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Early Detection and Early Intervention

Feb 05, 2016




Early Detection and Early Intervention. Challenges and Solution Strategies in the Framework of CBR Programmes. Early detection and intervention. Early detection and early intervention System to check young children for signs of disability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Early Detection and Early InterventionChallenges and Solution Strategies in the Framework of CBR Programmes.

  • Early detection and interventionEarly detection and early interventionSystem to check young children for signs of disabilityWorking with young children who are slow in development or have impairmentsEducating and teaching familiesPrevent disabilities in babies and young children


  • CBR guidelines: early detection and early intervention

  • Early detection and interventionPicture educationPrimary prevention = stop from occuringSecundary prevention includes early detection and treatment Tertiary prevention = reduce consequences of existing health condition

  • Health careCBR programmes can assist with early identification Establish mechanism Identify screening activities (eg tb, leprosy, river blindness, diabetes, cancer)Genetic or hereditary conditions: Refer for assessment and counsellingKnow about secondary conditionsRefer if people may benefit from surgery

  • Health careEnsure access to early treatment by promoting and encouraging collaboration with primary health careCBR programs can:Provide follow up after screening Refer to other levels in health care systemAdvocate for inclusionIdentify barriersIdentify gaps in service provisionHabilitation and rehabilitation

  • Early interventionChild development:Physical, speech and language, cognitive, social and emotionalCBR workers can:Provide early intervention activities, usually home based. Encourage parents to meet togetherFacilitate playgroups

  • Early childhood care and educationEarly childhood = birth till primary education

    Focus in Education component: 3 years and older

  • Early childhood care and educationUnderstanding of early years depends on local traditions, faith/religion, cultures, family structure and way primary schooling is organized.CBR workers understand: Developmental delay: milestones are not reached at appropriate age Social, emotional, cognitive, speech and language, phsyical developmentInfluenced by health, nutrition, care and education

  • Early childhood care and educationCBR workers :Understand importance of playAge appropriate activitiesSupport families in making choicesWork towards inclusive early childhood education provisions

  • Early childhood care and education and CBRIdentify early childhood needsSupport early learning at homeInvolve familiesPromote home-based activitiesSupport learning in the communityHelp develop inclusive preschools

    Ensure specialist services are available and accessibleInvolve adults and children with disabilitiesCarry out training and awareness-raisingAddress povertyLobby and advocate for inclusionPrepare for emergency, conflict and refugee situations

  • Early identification and early interventionSupport establishment of parent groups