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EFC for NRA’s

Mar 18, 2016




EFC for NRA’s. J.W. Tierolf RWS Stockholm Group. Overview. Stockholm Group CESARE III EC Committees EC Workprogramme Issues for NRA’s. Stockholm Group. Established February 2002, because of isolated national initiatives in DE, AU, NL and plans in UK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • EFC for NRAsJ.W. TierolfRWSStockholm Group

  • OverviewStockholm GroupCESARE IIIEC CommitteesEC WorkprogrammeIssues for NRAs

  • Stockholm GroupEstablished February 2002, because of isolated national initiatives in DE, AU, NL and plans in UKMembers: MoTs, Tax Offices, NRAs fromAU, CH, DE, FIN, NL, SE, Slov, UKAim: find ways and take action to promote interoperability of national free-flow systems, starting with HGV

  • Stockholm Group (2)Guiding principlesFocus on HGV, but evolving to the futurePractical approachHaulier perspectiveOpen marketActivities a.o.:Analyse issues, e.g. business modelsDiscuss possible national steps to interoperabilityCo-ordinate positions in EU, e.g. in Regulat. CteeAdvise EC

  • CESARE IIICo-operation ASECAP Stockholm GroupStart April 05, for 18 monthsDefine the European EFC serviceMoUs for contractual interoperability

  • CESARE IIIProject between ASECAP (PT ES FR IT NO SLO - EL HR HU) and the Stockholm group (UK NL DE SV FI CH AT SLO)Follow-up of CESARE I and IICesare II has provided important results for cooperation between road concessionnaires levying tollsResults applied in PISTA inside ES and between ES and FRCESARE III aims to adapt CESARE II to the needs of the Stockholm group organizations

  • CESARE IIIStructure of the project :WP 1and 2 : revise business model and provide service definition (CH, AS)WP 3 and 4 : organisational arrangements and documents for contractual interoperability between operators of all kinds (DE/UK, NL)WP 5 : procedural interoperability (AS)WP 6 : liaison with external bodies like the Comit Tlpage (AS)Duration 18 months

  • EC Interoperability

    Directive 2004/52CommitteesWorkprogrammeExpert GroupsProjects

  • EC Committees

  • EC CommitteesComit Tlepage (Regulatory Committee)Formal ctee of MSEFC Expert GroupDiscussion ForumExpert Group 0 Management AdviceRoad PlatformIndustry Forum

  • COMITE TELEPEAGERegulatory Committee limited to the 25 EU Member StatesFormal votes on EC proposals (NICE key)If outcome is positive its directiveIf outcome is negative EU Council will decideEFC Expert Group : 25 MS + candidate countries (HR RO BG TR) + EFTA countries (NO CH Iceland) + associations (ASECAP IRU IRF ACEA)Discusses EC proposals and advises whether to send them to the Regulatory Ctee for voting or not

  • ROAD PLATFORMThe link with the private sector is the ROAD PLATFORMlaunched by the road operators association ASECAP and supported by the EC DG TRENAlready 6 meetingsEach of them on a specific topicRegistration free at [email protected]

  • ROAD PLATFORMOpen platforminformal structuregathers road operators, service operators, car manufacturers, equipment providers and the ECaims to discuss specific ITS issues and eventually launch joint actionsmanaged by ASECAP and EC jointly


  • Work Programme- OrganisationExpert groups/Working GroupsStudy and report on IssuesProjectsCESARE IIIRCI?Results of EGs and projects are turned into proposals by the EC and send to committees for discussion and vote.

  • Work Program1. precise and concrete definition of the European EFC Service, based on user requirements (IRU and others)One contract, rights and dutiesLink to a bank accountPrice of the service : in principle yes or no ?One onboard unitInstallation of the OBULanes equippedSignalization on lanes

  • Work ProgramConditions for use on toll pointsEnforcement rulesAfter-sales serviceProcedures in case of misfunctionChecking of the data contained in the memoryinvoicingMeans of paymentHow to do it ? :Project Cesare III

  • Work Program2. technologies supporting the EFC service and their evolutionGNSS / CNCEN DSRCTelepassIn the future :UMTSGalieo vs GPSOther technologies (infrared)

  • Work ProgramHow to do this job ?Use widely the Road Platform for concertation with the industryWorking groups to study proposals to the Comit on these issuesFP6 project RCI for demonstration

