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Copyright 2015 by Troy P. Roddy, Ph.D.IntroductionThe ideas presented in Education 2.015 would not be possible without the people who have influenced my work as an educator over the past 20+ years. Some of these influencers are personal friends with whom I have taught. Others are people I only know by reading their books and blogs. I have learned from all of you and for that I am profoundly grateful.

What you are about to see are my most recent ideas, thoughts, riffs, etc. about education, learning, and teaching. Each idea represented here is also expanded upon in a post on my blog, The Thrivapy Blog. You have an open invitation to visit The Thrivapy Blog and/or to reach out to me for further information regarding any of the items you see here.

The ideas are presented in a more graphic manner for a couple of reasons. First, I enjoy making them. Canva is a wonderful service and I highly recommend it if you are looking to make similar images. Second, as much as I like reading, I appreciate being exposed to big ideas in small packages. My experience has been that such presentations are more successful in motivating me to choose to learn more.

Shorter reads are also much easier to revisit and share. Producing a resource that is easy to reread and share is one of my goals for Education 2.015. Therefore, I chose this format to help achieve that goal.

Finally, thank you. Your time is valuable and I truly appreciate your investment in my work. I sincerely hope you find at least one (hopefully more) nugget of wisdom that makes a positive impact on you.

Now, let us begin.

Dr. Troy P. Roddy

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If you want to know more, visit my website:thrivapy.comor send me an Make a connection!Thrivapy Facebook Page@DrTroyRoddy and @thrivapyDr. Troy Roddy on Google+Dr. Troy Roddy's YouTube ChannelDr. Troy Roddy on LinkedInEducation 2.015MY MOST RECENT THOUGHTS ON TEACHING, LEARNING, AND EDUCATION AS TOLD THROUGH MY THRIVAPY GRAPHICS