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Egr caps jl 2012 cut w life sciences

May 10, 2015




EGR International Capability Presentation

  • 1.GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012A Presentation forThe only way to discover the limits of the possibleis to go beyond them into the impossible.Arthur C. Clarke

2. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012IntroductionEGR OverviewThe EGR ApproachConclusion/Questions/Discussion 3. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 4. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012TODAYS BUSINESS CHALLENGES ARE: Connecting with people (salespeople, employees, customers, partners) Inspiring people to perform Motivating people to succeed 5. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 6. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012NEW THINKING THAT BUILDSHIGH-PERFORMANCE RELATIONSHIPS EGR thinks and works differently to build and reward relationships EGR understands people and the role they play in success EGR understands the complexities of organizations and the challenges that both preclude and foster high performancerelationships 7. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012WHO ARE WE? Founded in 1970 as an incentive company Now a national leader in Enterprise Engagement Strategies: Performance Improvement Integrated Marketing Communications Meeting Management Production Services 8. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012WHO ARE WE? National presence with offices in New York City, Boston, Dallas, Tampa, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Los Angeles Operations and creative infrastructure housed in New York All EGR clients are Dow 500 9. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012WHO ARE WE?Forty-one (41) years of experience/expertise in the design, operation and fulfillment of engagement strategies for Americas finest companies 10. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012EGR PHILOSOPY AND PROCESS Enhancing relationships is paramount Driving sales and achieving business objectives is mission-critical Reinforcing clients brand strategy every day on every program is key Providing pricing transparency in all program areas Giving back to charity 11. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012EGR PHILOSOPY AND PROCESSPersonal consultation from professionals. Hands-on executive involvement: Account level decision-making Experienced, educated professionals company-wide Financial controls to avoid budget creep Consistent, long-term employees who have stored knowledge Dedicated teams (rare in industry) 12. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012KEY OPERATIONAL AREAS AT EGR A team that features theA specialized group which industrys most talented serves to bring expertise andgraphic designers, resources to clients needs andillustrators, photographers, objectives. EGRs researchcopywriters, web designers and development group. Each and motion graphicaccount team has an EGRspecialists, EGRs creativeStrategic Servicesservices are at the heart ofliaison/account manager.everything we do. 13. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 14. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012 EGR CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW KEY CAPABILITY DIFFERENTIATORS: EGR LIFE SCIENCES GROUP A dedicated, semi-autonomous operating group within EGR with a selective focus on programming to the life sciences and pharmaceutical marketplace. Competencies include incentive program consulting, design, operation and fulfillment; strategic meeting management consulting, design and operation, creative services and a variety of other consulting services. 15. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 EGR CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW KEY CAPABILITY DIFFERENTIATORS: EGRS PRIMARY PHARMA/HEALTHCARE RELATED COMPETENCIES Sales Force Incentive Programs Key Constituent Meetings Product Launch Campaigns Speaker Training Meetings National Sales Meetings Training Meetings Employee Recognition Programs Salesforce Contact Control Systems Advisory Boards Coalition/Physician Marketing Investigator Meetings POA and KOL Meetings 16. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 EGR QUALIFICATIONS 5 Key Differentiators 17. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 20121A RECOGNIZED LEADER EGR has a 41 year legacy as an industry pioneer and a powerfulcontributor to the body of knowledge surrounding people andperformance.founding sponsor: In 2011 alone, EGR has been widely quoted in publications such, Training, Incentive, Corporate and Incentive Travel,Engagement Strategies and several others. 18. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 CREATIVE SERVICES &2STRATEGIC SERVICES In-house competencies in both of these critical functional areasput EGR well ahead of our competition as our award-winningcreative and strategic services put us on an equal footing withAmericas best agencies, well surpassing our incentive industrycompetitors. Our solutions are based on achievement of specific clientobjectives irrespective of what tools are necessary to driveperformance we are not tied to an awards infrastructure not dowe believe that every program needs an awards component awards are only one tool. 19. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012 PROGRAM FINANCIAL3TRANSPARENCY For 41 years our business model has been based on a transparent pricing model that provides net costplus pricing in all areas of our company other than creative services (agency model). This means higher value, lower costs, far superior opportunity for ROI and program measurement andmoves the overall program financial management out of the back room into the sunlight of transparency. 20. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 20124 ACCOUNT TEAM CONCEPT We maintain a beginning-to-end account team concept that separates us from our competitors oneteam, dedicated throughout the entire program cycle or year-over-year. Our account teams learned knowledge translates to smarter, more collaborative program design,better customer and client service and a partnership that transcends mere client/supplier relationshipsinto fully symbiotic partnerships. 21. GENERAL CAPABILITIES20125 COMMITMENT TO YOU No company will work harder for you than EGR. We cannot control everything, but we can control ourcommitment and dedication and as we step into the future with this engagement program, there is nota better partner for you. Our commitment to being the best partner possible means that all of the assets of our firm will bemarshaled to ensure that this partnership exceeds your expectations in every respect our pursuit ofa new standard for this program will be absolute. 22. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 THE EGR APPROACH 23. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012ENGAGEMENT AT EGREGR has a national position in bringing enterpriseIn our own research, we have observedengagement to Americas finest companies. that building a critical mass of engagement contributes significantly to the bottom line. In a recent study of 89 companies, we found that the companies that build this critical mass of engagementPartnering with The Gallup Organization, Peppers & Rogers, have earnings per1:1 Magazine, The Human Capital Institute and four (4) share (eps) at 2.6 times the rate ofcompetitive people management companies, EGR is spearheading companies who doresearch into the area of Enterprise Engagement on an global level not. Gallup 24. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012WHY ENGAGEMENT? We believe engagement solutions transcend the narrow confines of traditional incentive or agency competencies and are in-line with creating our view of what dynamic, highly successful and forward- thinking organizations look like in the new economy We hope to have the opportunity to take the Kohler program to an inspirational new level of partnership and performance 25. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012WHY ENGAGEMENT?When it comes to engagement, we have been inspiredby and look to the unique track record of Americasbest companies in building and inspiring highperformance relationships 26. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012ENGAGEMENT WORKS Starbucks success is heavily dependent on customers having a very positive experience in our storesthis meant having store employees who were knowledgeable about the companys products, who paidBetween 1985 and 2007, Starbucks attention to detail, who eagerlyexpanded from 1 store to 17,000communicate the companysworldwide. passion for coffee and who had the skills and personality toDuring that same time they spent $0deliver consistently pleasingon advertising and the employeesvoluntarily decertified their union. customer service. Howard Shultz Founder and CEO 27. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012ENGAGEMENT WORKS It doesnt take a genius to figure out that in an environment where there is a shared vision, where they know what is expected of them, understandFedEx became the first US companythat reward is linked to performance, and BELIEVEto reach revenues of $1 billion within they will make a difference10 years of startup without a merger because they will be heard,or acquisition.then they WILL make a difference. They will goToday, FedEx is the worlds largestbeyond our expectations andlogistics service company, withrevenues of +$34 billion and great things will start to happen. Fred Smithoperations in 222 countries. Founder and CEO 28. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012ENGAGEMENT WORKS Theres an old Wayne Gretzkyquote that I love I skate towhere the puck is going to be,not where it has been - andweve always tried to do that atFORTUNE named Apple the mostApple since the very, verybeginning and we always willadmired company in the U.S. in 2008.we realize that the total (is)In 2009 and 2011, Apple was named greater than the sum of thethe most admired company in the parts. Great things in businessworld.are not done by one person;they are done by a team ofToday, Apple is the third largestmobile supplier and the largest musicpeople. Steve Jobsretailer in the world.Founder and CEO 29. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 ENGAGEMENT AT EGR Proof of Concept 30. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012 SANOFI-PASTEUR1Physician Story Campaign 31. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012 BIOMRIEUX2live Internal Sales Communication 32. GENERAL CAPABILITIES2012 BIOMRIEUX2live Internal Sales Communication 33. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012 PANASONIC3Shoot It | Share It - UGC Contest 34. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012KOHLERBOLD REWARDSPROGRAM 35. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012Cafe Social Networking type environment Controlled and secure Facilitates shared content ideas, opinions, comments Supports building an engaged community 36. GENERAL CAPABILITIES 2012My All information relatedto

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