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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste Today

Aug 31, 2021




Although recycling can help reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, waterways and ecosystems, only a few types of plastics can be recycled by most municipal governments. The fraction that does get recycled still requires a lot of energy and water which just isn’t a good proposition when it comes to single-use items. Plastic garbage that ends up in landfills and oceans take hundreds of years to degrade, and there’s increasing concern about the toxins they release into the environment. But in our modern lives, plastic surrounds us and cutting it out can seem daunting. Below are some super easy ways to get started. 

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Share these tips with your friends. It is like with everything else, if you have friends and family join you it’s more fun and easier to make changes. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making the happiest choice!