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Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

Aug 25, 2020



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Page 2: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

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3 From the Chair... a monthly report - the latest from Lynne and ADINJC

5 STOP PRESS! - Driving Test Changes December 4th 2017

10 Report on NASP Meeting - details from March meeting

13 Road Safety Information - download the latest TSR publication

14 ADI Adrian - Adrian’s views on various motoring issues

16 Do your learners ever forget? - more insight from John Farlam

18 Association Meeting Agenda - details of next meeting

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Page 3: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

changes we’re making to broaden training and help PDI’s to become successful ADIs we’re also planning to improve our existing voluntary instructor trainer (ORDIT) scheme. This’ll make sure trainers are delivering the highest quality training. This’ll include closer monitoring of standards and performance. We’ll do this by conducting thorough reviews of training logbooks, which are used to monitor and record progress against the competences. We also want to make sure there’s more information out there to help future trainees make a more informed choice of trainer. We’ll be discussing these proposals for ORDIT at the instructor trainer workshops we’re holding.Conference 2017: I’m pleased to say that tickets for our conference are selling well. Remember that the first 120 tickets sold this year are at a cheaper price of £53 for members and £63 for ADIs who are not members. After those tickets are sold the price rises by £10 so book early! To book a room at the hotel before or after the conference, you will need to book direct with the Copthorne Hotel on 01384 482 882 confirming your booking with a credit/debit card. We have agreed a special discounted rate of £70 for a double room with two breakfasts or £63 for a single room with one breakfast. These prices include VAT and full use of hotel leisure facilities. You will need to quote APPRO71017 when booking your room to obtain this discounted rate. These special discounted prices are only available until 7th September after which standard hotel prices will apply. On Saturday evening we have a social event where if you are staying at the hotel you can join us in the bar for a free drinks reception. You can then stay on for a 3 course sit down meal. What better way to get to know your fellow delegates in an informal way before the conference day itself! If you would like to join us, it is by pre-paid ticket only through our treasurer, Peter on 0800 8202 444. All conference details will continue to be added to the website at Please note that you cannot book through the hotel for the Saturday meal.Other industry items in April: I’ve read and viewed with interest about-• A female ADI who sent the press in the Midlands the footage from her dash cam whilst her

lessons were in progress. The TV report showed some very dangerous manoeuvres from motorists who seem to feel they can emerge in front of learners in the most dangerous ways. It was certainly good to let the public see what we have to put up with and the dangers involved for ADIs and their pupils.

• The fact that almost 300 driving examiners were attacked or abused by failed test candidates last year. Freedom of Information figures show that the DVSA logged 236 verbal, 13 physical and 24 other assaults, April was the worst month for irate learners seeing red with 25 verbal and three physical attacks. One examiner jumped on a bus to flee an abusive candidate.

• The DVSA business plan which explains what they will do in between 2017-2022 and also setting out which parts of the strategy the agency will be taking forward in 2017 to 2018. Early priorities for the first year of the strategy include implementing the outcome of the public consultation on potential changes to the practical driving test.

Also of course we had an unexpected announcement of the general election in June. The DVSA have said that as far as possible it will be business as usual for them even with purdah to consider. That means that the May meeting in Nottingham will still take place and that Mark Magee and John Sheridan will be on our webinar. A really busy month! Best wishes to all our members.

