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Electric Guitar Masterclass from Musicademy

Jan 25, 2017




Andy Chamberlain Guitar Chord Voicings, Licks and Tricks

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Not going to show classic stuff like pentatonic scales

Your Role What is the principle role of electric guitar in a typical modern worship band set up?

Job 1dont play it like an acoustic!

Or Eric Clapton

Your RoleRepetitive rhythmic parts Contribute to the groove (mostly) Not a lead instrument in this genre

Rhythm electric Use less mid Semi acoustics work well in the mixDont be afraid of the capo

Ideas for creating smooth voice leadingUse open chord based voicings plotted up the neck using the major scale Focus on groups of strings Use1st 2nd and 5th in the key as open strings

Heart of Worship


Heart of Worship V2C shapes using (1) 2 & 5 as open strings Strings 2 and 4 with 3 open (5th note)

Pre chorus Repetitive rhythms using C shapes Strings 2 and 4 with 3 open (5th note)

Heart of Worship ChorusOpen chords in C Hammer-ons to notes in the keyFollow the rhythm of the melody

10,000 Reasons Guitar 1 V2Middle strings 3&4 or E and A shapes Ch3 As above plus open B string (5th)Ch4 As above on bridge pickup

10,000 ReasonsGuitar 2 V2Strings 2 3 & 4 higher up (+ modulation) Ch3 As above plus open B string (5th)Ch4 As above on bridge pickup

10,000 reasonsGuitar 3 V2Bass notes + arpeggiosCh3 and Ch4 Power chords

If in doubt fill up from the low end!

G Shapes

Lets get Technical You Can think of these as CAGED chords

Spell any chord up the Neck using the word CAGED

CAGED - Blessed be

Angels We Have Heard on HighIntro Guitar 1 (lead part high) Linear lines on B. string uses strings 3 & 4 1st and 5th to fattenChorus String 1 high plus B and G string to create tension

Angels We Have Heard on High Intro Guitar 2 Harmony Linear lines on G string uses string 4 5th to fattenChorus As above over melody without string 4 to thin out V2 pedal note with delay

Angels We Have heard on High Intro Guitar 3 & 4 (lead part high doubled) V1Chords marked no 3rds for drive soundsChorus Chords marked + 8th notes chords in different keys G shapes 7 chords in every key very important! 145 major 236 minor 5/7 Chord Trick in GThree shapes using G shapes for every chord in the key use open strings or capo for drone notes

Substitutions1 3 6 2 4 5 7

D Shapes

A Shapes Musicademy 200726

C Shapes shapesAdapt them for other keys. Find the root in each shape. in DUsing chord shapes to go up the neck 3rds 4ths in DCombine for one set of shapes across any key

Double stops

Base on chords 1 4 5 in key Base on G shapes

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