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EDUC 601: Fall 2015 Presentation

Apr 13, 2017




EDUC 601: Educational ResearchTodd Wehr Memorial Library, Viterbo University

Nancy Steinhoff , [email protected]

Todays Goals:Understand how to contact the library and use the webpage.Sign up for interlibrary loan and RefWorks.Practice locating articles in databases.

This information is available at:

GOAL One: Contact Us!Email: [email protected] Phone: 608-796-3270Web Page: Access: Use your VU login and password. Chat: Available on the homepage.

Nancy Steinhoff , [email protected] and Jonathan Hinck, [email protected]

Goal One: Your Library

Nancy Steinhoff , [email protected] and Jonathan Hinck, [email protected]

Goal Two: Using Interlibrary LoanWhat is ILLiad?If our library doesnt have access to an article, youll use ILLiad to request it from other libraries. ILLiad is our interlibrary loan program.When to Use Interlibrary LoanIf you do not locate a full-text article online, use your ILLiad account. Articles will take approximately 2-5 days to arrive electronically.Note on Books If Viterbo does not own the book, your local public library can often get it faster. We can help you, but it will take longer and you will have the book for less time.Note on DissertationsIf you would like to request a dissertation, please remember that it is not peer-reviewed. Also, it may be difficult to find older dissertations as most libraries will not lend them.

ILL Guidelines and Instructions:

Nancy Steinhoff , [email protected] and Jonathan Hinck, [email protected]

Goal Two: Using Interlibrary LoanSign up for an account:Use your Viterbo username and password.

When to Use ILLiad:When searching databases, if you dont see a link to fulltext, PDF, or linked fulltext, click on Link to Full Text.

If you still are not able to retrieve your article, request it through ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan).


Goal Two: Using RefWorksOfficial RefWorks Tutorial: Guide:

What is RefWorks?

Choose Export from within the database.

RefWorks is a citation management program that helps you organize your research. You may import articles from databases, create a work cited list, and get help formatting an APA-style paper.

Access RefWorks through the librarys homepage.

Goal Three: Searching for Peer-Reviewed, Primary Research ArticlesWhat you need:Research articles (studies)Peer-reviewed (refereed)Published recently (within 7 years)Locate these from the EDUC 601 Research Guide or the A-Z List of Databases.Where youll find these:Databases:Try Education Research CompleteERICProfessional Development CollectionAcademic Search CompleteFor behavioral issues, try:PsycInfo and/or PsycArticles

Goal Three: What is Related Research?You need to locate articles related to your topic. This means they do not have to match your exact topic:Research question: Does student writing (journaling) improve writing skills?Age: Middle SchoolBroader concepts: authorship, writing skills, literacy, communication, writing activities, student improvement, secondary education

Narrower concepts: dialogue journals, diaries, journaling, free writing, middle school

Additional concepts: academic improvement, teaching methods for writing improvementMost of these concepts can be worked into acceptable article searches.

Available Research

Your Research QuestionRelated Research: Concept AStudy MethodologiesRelated Research: Concept B


Goal Three: Your word selection is key to your success!Use Keywords off the top of your head. Generate synonyms, too. This chart may help: a thesaurus. Search for the words the database prefers. Look at the top of your screen or on the left-hand column of your results page.

Goal Three: How to interpret key article information.Once in a database, look closely at these items to interpret your citation:Use the scholarly/peer-reviewed limiterCheck the publication information (date, journal title, etc.)Consider who the author(s) are and what their expertise isTake a quick look at the contents to decide if its a study by reviewing the abstract

TIME SAVER: What Can You Discover from a Citation?

Remember: Contact Us!Email: [email protected] Phone: 608-796-3270Web Page: Access: Use your VU login and password. Chat: Available on the homepage.For a more detailed look at the research process, go to:

Nancy Steinhoff , [email protected] and Jonathan Hinck, [email protected]

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