  • Work ProgramWORKING GROUPSCall launched for CVs of expertsOpen until 30 June 2006CVs put in a data base where from people are chosen to buid a task forceTask forces contracted by EC for limited number of days and very detailed working scopeReports presented to the COMITE TELEPEAGE

  • Work ProgramWorking Groups already launched :1. DSRC technologies led by Jesper Engdahl (RAPP AG)2. Classification of vehicles led by Ken Perrett3. enforcement of offenses led by Jean Mesqui (ASFA)4. certification centers (to be defined, led by Fransisco Soriano - LISITT)5. GNSS/CN technologies for EFC led by Wolfgang Beier (Toll Collect)6. integration of OBU in vehicles to be defined, led by Mike Hollingsworth ACEA7. the role of the financial institutions in the system,

  • Work ProgramRCIProject for demonstration under the frame of the 6th RTD FPLaunched spring 2005 for 36 monthsLed by ERTICO and involves most of motorway and toll operators in EuropeDemonstration of transactions by DSRC as well as GNSS / CN with the same onboard unitCall for tenders to choose an electronic integrator for the OBU

  • Work Program3. Procedural interoperability between operators : basic principle : equal treatment between natives and foreignersLogoTransaction process on the spot in toll plazas and on area tollingForms to be used by the clientProblem of languages

  • Work ProgramProcedures for control of the client (anti-fraud control)Clearing systemData transmitted between operators (transaction files, black lists)Security of the transactionsOwnership of the data by the operators, and accessibility of these, in comparison with privacy rights

  • Work ProgramHow to do it ? Cesare III

  • Work Program4. Integration of the equipment in the vehiclesOld vehicles to be equippedNew vehicles : integration in the vehicle design

    How to do it ?Discussions with road platformWorking group 6Links with other research activities and certification procedures (point 6)

  • Work Program5. Pan-European Certification procedures and label for equipment, including those for enforcement of violationsOnboard units (key issue)Enforcement tools providing the evidence of the offenceIntegration of OBU in the vehiclesNeed a network of certification centers and common proceduresHow to do it ?project to launch by DG TREN under a call for tenders in 2005

  • Work Program6. Exception handling VERA 2 leads to :new EC draft DirectiveBecause no MS has started to implement the Council Decision of 8/5/03eNFORCE networkCertification procedures for the equipmentBut VERA 2 might be more efficient for criminal offences than for civil ones like EFCTherefore, MS should do their best to fight fraud on their own territoryFollow-up with expert group 3

  • Work Program7. Memorandum of Understanding and exchange of data between all contract issuers (operators, financial institutions)Includes also the contract with the client, and the agreement between issuers and operatorsHow to do it ?Cesare IIILegal issues studied with the cabinet Landwell from September 2004


  • Outstanding IssuesInteroperabilityBusiness case for interoperabilityCommercially viable cross-border enforcementEnforcement for all roads, all vehicles: possibly new concepts are requiredVAT, and tax office private company relationsEnforcementNew Enforcement concepts for all roads, all vehicles requiredRandom spot checking?

  • Issues for extension to all roads, all vehiclesAll roadsDifferent enforcement required (no gantries possible)Dig map maintenance complex GPS reception in built up areas inaccuratePrivate CarsDifferent enforcement required (no company checks possible; orders of magnitude bigger scale)Trip bookings via internet or kiosk no optionInstallation time OBU (~4 hours) too muchCost of OBU still high

  • NRA IssuesRolesPolicy goalsTypes of Tolling servicesAspectsEU issues

  • NRA Issues - RolesDepending on the role re. EFC, more or less issues will be important for NRAsROLESPolicy advisor broadest orientationOperator broad orientationContracting broad orientationNone still traffic- and legal issues

  • NRA Issues Policy GoalsFinancingEnvironmentalDemand ManagementModal shift

  • NRA Issues - Types of EFCLocation chargingDistance chargingArea chargingCongestion chargingQuality charging

    HGV only, or all vehiclesFee or Tax

  • NRA Issues Aspects of EFCOrganisationPublic, Private, PPPContractingyoull get sued delaysNeed real interim checksTraffic effectsRerouting (Regional/Local roads, loss of revenu for private operators)TechnologyEU requirements

  • How to continue ?Participate in existing bodies ?If you represent your countryParticipate in Projects RCI, etc ?Co-op with ASECAP ?Have liaison with CESARE III ?Define own needs and present to EC ?


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