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Jul 13, 2015




The Japanese Way

The Japanese WayHow Consumers, Brands and Retailers use the Online Fashion Market in Japan

Sabine Pick

E-Fashion, AmsterdamJune 21st, 2012



26/4/2012What I will talk about

Japanese RealityWhats Happening OnlineSuccessful CompaniesStrategies336/4/2012Japan

4Japanese Reality


Worlds 2nd largest Retail Market127.5 Million JapaneseUrban population of 79%People = Shops

5Japanese Reality56/4/2012The Japanese ConsumerShopping is HobbyChoose Smartphones & Tablets Commute on Public TransportStay ConnectedValue Convenience

6Japanese Reality66/4/2012The E-Commerce MarketRetail Sales Share of 10% 3,4% in EuropeOnline market to hit 14 trillion by 2016 doubling in market valueSocial Networks are Key FactorShopping Apps importantWhat's Happening Online7

76/4/2012Whats Happening Online

8What's Happening Online6/4/20128E-Malls

9What's Happening Online


Smart Cards and Mobile Phones

Storing and dispensing moneyAllow marketing promotion and shopper analysisRakuten has own system10What's Happening Online106/4/2012Social NetworksJapaneseInternational

11What's Happening Online6/4/201211Twitter

12What's Happening Online

126/4/2012Social Fashion Services

13What's Happening Online

136/4/2012Social Fashion Services

14What's Happening Online

146/4/2012Social Fashion Services

Allows users to post photo collagesUsually shared through Facebook, Mixi, Twitter

E.g. iQon ( with 40 e-commerce sitesTies with fashion magazinesCore demographics 20s female consumers

15What's Happening Online156/4/2012Fashion Apps

Dedicated Apps for easier shopping

Camera and GPS of smart phones as basisFor on- and offline shoppingExamples include finddog and shoplier16What's Happening Online


17What's Happening Online


18What's Happening Online


19What's Happening Online


20What's Happening Online


21What's Happening Online

216/4/2012GPS-based Promotions

Retailers try increasingly

Location based coupons/promotionsTracking customers GPSThrough separate apps or Facebook22What's Happening Online226/4/2012Example

OnlineShop853 StoresWebPage

23Successful Companies236/4/2012

WebPage97StoresOnline Shop

BlogsE-MallsExample 24Successful Companies246/4/2012

15 StoresOnline ShopWebPage

Example Blog25Successful Companies256/4/2012StrategiesCompany PrioritiesNeed High Ranking in Search EnginesRaise Visibility within Social NetworksHave Smartphone AppsConsumer PrioritiesEasy ShoppingConvenient to useFree Shipping

26Strategies266/4/2012Successful Retailers & BrandsCross CheckCross ChannelCross Promote