New practical driving test announced from December 4th 2017:As I am writing this I’ve just had news confirmed of the date for the new test changes. The ADINJC welcomes the changes to the practical driving test, our reply to the consultation which was in our September newsletter and also sent out to members showed that the majority of them fully supported the changes to the test after the extensive trials which took place. Personally I am pleased that the changes are taking place as I’ve spoken to ADIs who have taken part in the extensive trials which were identical to this new test. I’m happy that this extended independent drive will take the candidate on a more natural drive with less stopping and pulling over. It keeps them moving and will show their skills more in my opinion. My understanding from the DVSA is that they will only pull over on the right and use this manoeuvre in a suitable location, to be honest I have to park on the right to start lessons for some of my own pupils and it’s something we should be capable of. I don’t think as an ADI I will stop teaching the turn in the road or reverse altogether I think pupils may need to learn them as they will help their parking skills and they may well need to turn around in a real driving situation. I teach my pupils now to turn themselves around using a junction or in a road that’s a dead end, it enhances their skills and they accept that. It also seems more natural to me to answer a show me question on the move. I think once the candidates pass their test the real dangers don’t occur in how they manoeuvre the car but in their driving on the road. I still feel most importantly that we have to get beyond people seeing the driving test as the end of learning to drive. It’s a skill that needs to be reflected on and revisited in my opinion that’s the important factor. I’m happy this test updates standards and requires a candidate to use a sat nav hence driving for longer on different roads. I’m looking forward to training my pupils to take the new test. ADINJC will liaise with DVSA on any questions or queries that members have on the test.NASP meeting and report: The latest NASP meeting was held on 27th March with ADINJC chairing the meeting. The report as always has been sent to members but can be viewed in this newsletter.The Part 3 proposed changes: These were discussed at the recent NASP meeting and some concerns were still voiced and discussed. As an association ADINJC are willing to listen, discuss, negotiate and help provide solutions and compromises. Following on from the NASP meeting a NASP discussion document is being prepared to be discussed with the DVSA at a conference call and at the May meeting. I am very pleased to announce that the DVSA will be attending our webinar on the panel this month to answer questions from our members. I do feel that if we discuss people’s fears and concerns for the proposed changes we will be in a better position to enhance the proposals. The DVSA have also released a new blog about the Part 3 where FAQs are answered. Near the end of the blog it asks for trainers who haven’t already done so to get in touch in order that you can be invited to one of the meetings that will be taking place shortly. So if you want to be invited you need to get in touch. Please note there is also a survey going out to trainers and recently qualified PDIs – if you should get sent the survey please make sure to complete it and put your views forward. And if your PDIs should receive the survey please encourage them to complete it and return it. The workshops are by invitation only and will be on: 23rd May at Cardington and June 2nd in Durham. If you are an ADI trainer and want to attend you need to email the DVSA at: One of the questions in the blog concerns how the DVSA intend to improve the standard of the voluntary instructor trainer scheme. Mark Magee, DVSA Registrar, states: “So, to support the

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.3

From the Chair….. a monthly report

Lynne Barrie - MA Driver Training

The ADINJC is a national association run by ADIs on a not-for-profit basis. We work tirelessly to inform, represent and support our members, and to promote the interests of our profession.

Page 4: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

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Page 5: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

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STOP PRESS! - Driving test changes

The driving test will change from Monday 4 December 2017 to include following directions from a sat nav and testing different manoeuvres.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed that the driving test in England, Scotland and Wales will change from Monday 4 December 2017.

The changes are designed to make sure new drivers have the skills they’ll need to help them through a lifetime of safe driving.

The changes will only apply to car driving tests to begin with.

The 4 driving test changes1. Independent driving part of the test will increase to 20 minutes

The independent driving part of the test currently lasts around 10 minutes. During this part of the test, you have to drive without turn-by-turn directions from the driving examiner.

This part of the test will be made longer, so it’ll last around 20 minutes - roughly half of the test.

2. Following directions from a sat nav

During the independent driving part of the test, most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav.

The examiner will provide the sat nav and set it up. You won’t need to set the route - the examiner will do this for you. So, it doesn’t matter what make or model of sat nav you practise with.

You can’t follow directions from your own sat nav during the test - you have to use the one supplied by the examiner.

You’ll be able to ask the examiner for confirmation of where you’re going if you’re not sure. It won’t matter if you go the wrong way unless you make a fault while doing it.

One in 5 driving tests won’t use a sat nav. You’ll need to follow traffic signs instead.

3. Reversing manoeuvres will be changed

The ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn-in-the-road’ manoeuvres will no longer be tested, but you should still be taught them by your instructor.

You’ll be asked to do one of 3 possible reversing manoeuvres:

• parallel park at the side of the road

• park in a bay - either driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out (the examiner will tell you which you have to do)

• pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic

4. Answering a vehicle safety question while you’re driving

The examiner will ask you 2 vehicle safety questions during your driving test - these are known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

You’ll be asked the:

• ‘tell me’ question (where you explain how you’d carry out a safety task) at the start of your test, before you start driving

• ‘show me’ question (where you show how you’d carry out a safety task) while you’re driving - for example, showing how to wash the windscreen using the car controls and wipers

Page 6: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.6

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STOP PRESS! - Driving test changes

Pass mark, length of test and cost not changingThe pass mark is staying the same. So, you’ll pass your test if you make no more than 15 driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults.

The examiner will still mark the test in the same way, and the same things will still count as faults.

The overall time of the driving test won’t change. You’ll still drive for around 40 minutes.

The driving test cost will also stay the same.

Why the changes are being madeRoad collisions are the biggest killer of young people. They account for over a quarter of all deaths of those aged between 15 and 19.

DVSA wants to make sure that training and the driving test reduce the number of young people being killed in collisions.

These changes are being made because:

• most fatal collisions happen on high-speed roads (not including motorways) - changing the format of the test will allow more of these types of roads to be included in driving test routes

52% of car drivers now have a sat nav - DVSA wants new drivers to be trained to use them safely

• research has shown that new drivers find independent driving training valuable - they can relate it to driving once they’ve passed their test

Transport Minister, Andrew Jones, said:

Our roads are among the safest in the world. However, road collisions are the biggest killer of young people. These changes will help us to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads and equip new drivers with the skill they need to use our roads safely.

