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The editing process

Editing Process/Decisons

Apr 14, 2017



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The editing process

The editing process

All the footage in the rough cut added to 8 minutes. Because of the targeted 5 minute mark we had to cut lots of the footage using the cut and blade tools. In the opening we wanted the opening to be darker and the colours more harsh. This meant we added a crisp-contrast effect which made the lighting darker but colours were still not harsh enough. Therefore I went on to the footage enhancements and heightened the contrast. This also meant our title was more clearly seen.We detached the audio on all of the footage. This was so that we could edit the audio itself and move it to where we wanted it. Moreover separating the audio meant that we could enhance it heightening the volume, reducing the background noise and reducing the HUV.For the very first 5 seconds or so of the documentary the beat of the music is different. We chose to then apply footage of barbed wire in changed it to black and white effects. We then added a static affect during the beat for stylized effect.For some of the footage of the graffiti in Shoreditch, there were rude/offensive language written. Therefore we used the blur tool to try and cover it up so no offense was caused

Much of the footage that would cut into the next segment of the documentary was too harsh. Therefore we chose to had a cross-dissolve transition between many of the cuts to create more flow.For the black background, we simply utilized the deleted footage and cut to around 5 seconds and overlaid a title for all of the questions.Some of the footage including this clip at the beginning we chose to add a black and white effect. This was applied as it we didnt the high contrast colours to be so harsh. Also it was to disconnect that footage from the opening footage that included the montage of the graffiti artist.The music we wanted had to be able to reduce and heighten its volume according to the footage it was overlaying. We used the small arrow tool at the start and end of each music segment so that the volume levels would flow.For the titles we wanted to have the same font throughout when establishing the name of the location, hashtags and the questions however we wanted a graffiti styled font for the interviewee. This was downloaded for free from the internet. We chose the basic lower third title as it was conveniently placed in the corner