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ELISA MARIA BAGGIO SAITOVITCH - OWSD .Elisa Maria Baggio Saitovitch Book: Mulheres na F­sica Casos

Dec 16, 2018





Full Research Professor at Brazilian Center for Research in Physics (CBPF/MCTI) 1993-2014 Full Research Retired Collaborator Professor at CBPF after 2014 Emeritus Professor of FAPERJ state foundation since 2014 Pesquisadora nvel 1A do CNPq

Date and Place of Birth: May 27, 1944, Bom Jesus Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Career in Physics: Full Professor in Physics: CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, since July 1993 Professor: CBPF, Rio de Janeiro - 1978 Post-Doc.: Technische Universitt Munich, Germany 1975-1978 Doctor Science, D.Sc.: CBPF, Rio de Janeiro 1973 Assistent: CBPF, Rio de Janeiro - 1969 B.Sc.: Faculdade de Filosofia UFRGS, Porto Alegre 1966

Research Interest: She has experience in the area of Physics, with emphasis on Experimental Condensed Matter Physics focusing on the study of advanced materials: superconductors, heavy fermions and magnetic nanostructured systems with several experimental techniques available in laboratories she implemented in CBPF and its numerous international collaborations. Topics are Advanced Materials, Superconductors, Heavy Fermions, Thin Films, Magnetic Multilayers, Nanoparticles and Nanomagnetism. Publications (peer reviewed): more than 360 International Conferences: Contributions: more than 300, Inv. Talks: ca. 50 Thesis Supervision at CBPF (Master and Doctor of Science): more than 40

Pos-Docs Supervised working at CBPF: more than 50 Participation in Evaluation Committees (Thesis and University Selection): more than 70 International Cooperation Projects: Germany, USA, Japan, France, China, Cuba, Peru and Colombia. Member of Organizing Committees of Int. Conference Organization: 40 Chairperson of International Conferences: 12 - Latin American Conference on Application of Mssbauer Effect (LACAME) 1988 - International Conference on the Applications of the Mssbauer Effect (ICAME97) 1997 - 7th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity and High Temperature Superconductors M2S-HTC, Rio de Janeiro, 2003 - NANO 2008, 9th Int. Conf. on Nanostructured Materials - Rio de Janeiro, 2008 - SCES 2008, Int. Conf. on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Buzios, 2008 - Program Chair of ICAM 2009, International Conference in Advanced Materials, Rio de Janeiro, - Program Chair of Brazilian Condensed Matter Meeting (ENFMC), Foz de Iguau, 2011. - Since 2007 organizing a series of schools entitled - I2CAM/FAPERJ School in Complex Materials about Quantum Matter, Biophysics and Soft Matter with support of International Institute for Complex and Adaptive Materials, NSF and FAPERJ. - Activity on Gender in Science:

Initiated a conference series Cincia Mulher Latin American Women in Exact and Bio Sciences in 2004 followed by Mexico, Bolivia and Guatemala.

Organized II IUPAP-International Conference of Women in Physics 2005, in Rio. Organized of I and II Conference of Brazilian Women in Physics (2013 and 2015). Several talk on gender in science given at international conferences and schools for science


Other Activities at National Level

Head of the Low Energy Physics Department: CBPF (2005 - 2007).

Head of the Condensed Matter Department: CBPF (1983 - 1985).

Vice President of Brazilian Physics Society-SBF (2001-2003)

President of Brazilian Physics Society-SBF (2003)

Member of Executive Board of ICAM (2007-present)

Coordinator of Physics at FAPERJ (State Foundation for Support to Science of Rio) 2004-2008

One of the 100 Scientists of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ) since 1999.

Member of the Brazilian Material Research Society Committee SBPMat (2010-2014).

Coordinator of Gender Commission of Brazilian Physical Society (2011-2015).

