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Employment of the JDF Capt K Martinez

Employment of the JDF

Apr 11, 2017



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Employment of the JDF

Employment of the JDFCapt K Martinez

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AIMTo present how the Jamaica Defence Force is employed both home and Overseas.


The mission of the Jamaica Defence Force is to safeguard national sovereignty and to provide for the maintenance of order as required; to prepare for and respond to crisis with appropriate action; to assist with the process of national building and protect Jamaicas interest at home and overseas.

Employment of the JDF

The Jamaica Defence Force shall be charged with the defence of and maintenance of law and order in Jamaica and with such other duties as may, from time to time, be defined by the Defence Board (Defence Act section 5). ( MML page 16) The Prime Minister may give the Chief of Defence Staff such directions with respect to the operational use of the Jamaica Defence Force in Jamaica for the purpose of maintaining and securing public safety and public order (Defence Act section 9(2)).

Employment of the JDF

Should the assistance of the Jamaica Defence Force be called for in order to maintain peace and public order the Officer to whom the application is made is at once to inform the Ministry of Defence and his immediate superior authority. Assistance will normally be requested by the Commissioner of Police and should be confirmed in writing.

The Governor-General may at any time order that the whole or any part of the Jamaica Defence Force shall be employed out of or beyond Jamaica. (Outside JDF)