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Email Etiquette in the Workplace

Aug 28, 2021




Emoji or no emoji? To sign on with a ‘Dear’ or a ‘Hi’, or nothing at all? What about whether to use ‘Yours sincerely’, or a ‘Cheers’? Emails can be hard. A well-crafted email can make the difference between a successful working relationship or potential confusion, insult or conflict – all of which can be heightened if your employees are constantly working remotely. The appropriate email communication can vary depending on multiple factors including what industry you work in, if you are writing to a superior or a peer, if you are writing to one or several recipients, and if you are writing across cultures. However, there are some basic dos and don’ts that HR and People teams can use to guide employees. 

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Ultimately, there are so many ways to write an email and each employee has a different and unique style. It all boils down to context. Who are your employees writing to? How well do they know the recipient? Do they know them in person or just virtually? How will the email be interpreted? And what are they trying to achieve through the communication? HR and People teams can guide employees in the different internal communication styles and set the tone for the organization – both by setting an example, but also through things like inductions, and in training for managers. Make sure your employees know the dos and don’ts of internal email communication and if you’re not sure if they do, ask them. It’s better to be safe than sorry!