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Drone Insurance Solutions emails/aviation/drone...Drone Insurance Solutions Coverages Available: Targeted Classes Include: • Casualty • Property • Product Liability • Remotely

Jul 09, 2020




  • Drone Insurance Solutions

    Coverages Available:

    Targeted Classes Include:

    • Casualty• Property• Product Liability

    • Remotely or Autonomously Piloted• Aerial Filming & Videography• Construction • Property Inspections & Real Estate• Line Inspections • Agricultural Applications• Aerial Commercial Photography • Crop Dusting• Border Surveillance• Pipe/Power Line Surveillance• Suspect Tracking• Monitoring• Communications/Broadcast• Disaster Response/Relief• Movie Production• Damage Assessment

    • Aerial News Coverage• Atmospheric/Weather Research• Mail/Freight Transport• Critical Infrastructure Monitoring• Flood Mapping• Damage Surveying• Real Estate Mapping• Mining• Sporting Events Coverage• Wildlife Monitoring• Investigations• Building Envelope Investigations• Locating Individuals• Fire & Explosion Investigations• Underwriting Surveys

    • Inland Marine• Personal & Advertising Injury

    Features:• Writing in all states• Minimum Premiums Starting at $1,250• Limits up to $1,000,000• Terms & Conditions Can Be Customized Based on Client Needs

    • Optional Coverage for Hijacking or any Unlawful Seizure or Wrongful Exercise of Control by Means of

    • Non-Pilot & On-Ground Crew Members Can Be Listed as Insureds

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