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Embedded Computers: Computers Around Us

Jan 19, 2016




Embedded Computers: Computers Around Us. CmpE 101 Supplements By Dr. Atilla Elçi. Payphone at CmpE hall. Display. Keypad. Card Slot. Phone card. “The (Nortel) Millennium also has a small computer inside ...” see. Smart Card as Phone Card. Embedded microprocessor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Embedded Computers:Computers Around UsCmpE 101 Supplements By Dr. Atilla Eli

    CmpE 101 Supplement

  • Payphone at CmpE hallDisplayKeypadCard SlotPhone cardThe (Nortel) Millennium also has a small computer inside ... see

    CmpE 101 Supplement

  • Smart Card as Phone CardEmbedded microprocessor Behind gold contacts Cards with picture on are collectors items. See for yourself. And the underwater creatures series of Turk Telecom..

    CmpE 101 Supplement

  • Smart Card TechnologySmart card carries a microprocessor (P), RAM and ROM embedded behind the gold contacts.P allows secure access to data kept on its RAM.Smart card examples: cell phone card, credit (chip) card, satellite TV card (such as that for Digiturk)Discover the computer inside a smart card: how a smart card functions.Take a look at a card tech related expo: II. Cardist

    CmpE 101 Supplement

  • New Age Label: RFID Tag Here you see a price tag / product number tag.

    PS: I bought this mini CD ROM in Dubai in 2004.

    CmpE 101 Supplement

  • RFID TagOpen the cover and you see a RFID tag on the reverse.Smart labels, also called radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are now being used to tag products. RFID tags are intelligent bar codes that can talk to a networked system. Discover the computer in a RFID tag:Check this.All About RFID Tags.

    CmpE 101 Supplement