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Embedded Single Board Computers

Mar 09, 2016




Advantech 3.5", PC/104, EPIC and EBX & 5.25” stackable Embedded Single Board Computers are highly integrated industrial grade embedded computers that build immediate trust by guaranteeing standard form factors that speed development times, increase flexibility, to fill a wide variety of applications that demand reliable operation.

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    OverviewAbout Advantech Embedded Single Board Computers

    SolutionsPC/104 Modules

    3.5 Single Board Computers

    Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing(EPIC)

    EBX & 5.25 Single Board Computers

    ServicesAdvantech Global Services

    Embedded Software Services

    Ruggedized Solutions

    ApplicationsOnboard Computer for Locomotive Monitoring & Communication

    Coal Mining Machine

    CNC Machine

    Anesthesia Machine

    DatasheetsPC/104 Modules

    Selection Guide

    PC/104 CPU Modules

    PC/104 Datacom Modules

    PC/104 I/O Modules

    PC/104 Power Modules

    PC/104 PCMCIA Modules

    3.5 Single Board Computers

    Selection Guide

    3.5 CPU Boards

    Riser Cards

    I/O Modules

    Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing(EPIC)

    Selection Guide

    EPIC CPU Boards

    EBX & 5.25 Single Board Computers

    Selection Guide

    EBX & 5.25 CPU Boards

    Cable Kits

    Riser Cards

    I/O Modules

    Embedded Computing Peripherals(Last updated: 25-Nov-2008)































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    About Advantech Embedded Single Board Computers

    Reliability Is Built-in

    Advantech 3.5", PC/104, EPIC and EBX & 5.25 stackable Embedded Single Board Computers are highly integrated

    industrial grade embedded computers that build immediate trust by guaranteeing standard form factors that speed

    development times, increase flexibility, provide for future expansion, and offer scalable performance and advanced

    features to fill a wide variety of applications that demand reliable operation. With Advantechs strong product

    strategy, excellent product development and management, flexible global manufacturing capability and leading

    technology, reliability is built into every Embedded Single Board Computer!


    Match Your Embedded Applications

    Advantech offers the fastest path to an embedded

    System Ready Platform built from the bottom up.

    From board level platforms and components to

    system level chassis, from hardware to software

    with integration services, Advantech

    provides it all to match your

    embedded applications.


    Form Factors

    Advantech offers the four most popular embedded form factors in the embedded world. These embedded platforms

    follow industry standards but are still customizable to fit individual needs. Customers are sure to find solutions that suit

    their requirements.

    Reliable Product Design

    Embedded Software Service

    Compatible Chassis

    Global Logistic Services

    Full Product Range

    Core Engine:X86 SBC CPU board

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    Advantechs PC/104 product line (PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104) offers fully-featured CPU modules and a

    variety of PC/104 peripheral modules that combine small size, industrial grade construction/reliability and open

    specifications. Plus, the modular flexibility, card-to-card buses, low cost standard PC software and increased speed

    to market capabilities, all make the PC/104 form factor extremely attractive. The small size and power functionality

    make these boards perfect for a huge range of general and end user embedded applications. As a PC/104

    Consortium Associate Member and worldwide number one PC/104 stackable solution leader, Advantechs PC/104

    products can meet any embedded market demands.

    PC/104 Modules

    1. Fanless and Low Power Consumption

    A fanless design with low power consumption

    reduces potential failure caused by moving parts and

    extends operational life. Fanless platforms can also

    save energy and reduce system noise.

    2. Long MTBF and High Reliability

    Outstanding Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

    enhances system reliability and lowers system


    3. Vibration Resistant

    PC/104 form factors are smaller and better suited to

    critical vibration environments such as military and

    mission critical applications.

    PC/104 Peripheral Modules

    Product Feature Highlights

    No Noise

    High Reliability

    Anti-High Vibration

    Audio & Video Modules

    Datacom Modules

    PCMCIA Modules I/O Modules

    Power Modules

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    Advantechs 3.5 biscuit form factor SBC is the most popular small form factor for embedded applications.

