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Drunkenomics - The Story of Bar Stool Economics

Aug 17, 2014




This is short, funny and nice story about taxes and tax cuts. We are sure you'll find it interesting and would appreciate your vote for the presentation.

FYI.... THIS PRESENTATION WAS CONCEIVED, DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED IN ABOUT 27 HOURS. That story of how we managed it is coming up shortly as a separate presentation

  • The Short Story of Drunkenomics
  • A typical industrial town
  • Image credit: the_repairman * flickr Worker Executive Businessman Meet our Heroes and also good ole buddies
  • Image credit: Marty FM * flickr They drink and make merry enjoying their Boys Day Out Party, EVERYDAY!!!
  • Image credit: Marty FM * flickr Their daily tab hovers around $100 which they always share fairly
  • $67 $0 $33 Image credit: Marty FM * flickr They split the tab the way they pay taxes Biz guy pays $67, Exec pays $33 & Worker $0
  • Image credit: Marty FM * flickr and manage to find their way back home (always with hearty laughter & heavy swagger)
  • Until One Day
  • Image credit: Marty FM * flickr When the Barman announces a $20 discount as a goodwill gesture to his loyal customers
  • Image credit: Marty FM * flickr They decide to split the $20 discount in the same ratio as how they split the tab
  • $67 $53 $33 $27 $0 $0 Image credit: Marty FM * flickr Biz guy pays $14 less & the Exec pays $6 less with the Worker, as usual, paying Zilch
  • $0 Image credit: Marty FM * flickr and walk away exploring their druken mathematics
  • Why do I get only $6 of $20 discount? Why did I get nothing of the $20 discount ? Drunken realization
  • The rich guy got 50% more than what I got ! And I got nothing out of the $20 ! They zero in on the anti-hero ( a scape goat can always be found )
  • You scheming thief! @#(*$( You exploiter of the poor! @#(*&[email protected]#(*&$ And beat the Biz guy senseless
  • The next day
  • Image credit: The Natural Stones Our two friends go to the bar (the businessman not joining them henceforth)
  • Image credit: The Natural Stones And enjoy their usual rounds complete with their daily cheer & merry
  • Image credit: The Natural Stones When the tab ($67) for the two is presented
  • Image credit: The Natural Stones THEY GET BUSTED Their normal contribution of $33 doesnt even cover half the tab anymore
  • AND THAT , Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Journalists & Professors, IS HOW OUR TAXATION AND TAX CUTS WORK !
  • People who pay the highest taxes, benefit the most from tax cuts Drunkenomics = Drunken + Economics
  • If you ignore this drunkenomics and attack them for being wealthy, they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is friendlier V Leaving you permanently short of your tab
  • Thanks a ton. If you enjoyed this presentation, we would appreciate a vote on this SlideShare Contest 2009. a product of 2407! slides energize. your. presentations. SM
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