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Elmo Document Camera

Dec 05, 2014




  • 1. Using the Elmo Document Camera to Explain Chromosomal Abnormalities Prepared by: Dawn L. Berkeley Parkdale High School STEP TEAM
  • 2. Contents I. Description of Instructional Use/Objective II. Technology Standards III. ELMO Document Camera Setup IV. Introduction V. The Assignment VI. Student Use of the ELMO VII. Teacher Use of the ELMO VIII. ELMO Captured Image IX. Reflection X. References
  • 3. Description of Instructional Use
    • Objective: Students will use the ELMO document camera in order to complete a jigsaw activity that highlights the impact of chromosomal abnormalities on phenotype.
  • 4. Standards Addressed
    • II. Communication A. Use technology effectively and appropriately to interact electronically. B. Use technology to communicate information in a variety of formats. 1. Select appropriate technologies for a particular communication goal. 2. Use productivity tools to publish information. V. Integrating Technology into the Curriculum and Instruction Design, implement and assess learning experiences that incorporate use of technology in the curriculum-related instructional activity to support understanding, inquiry, problem-solving, communication or collaboration. 1. Assess students' learning/ instructional needs to identify the appropriate technology for instruction. 2. Evaluate technology materials and media to determine their most appropriate instructional use. 3. Select and apply research-based practices for integrating technology into instruction. 4. Use appropriate instructional strategies for integrating technology into instruction. 5. Select and use appropriate technology to support content-specific student learning outcomes. 6. Develop an appropriate assessment for measuring student outcomes through the use of technology. 7. Manage a technology-enhanced environment to maximize student learning. VII. Professional Growth Develop professional practices that support continual learning and professional growth in technology. 1. Continually evaluate and reflect on professional practices and emerging technologies to support student learning. 4. Identify local, state and national standards and use them to improve teaching and learning.
  • 5. Teacher demonstration of ELMO components. ELMO Stage ELMO Camera ELMO Document Camera Setup
  • 6. Teacher illustrating ELMO components, including LCD and laptop attachment along with set up
  • 7. Introduction Using the Elmo Document Camera, I assigned the students a warm up activity in which they were to address the role that chromosomal abnormalities play on appearance.
  • 8.
  • 9. Following the warm up, the students were placed in groups to address different characteristics of chromosomal abnormalities. Students researched and compiled a summary for their topics. The summaries were then used to instruct the class. The Assignment
  • 10. Group Assignments
    • Group 1 Characteristics/Definitions
    • Group 2 Examples of Chromosomal Alterations
    • Group 3 Non-disjunction/Aneuploidy
    • Group 4 Examples of human disorders due to chromosomal abnormalities
  • 11. Student completing topic summary Student placing completed summaries on Elmo stage Student Use of the Elmo Camera
  • 12. Teacher Use of the Elmo Camera Elmo can be used to teach concepts and display documents to the entire classroom.
  • 13.
  • 14. ELMO captured image Students used post-it notes to record their answers. These post-it notes were then placed on a teacher-created template. Elmo can be used to capture still images that can be saved as .jpg files and used for other instructional purposes such as posting notes to a class websites, wikis and more.
  • 15. Reflection Upon completing the ELMO training, I immediately began using the ELMO document camera. Since that time, the ELMO has become a common classroom fixture. I have used the ELMO for virtually everything! From the completion of group activities to capturing still images and displaying student work, the ELMO camera has truly come in handy. Unfortunately however, approximately one month after receiving the ELMO, I began experiencing some technical issues. The ELMO camera cord had a short. As you can guess, this impacted my instruction, as I used the ELMO daily for so much and I had just begun a new unit on Animal Structure and Function and the dissection of the cat. In short, the ELMO document camera is one piece of equipment that no teacher should be without!
  • 16. References
    • ELMO, ELMO TT-02s. Retriedved April 26, 2009, from ELMO Dcoument Camera Web site:
    • Clemmons, Karina Show Me Great Lessons!. Retrieved February 2, 2009, Web site:!.pdf
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