Member of Working Group for Development of Neutron Sciences in Brazil (since 2014)

Other Achievements at International Level

Member of Executive board of Latin American Center for Physics-CLAF (1985 1990)

Member of Intern. Committee on the Application of Mssbauer Effect (91-94).

Member of Board on the Application of Mssbauer Effect IBAME (94-05).

Member of the Advisory Board of the Mssbauer Effect Data Center - University of North Carolina at Asheville, USA (1996-2010).

Associated Editor Hyperfine Interactions.

Profesora Honoraria de La Univ. Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Peru 1999.

Member of the Mssbauer Century Club - Researchers who have authored 100 or more Mssbauer publications.

Vice President of the IBAME Board 2002-2007.

Honorary Member of IBAME Board, since 2007.

Member of the Board of Governors and Science Steering Committee of the International Institute for Complex and adaptive Matter- ICAM -

Member of the advisory/evaluation committee of Super-PIRE research program supported by the US National Science Foundation -

Coqblin Prize 2013: For dedication to promoting the study of strongly correlated electron materials and phenomena in South American countries, especially Brazil

Publication List January 2016

Elisa Maria Baggio Saitovitch

Book: Mulheres na Fsica Casos Histricos, Panorama e Perspectivas, 272 p, 2015 E. Baggio Saitovitch, R Funchai, MC B Barbosa, S Pinho e A.E Santana

[1] Influence of high energy milling on the microstructure and magnetic properties of the AlCuFe phases:

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[2] Structural and magnetic properties of the products of the transformation of ferrihydrite: Effect of cobalt dications K.I. Camacho, N. Pariona, A.I. Martinez, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, M. Herrera-Trejo1

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys, 2016

[3] K. Structural and magnetic properties of the products of the transformation of ferrihydrite: Effect of cobalt dications I. Camacho1, N. Pariona1, A.I. Martinez1,*, E. Baggio-Saitovitch2, M. Herrera-Trejo1

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys, 2016

[4] Effect of interface roughness on superconducting transition temperatures of Nb/Co multilayers Liying Liu, U. D. Chacn Hernandez, Y. T. Xing, N. M. Suguihiro, D. Haeussler, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, W. Jger and I. G. Solrzano

JMMM. Volume 401, 1 March 2016, Pages 242247

[5] Linear-in-temperature resistivity close to a topological metal insulator transition in ultra-multi valley fcc-ytterbium

Carsten Enderlein, Magda Bittencourt, Mucio A. Continentino, and Elisa Baggio-Saitovich

JMMM Volume 398, 15 January 2016, Pages 27027

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[7] Effects of Nb buffer layer on superconducting and magnetic behavior of IrMn/NiFe/Nb/NiFe spin-valves U.Chacn Hernandez, M.A. Sousa, F.J. Litterst, V.P. Nascimento and E. Baggio-Saitovitch Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Volume 390, 15 September 2015, Pages 114117

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[10] Synthesis of nanostructured iron oxides dispersed in carbon materials and in situ XRD study of the changes caused by thermal treatment

Gustavo R. Gonalves . Miguel A. Schettino Jr., Milton K. Morigaki. Evaristo Nunes. Alfredo G. Cunha. Francisco G. Emmerich . Edson C. Passamani Elisa Baggio-Saitovitch and Jair C. C. Freitas J Nanopart Res (2015) 17:303

[11] Heavy fermion Ce3Co4Sn13 compound under pressure.

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[12] Effect of titania on the characteristics catalyst of a Tin-Platinum P. Morales-Gil N. Nava E. Baggio-Saitovitch Hyperfine Interact, DOI 10.1007/s10751-015-1125-0

[13] Mechano-synthesis, structural and magnetic characterization, and heat release of -Fe nanoparticles embedded in a wstite matrix

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[14] Ferromagnetic resonance study of sputtered NiFe/V/NiFe heterostructures. Journal of Alayo, W., Pelegrini, F., Baggio-Saitovitch, E Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. , v.377, p.104 - 110, 2015.

[15] Structural and mag