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Elizabeth Blackwell Who was Elizabeth Blackwell? ???

Mar 31, 2015



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Slide 2 Elizabeth Blackwell Slide 3 Who was Elizabeth Blackwell? ??? Slide 4 Many people do not know about her but Miss Blackwell was very talented and she had a big impact for which she should be remembered. Slide 5 In 1832, Elizabeth traveled to America when she was just a child. Slide 6 In fact, she was just eleven years old. Im only 11 years old. Slide 7 She did well with subjects at school. Slide 8 Many years went by and Miss Blackwell became the first woman doctor in America. Slide 9 Some people did object because they did not think that a woman could be a doctor. Slide 10 At first, she could not get a contract for a job. Slide 11 Then she started a clinic to help people who did not have much cash. Slide 12 She insisted that they could get help. Miss Blackwell did just that for many, many women and children who were sick. I can help you. Slide 13 She expanded the clinic and helped hundreds and hundreds of other ill people. Slide 14 In fact, her clinic existed for 90 years. They do not have the exact number of people who were helped. Slide 15 At the clinic, Miss Blackwell also held classes to help other women so that they could get into medical school. Slide 16 She went to London to help others study subjects to be doctors. Slide 17 Now there are many woman doctors in America. Miss Blackwell should be kept in mind as the very first one. Read againAll done