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Dec 24, 2015




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1Eloqua for Sales: OverviewGaining a Competitive Advantage

220th Century Sales: Reading Body Language

Ill believe it when I see itGet me out of hereWhere can I find budget for this?This will make me a heroDoes he really understand my business?

As an example, think back to pre-web selling. Businesses hired very talented (and very expensive sales people) to manage the sales process. Part of that management was reading the buyer during sales engagements to understand where they were in the buying process. Are they skeptical? Unimpressed? Excited? Using these clues, good salespeople could determine appropriate steps, like reaching out to others involved in the buying process, changing their pitch or providing the right demo. 2

The New Buying Process: Self Education3

Reading our blogRequesting a demoSearching on GoogleEngaging via Social MediaReading our email campaignsSales


But suddenly, the world changed. Google indexed the worlds information and put it at every buyers fingertips. And that fundamentally changed the balance between buyers and sellers. No longer do buyers engage with salespeople early on in their process for education or validation. They go to the Web. They read blogs, download information, talk to our customers.

They do this without ever picking up the phone and talking to sales. And so sales cant see this activity. They cant read the new DIGITAL body language their prospects are exhibiting. And now they are at a huge disadvantage.


Understanding Digital Body Language 4

Reading your blogDownloading a demoSearching on GoogleListening to your podcastReading your email campaigns

Digital Body Language



This invisible buying behavior digital body language has exacerbated the gap between marketing and sales. And yet, new tools, technologies and practices are emerging that can restore balance to the universe, give salespeople the insight they need and actually forge a closer alignment between marketing and sales. And that is the marketing automation platform.4

Digital Body LanguageUnderstanding Digital Body Language 5

6A Day in the Life of Sales with EloquaOwn Your Pipeline

Addressing 4 Critical QuestionsWho should I call?

What are they interested in? What do I say to them?

How do I keep track of them?

Help the sales team identify, understand and track & engage their hottest buyers. Know exactly who to call, what those buyers are interested in and what to say.

Real-time email alerts sent directly to sales when hot prospects visit the website or submit a form.


Who should I call?

Eloqua Activity Reports in An easy to understand, prioritized view of your hottest, most engaged prospects and accounts that also helps you closely monitor and track key buying signals.


Who should I call?

Easily customize the time horizon or activities shown.Instantly be ALERTED when your prospect visits our websiteSummarized prospect data presented in easy to read, graphical format.

Eloqua Profiler: An intuitive, graphical summary of prospect online activity and behavior.


What are they interested in?

Easily drill down for additional insight into a prospects activity and watch for trends


What do I say to them?

Quickly access pre-built email templates created by marketing

What do I say to them?Editing tools allow you to easily customize before sending to your prospects

Accessible through SFDC and via any internet browser.Eloqua Engage: A fast and effective email tool that lets you customize, send and track pre-built email templates from the Web, iPad and Salesforce CRM.


Effortlessly track the activity on emails sent through Eloqua EngageHow do I keep track of them?


Accessing Engage and ProfilerSend Email link in SFdc will open up EngageSave Engage link as Bookmark in your browser Tabs Eloqua Engage tab in SFdcMake sure to check Remember Me when you login the first timeUse Chrome or Mozilla, NOT Internet Explorer14

Web site notification (email messages) automatically delivered to you or can be set up in Prospect Profiler.

Who are my A or B Leads?Who in my territory is checking us out?Which contacts from account X are on the website?Notify me if visitor is qualified (right title, company, vertical, activity, etc.)How do I keep track of them?

Real-time email alerts sent directly to sales when hot prospects visit the website or submit a form.

How do I keep track of them?Email click alert can be set up for marketing emails16

Maximizing ResultsThe more accurate Sales is with Lead and Opportunity Statuses, the more accurate Marketing can make the messagingShare all feedback with your Field Marketing Manager There wont be success if we dont work TOGETHER


ContestsFirst rep to see an email click or positive response from a personal email sent using Engage$25 Visa Gift CardFirst rep to find an unconverted lead that has visited the site at least once in the last 2 weeks using Prospect Profiler (send screenshot)$50 Visa Gift CardFirst rep to find an unconverted lead that has opened at least one email in the last 2 weeks using Prospect Profiler (send screenshot)$50 Visa Gift CardFirst appointment booked from the Micro Campaign (must sit)$75 Visa Gift CardFirst sit from an appointment booked as a result of the Micro Campaign$100 Visa Gift CardFirst closed deal as a result of the Micro CampaignKindle Fire HD ($200) for Biz Dev AND for Closer


Tips and Best PracticesUpdate your contact info in Profile settingsConvert copy to Plain Text prior to pasting it into Engage Do not set up Web Visit Alert for anyone at this company if the contacts email address ends in @yahoo, @aol, @gmail, etcEngage email activity also shows up in Profiler19

Tips and Best PracticesTo apply formatting to the text, highlight the desired character(s), then click on the bold, italic, underline, superscript and subscript buttons, just as you would in any Rich Text editor.Email box will not expand when Signature Rule is inserted, email may be cut off in tracking, but will not be cut off to the recipient


Tips and Best PracticesErros that may pop up in Engage21

Pop QuizWhat are the two places you can view if a Prospect opened one of your Engage emails?What do you do if you want to modify a template in Engage? How do you make this available only to you?What does it mean when a contact in Engage is highlighted yellow?Should you add the contact in Eloqua or SFdc if you want to send an Engage email right away?What does it mean when a contact in Engage is highlighted red?


Pop QuizCan you remove an email address from your Web Site Visit Alert tracking? How?What does an email open mean?What does an email click mean?What does an unsubscribe mean? What does a Bouncebacks mean?Can you edit the persons first name before you send an email out of Engage?What should you do if you want to send an email to a large list?


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