    Advantech 3.5 SBCs feature fanless/low power chipsets designed with 5V single voltage input and unified

    connectors along the PCB edge (coastline). They are slim and can be expanded via PC/104 connectors. Advantech

    biscuit SBCs high shock and vibration resistance, plus an extended range of temperature endurance allow them to

    operate in inhospitable and remote locations. A huge range of PC/104 add-on modules provide modular flexibility

    needed for embedded application requirements. Advantech 3.5 SBCs provide more than just a board solution;

    they can not only be expanded with popular PC/104 stackable add on modules, but also with Advantechs MIO/160

    embedded bus for even more flexibility. All these features make them ideal for wide temperature range and space

    limited applications in fields such as CNC, ticketing and factory automation.


    3.5 Single Board Computers

    Module I/O-160 Expansion Solution for 3.5 Single Board Computer

    160 pin board-to-board embedded bus

    Easy ready-to-use board solution

    Rugged, low-profile stackable design (17 mm)

    Product Feature Highlights

    1. Easy System Integration

    Slim and compact with all necessary connectors along

    consistant coastline.

    2. Fanless Design

    Noise free and high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

    3. Easy System Upgrades and Expansion

    PC/104 stackable expansion for maximum flexibilty.

    4. Rich Features

    Reduces development time and increase system profit.

    Easy System Integration

    High Reliability

    No Noise

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    Advantechs Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing(EPIC) is a mid-sized embedded SBC with multiple

    I/O expansion options jointly developed by the PC/104 consortium. With a defined 4.53" x 6.50" (114.3 mm x

    165.1mm) footprint, EPIC sits between the smaller PC/104 and the larger EBX form factor. This size board supports

    larger processors requiring larger heat sinks. The added space also allows for combining features on an SBC which

    would normally be found on multiple PC/104 modules.

    The EPIC standard clearly defines the PC/104 module expansion areas for CPU, power, and I/O zones. Advantech

    follows the EPIC standard form factor for expansion and I/O zones but adds a unified connector design for even

    greater integration and upgrade possibilities. The EPIC form factor offers stacking capability and easy expansion,

    plus the ability to operate in some of the most demanding application environments in the aerospace, military,

    medical, and transportation industries.

    Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing(EPIC)

    Product Feature Highlights

    1. Standard Coastline for Easy Upgrades

    All Advantech EPIC series come with same coastline

    and unified holes, making it easy to upgrade by using

    the same mechanical design for chassis.

    2. PC/104 Series Expansion Ability (PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104)

    PC/104 stackable expansion for ultimate vibration

    resistant flexibilty.

    3. Compact Design

    Compact design suitable for all demanding


    Compact Design PC/104


    Standard Coastline

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    Advantech EBX & 5.25 SBCs are mid-sized embedded form factor 5.75 x 8.0 (146 mm x 203 mm) SBCs that

    are slightly larger than PC/104 and EPIC form factors. EBX & 5.25 SBC offer flexible I/O, low power, and fanless

    designs that are tested for extended temperature and reliability. Because there are no I/O coastlines, system

    designers have more freedom to design their hardware without concern for connector locations - internal cables

    connect the board and peripheral devices. EBX was developed by the PC/104 Embedded Consortium, which defined

    the module stacking, power, and I/O areas. EBX are easily expanded using standard PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104

    and PCI stackable modules. The 5.25 SBC series have the same dimensions as the EBX form factor, but without

    the PC/104 module stacking, power, and I/O areas.

    Additionally, the EBX PCI infrastructure and PC/104-Plus expansion bus offer true processor independence and

    high performance standards-based system expansion. EBX compliant boards have a form-factor large enough to

    implement a powerful SBC capable of hosting todays advanced operating systems, yet small enough to fit in the

    tight spaces of deeply embedded applications.

    The EBX standard creates opportunity for economies of scale in chassis, power supply, and peripheral devices. It

    defines how products interoperate by providing mechanical rules for mandatory features and recommended zones

    for flexible I/O options. These attributes make EBX the flexible choice for a broad range of embed