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Embedding excellence in customer service

Jan 23, 2017



PowerPoint Presentation

Embedding Excellence in Customer ServiceNeil PotentierPractitioner for Assessment Services

ContentsMeSetting the ScenePre-requisites for Excellent Customer ServiceInstilling & Validating Excellent Customer ServiceSharing Best PracticeFuture ChallengesQuestion Time


Passionate about excellent serviceTells the organisationTells others (advocate)ComplainsExpects action and improvementTells others about bad experiences

Setting the Scene The Eternal Triangle

Stock-check..Is your pipeline protectedHave you got the 3 essentials in place?How do you know?


Pre-requisites for Customer ExcellenceProduct and servicePeoplePoliciesProceduresProcessesPerformance targetsProfessionalism and ethicsPromotion

Stock Check..Have you got all the Ps in place?

Are they fit for purpose?

Are they customer friendly?

Can they help create excellence?

People Recruiting attitudeSelf-motivated EmpoweredResponsible/accountableProfessional, ethical, genuine, friendly and caringMeet change positivelyReflect and continually improve (Kolb & Fry Mind-set)

People - Kolb & Fry Mind-Set

People Model EmployeesContinually review their own performance and ask if they can do things better for the customer.Has the ability to think of the ways by which they can do things better for the customer and the organisationHas the courage to try out the new ways (with management support)Is a role model and exemplar of delivering excellent customer service.Has the honesty to admit they got it wrong, but to learn from their mistakes.Does not see change has a threat but can adapt to meet it head-on.Does not blame others for their shortcomings but works with them to help them improve.

People Model Employee continuedDoes not pass the blame to others and uses the collective we to apologise to customersIf an issue is raised personally with them by a customer they take ownership and close it out to a satisfactory conclusion.Displays a positive mind-set and a can-do attitude with regard to delivering customer service.Is professional, ethical, honest and transparent with management, colleagues and customers.Is loyal and committed to the organisationAbove all sees their customers as the main focus and purpose of their work.

Stock-check..Have your people got a Kolb & Fry Mind-set?

Do your managers provide the right climate?

Have you got Model Employees?

How do you know?


Instilling and Validating Customer Excellence

Derived from Best PracticeProvides structure and disciplineCreates milestonesValidates excellenceRewards excellenceEmbeds continuous improvement

The Customer Service Excellence StandardIssued under licence by Cabinet OfficePreviously Chartermark5 Criteria/57 Elements Compliance, Partial Compliance and Compliance Plus1 Customer Insight2 The Culture of the Organisation3 Information and Access4 Delivery5 Timeliness and Quality of Service

Best PracticeIncreasing use of AppsEmergence of Virtual ChatHotel Style performance ratingsMatching data to individual preferencesOne-stop individual serviceVoice and thumb recognitionIn-your-face signage and notices

Future ChallengesKeeping up with/keeping ahead of advances in technologyProviding learning space for your studentsSignposting to available learning spaceSupporting them remotelyDealing with survey saturationIdentifying your advocatesUsing advocates to promote youCustomers can be our second marketing dept

The Ultimate ChallengeHow can you go on continually transforming and improving the customer experience so they get the wow factor and become advocates for you and also become your friend to the extent they are with you when things go wrong? They will willingly and proactively provide you with feedback at every opportunity

The Final Stock Check..Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

PipelineInvestors in People Customer ServiceExcellenceYour IndustryStandard

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