings = $267k 1yr ROI = 88% Payback = 13 months 12 Story Bank Tower Bldg Miami - (Cold- Plus, Lighting, Power Conditioning) Total Cost = $104k Annual Savings = $44k & 5yr Savings = $219k 1yr ROI = 41% Payback = 29 months 3 story Office Building Deerfield Beach, FL Total Cost = $15k Annual Savings = $9k & 5yr Savings = $47k 5yr ROI = 304% Payback = 19 months COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 7. EFFICIENT LIGHTING OPTIONS We offer a wide range of energy saving lighting products and controllers to improve many applications and environments Office lighting,Warehouse Hi-bay, Fluorescent Retrofit, Retail, Showrooms, Parking Lots and Garages, Hallways, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals etc. Motion/Occupancy Control sensors etc. Tube Replacements LED Tube Replacement 70k hrs VIZ-A-LITE High Efficient Replacement Bulbs Environmentally Friendly Induction Lighting Options Parking Lots HI-Bay Replacements 100,000 Hrs Incandescent Replacement Compact Fluorescents LED Bulb Options Significant Energy Savings Numerous Options to Choose From 7COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 8. LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS We offer a wide range of LED systems by partnering with the leading providers FluorescentTube Retrofit Options (rotatable &/or integrated motion sensing available) Flat Panel Ceiling Fixture Options Street & Parking Lighting Fixtures Wall Packs Water Proof Low Bay Fixtures for parking garages Numerous Replacement Lamp/Bulb options for interior or exterior fixtures COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 8 9. HIGH OUTPUT, ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTINGTUBES High Output Fluorescent Lamps Environmentally Friendly Passes FederalToxicity Characteristic Leaching ProcedureTest (TCLP) can significantly save money on disposal costs Balanced White Light Improves Work Environment Light Reduce glare and headaches, decrease absenteeism, increases productivity, safety and security Proper Lighting = Increased Sales Improves product appearance, whitens and brightens fixtures and reduces energy costs. Benefits Of Efficient, HighVision Lighting Reduced Electrical Usage, Reduced Heat Output. Decreased Air Conditioning Costs Improved Color Rendering, Increased Production, Reduced Glare Reduced Migraines and Headaches. Reduced Eye Strain, Increased Security Standard Fluorescents vs. Our Fluorescents 10,000 Hour Lamp LifeVS. 44,000 Hour Lamp Life No GuaranteeVS. 5Year Guarantee Not ServicedVS. 5Year Maintenance 35% Light Loss 1stYearVS. 5% Light Loss Life of Lamp Yellow LightVS. Natural White Light Short Life PhosphorsVS. Long Life Phosphors 9COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 10. HVAC SAVINGS ESW is proud to offer Cold-Plus Cold-Plus is a patent pending technology that differs from any other product on the market. This 2nd generation product made specifically to address efficiency in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Units. Requires a one-time only injection for all systems. Is compatible with all present compressor lubricating oils and Freon. Has third party testing that shows full compatibility with all AC and Refrigeration components. Contains no chlorinated or sulfonated compounds. Is environmentally friendly Improves the efficiency of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems 10COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 11. WATER CONVERSION - DUAL FLUSHTOILET RETROFIT SYSTEM Simple & effective water conservation system Made with high quality materials, including silicone seal and stainless steel tank bolts Compatible with most two piece toilets Eliminates running toilets No more flapper changes! Uses 20-50% less water when flushing 5yr warranty with ESW installation, 1yr (if self installed) COPYRIGHT 2013 ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC WWW.GOESW.COM 11 * Actual savings are difficult to estimate due to personal habits. Estimates do not include savings for traditional flapper replacement and/or labor savings etc. 12. WINDOW COATINGS KristalBond is a crystal liquid coating that insulates windows, keeping a home, office or shop cool in summer warmer in winter. KristalBond chemically bonds to the inside surface of the glass without the use of adhesives. No matter how severe the weather is KristalBond will not peel, blister or bubble and is non-toxic after applied to the glass. Unlike film, KristalBond is also a self-leveling liquid which means the coating will be seamless so there is no limit to the size of the glass it can be applied to. A protective coating invented in Japan, KristalBond cuts out 99% of the UV rays and reduces heat by screening off 90% of infrared rays from the sun. And the beauty is, it does this with little hindrance to the passage of visible light coming through your windows. COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 12 13. SURGE PROTECTION BASICS What is a surge protector? An electrical device designed to protect against the harmful effects of power surges and voltage spikes and sudden outages. How do they work? 1. They limit (clamp) voltage supplied by either blocking or by shorting to ground unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. 2. They channel the extra voltage into grounding wires, preventing it from flowing through the electronic devices/equipment while at the same time allowing the normal voltage to continue along its path. 14. POWER OPTIMIZERS = ENERGY SAVINGS Serves as a "store and forward" mechanism which supplies savings on several fronts Motors are not required to accept every bit of electricity flowing thru the circuit When a motor can consume all of the electricity it draws (with no excess) it runs cooler as designed. I.e. no need to dissipate excess electricity/heat Initial start up draws stored electricity reducing initial draw, creating a lower "Electric Company" demand charge Savings experienced are both hard dollar savings (reduction in electrical bill) and soft savings (reduced maintenance and extended equipment) Hard Dollar Savings realized through the optimal running motors Only used as much or as little electricity as the motor requires. Triple Guarantee Includes the Manufacturers LIFETIMEWARRANTY. If a Power Quality System fails for any reason, it will be replaced free of charge. 20% Energy Savings Guarantee Limited guarantee applies to customers who have purchased products when properly installed in a building for a period of 2 years. 14COPYRIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE LLC 15. POWER OPTIMIZERS & SURGE PROTECTORS PROVIDE Reduced energy consumption Harmonic filtering Power factor correction Enhanced over all power quality Maintenance free protection Reduced maintenance cost by as much as 30%- 50% Extended life to all electrical equipment Savings year in and year out Surge Suppression & Protection TransientVoltage