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Educational Research Fundamentals

Educational Research Fundamentals

Jan 31, 2016




Educational Research Fundamentals. Today you will learn:. Search Strategies How to search ERIC What important library services are available to CSULB students. Research Topic. What is the impact of single-sex education on the science achievement of students?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Educational Research


  • Today you will learn: Search Strategies

    How to search ERIC

    What important library services are available to CSULB students

  • Research Topic

    What is the impact of single-sex education on the science achievement of students?

  • Research StrategyCreate search statements using Boolean OperatorsAND narrows a search.

    OR broadens a search.

    W or W1 makes your terms a phrase.

  • Advanced Search StructuresParenthesesAllows you to include all possible terms in a single search statementCan be used to greatly expand or restrict a search

    sample search statement:(internet or online) and social w1 interaction

  • Search Statements (Combining Terms)

    Single-sex w education and science and students

  • ERIC What is it? ERIC is an index (search engine) of education related literature including: unpublished papers, journal articles, and government documents.Date Range: 1966 Present

  • Whats in ERIC?ED recordsFull-text of non-refereed non-journal materials from 1993-2006If the document is a book click on the search the catalog at the CSULB LibraryEJ recordsThese are all journals!Click on the SFX button to see if the Library owns the journal electronically or in print

  • ERIC Search TipsUse the Thesaurus to find subject termsUse subjects to narrow your searchUse w to connect terms together when appropriateLimit for specific document typesCIJE (ERIC Journal Collection)RIE (ERIC Document Collection)

  • These might also be useful!PsychInfo


    Academic Search Elite

    Dissertations & Theses

  • Two Step Process for getting Journal Articles

  • Step ONEGet citations from a research databaseAuthor, title, journal title, volume, page, year

  • Step TWO: Click on the SFX icon

  • SFX box pops up

  • Any problems with SFX?

    Click on the SFX problem form located in the SFX box- someone will help by email

    Contact the reference desk by phone:(562) 985-4027

    Contact me by

  • If We Dont Own It

    Inter-Library Loan (ILL) journal articles and booksTakes 5-7 working days24hr Electronic Request FormOften delivers via email!Absolutely FREEYou need a Library Password to fill out the form!

  • Research Guides


    Science Education (Under Natural Sciences)

  • RefWorksWhat is RefWorks?A web-based bibliography manager or citation managerCreates a personal database of references for research use and in writing papersReferences are imported and organized in any manner you chooseBibliographies can be created in many citation styles

  • RefWorksWhere is RefWorks?

  • You can get access from home, work or any computer with internet access!!

  • ONE thing you need to do to get access from your home

    Establish a Library Password

    Special note: if you have AOL you must minimize their browser and use this browser to use the databases

    Internet Explorer

  • A screen like this should pop up when you click on a database if youre not on campus

  • How to Get a Library Password

    Go to Coast

    Type in your name, CSULB I.D. #, and a Password of your choice

    Confirm Password by typing it twice more

    If the screen is yellow and just shows your name- it worked!If you forgot your password call: (562) 985-5512 and get it erased so you can create a new one!

  • STILL Need Help?Karin Griffin(562)

    Email me or make an appointment!

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