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ECS Resumes & Letters Engineering Career Services University of Wisconsin-Madison John Archambault, Susan Piacenza, Kathy Prem, Lisa Beneker

Dec 14, 2015




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ECS Resumes & Letters Engineering Career Services University of Wisconsin-Madison John Archambault, Susan Piacenza, Kathy Prem, Lisa Beneker Slide 2 ECS Why do you need a resume? To obtain an interview Its an advertisement for you Grab a recruiters attention at first glance Must be honest and factual Shows you in your best light Will need to: Attach to MyECS profile using MyWeb Space E-mail directly to employers Hand out at career fairs Submit on website for direct hire Need a formatted version and a scannable version Slide 3 ECS Why do you need a resume? To prepare for the interview A well-developed resume helps you to focus on your 3-5 themes of interests and qualification strengths To emphasize and guide the interview What projects/experiences do you want to emphasize Most responses will be 2 3 minute responses Be prepared to talk about any item on your resume for 5 - 10 minutes, if asked Slide 4 ECS What should you include? Name & contact Information Objective statement Education Experience Projects Skills / Awards / Interests / Activities / Publications Anything else you think is important High school information ok to use as a freshman or sophomore Slide 5 ECS Where Will Employers Contact you? E-mail Quickest and most direct contact Phone Professionalize your incoming message Dont answer unknown # if you dont have the time to talk or are in a loud situation Reply to messages Both a campus and permanent address, particularly for co-op and intern students Slide 6 ECS Objective Statement Write 2 3 phrases outlining the type of position you are seeking and your special interest areas Co-op, intern or professional Engineering major Special interest areas could be particular industries or functional areas Do not use words like challenging position Focus on what you can do for the employer; not what the employer can do for you Slide 7 ECS Objective Statement Samples Bad example: A fulfilling position in mechanical engineering where I can expand my communication and leadership skills. Straightforward, useful information: A geological engineering co-op position in water resources management or remediation for a maximum of three work terms. Slide 8 ECS Education Section Degree level, major and date degree is expected University attended GPA Can be overall, major, last 4 semesters Other Possibilities Coursework filler category limit list Academic projects Areas of emphasis Honors, Scholarships Slide 9 ECS Education example University of Wisconsin-Madison B.S. Engineering Mechanics, expected May 2010 Engineering GPA 3.2/4.0, Cumulative GPA 2.8/4.0 Academic Design Projects Mars Wind Machine: Completed stress and displacement analysis of Giromill airfoils. Determined most effective internal airfoil construction and material. High Voltage Power Line Hybrid Crossarm: Developed an efficient design process. Completed stress/strain analysis for worst case scenario; appropriate materials selection/dimension analysis. Selected Course Work Advanced Strength of Materials, Finite Elements, Material Fatigue, Aerodynamics Slide 10 ECS Experience Section Potential section titles Experience Engineering Experience Additional Work Experience Industrial Experience Research Experience Format this section the same as you formatted the Education section For descriptions, use phrases, not sentences Use key words and action verbs (pages 18-19 of ECS Job Search Guide) Slide 11 ECS Experience Section Quantify terms, if possible Managed the operation of a municipal pool service over 1000 customers each day. Supervised a staff of 7 lifeguards. Required strong organizational skills. Saved $3000 for college expenses. List duties and accomplishments Developed low-stress, clear and textured optical quality polycarbonate film products used in display and data storage applications on state-of-the-art extrusion lines using Six Sigma tools. Team leader in commercialization of product with projected revenue of $4.8 million in 2002. Key team member in commercialization of product with projected revenue of $8 million in 2002. Slide 12 ECS No Experience? Everyone has experience Academic projects Also appropriate in education or own section Volunteer experience Also appropriate in additional information Any work experience Slide 13 ECS Not just engineering experience All jobs are important Indicate strong work ethic Examples of development of leadership and communication skills Shows use of time management, meeting deadlines, working with others, taking responsibility May also balance a GPA below 3.0 Worked 20 hours/week while full-time student Paid 80% of college expenses through part-time work Silverspring Golf Course, Middlebury, IL Caddie, Summers 2005-2007 Developed strong interpersonal skills in working with variety of customers and management. Enhanced already strong work ethic by working 12 hours/day for 3 months each summer. Saved $3,300 over 4 summers. Promoted to caddy master in 2007. Trained and supervised eight new hires. Slide 14 ECS What skills do you have? Computer skills Be inclusive: languages, platforms, programs Language skills Convey the level of proficiency Proficient Fluent Familiar with Slide 15 ECS What else should you include? Activities Engineering or community organizations Volunteer experience Awards, scholarships, honors What else are you interested in/spend time on? UW Marching Band, intramural sports teams, restoring old cars, and Eagle Scout Slide 16 ECS Is the format important? Resumes are looked at VERY quickly content, appearance In general, one page for BS students, often 2 pages for MS students White space is necessary between sections Quality printing on white or light paper so its easy to read Use bullets, bolding, etc. But not too much! Slide 17 ECS Is your resume ready? Proofread Have a friend/roommate proofread ECS 24/48 hr drop-off review Appointment after Career Connection Slide 18 ECS Final Product Slide 19 ECS Cover Letter is Required The cover letter Introduces resume Demonstrates writing skills Shows match with employer Change for each employer Three paragraphs Introduction - what do you want (internship, etc.) Body - why they should hire you (what makes you a good match) Closing - how you are going to follow-up with them PROOFREAD Slide 20 ECS How to send E-mail Convenient/fast for employers and you One screen no scrolling Business format 1-2 paragraphs Scannable resume in body; formatted resume attached Mail Same paper/format as resume One page Signed Slide 21 ECS Questions? Additional information in ECS Student Handbook Books/Samples available in ECS Office Slide 22 ECS Career Fair Resume For the Career Connection only, include at the bottom of each resume: Candidate Type (co-op/intern/professional) Student ID Work Authorization (US citizen/Permanent Resident/Visa Holder) Intern 902225558 F1 Visa Slide 23 ECS Questions?