DVSA Chief Executive, Gareth Llewellyn, said:

DVSA’s priority is to help you through a lifetime of safe driving. Making sure the driving test better assesses a driver’s ability to drive safely and independently is part of our strategy to help you stay safe on Britain’s roads. It’s vital that the driving test keeps up to date with new vehicle technology and the areas where new drivers face the greatest risk once they’ve passed their test.

The DVSA have produced a blog for ADIs about these changes written by Neil Wilson, Deputy Chief Driving Examiner

Following directions from a sat navFollowing directions from a sat nav is a significant change to the current test.

Just as there were lots of questions when we originally introduced the independent driving part of the test, we know there’ll be questions about how using a sat nav will work.

DVSA will provide the sat nav for the testThe examiner will provide the sat nav and set it up using one of the stored test routes. The candidate won’t need to touch it.

We’ve been working with potential suppliers to find and buy a suitable sat nav. We’ll award a contract very soon, and let you know which make and model of sat nav we’ll be using.

However, I want to emphasise again that it doesn’t matter which sat nav you use for practice. It could be a built in sat nav, mobile phone or stand-alone sat nav. We’re not testing the ability set a

Page 7: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

route in a sat nav - just the ability to follow directions from one.

The examiner will make sure the sat nav is positioned appropriately and safely.

In most cases, we won’t fix the sat nav to the windscreen - it will be on a special dash-mat so it doesn’t move or fall off. However, due to the design of some vehicles, there will be some cases where we need to mount it to the windscreen.

We’ll be able to give more information about how we’ll power the sat nav once we’ve awarded the contract to the supplier.

Some people asked about Welsh language sat navs during the consultation. It’s something we investigated, but unfortunately, there isn’t a Welsh language sat nav on the market at the moment.

As our announcement explains, 1 in 5 candidates will be asked to follow traffic signs instead of directions from a sat nav.

We’ll continue watching the market. If a product becomes available, we’ll consider if it can be used and let you know.Support from organisations who represent drivers with a disability

Many disabled drivers use sat nav systems on a regular basis to help them drive independently and the changes being brought in will make sure that they know how to use these systems safely. They will also ensure that all drivers are better equipped to drive on a wider variety of roads, and carry out an updated set of manoeuvres that are part of everybody’s day to day driving.

The revised practical driving test will make Britain’s roads safer, and raise the overall standard of driving, therefore it is something that Disabled Motoring UK fully supports.

Graham Footer, CEO Disabled Motoring UK.

Reverse manoeuvresWe’ll use a wide variety of carparks for the bay parking exercise, such hotels, retail parks and supermarkets. Our driving test centre managers are finding the most suitable car parks for each test centre.

We’re also talking to national car parking organisations to agree a joint approach to using car parks for this part of the test.

We know some of you had strong views about pulling up on the right.

While The Highway Code advises to not park against the flow of traffic during the day, it’s very important to remember that it’s an entirely legal manoeuvre.

On our busy roads, there will be times when a driver needs to pull up on the right - and they need to have the knowledge and skills to do it safely. It’s vital to use a safe and systematic routine, including observations and appropriate signals. These are the skills we’ll be assessing.

It’s also important that drivers know and understand what factors to take into consideration when looking for a safe, legal and convenient place to stop or park. For example, a busy main road with a constant flow of traffic would not be safe or convenient.

The candidate will need to use their understanding of these factors to choose an appropriate place

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.7

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STOP PRESS! - Driving test changes

Page 8: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.8

STOP PRESS! - Driving test changes

to pull up on the right, when asked by the examiner.

‘Show me, tell me’ questionsSome responses to the consultation raised concerns about asking a ‘show me’ question while the candidate is driving. The main points raised were that it could:

• be a distraction

• cause an issue for candidates with special needs

• affect people unfamiliar with the layout of the car

I believe asking a ‘show me’ question whilst driving will be valuable preparation for types of things drivers need to do safely while driving. If someone has passed their test and is driving on the motorway, they can’t pull over to switch on their headlights.

We demonstrated the changes to the British Deaf Association, Disabled Motoring UK and the Dyspraxia Foundation in November 2015. These organisations supported the changes and were satisfied that we’d considered any issues.

To meet the national standard for driving cars, you must be able to familiarise yourself with a vehicle if it’s the first time you’ve driven it. This is an important part of being a safe and responsible driver.

We’ve published the new list of 7 ‘show me’ questions and 14 ‘tell me’ questions that can be used from 4 December 2017.

Examiner documents and guidanceWe’ll update the driving test report form (DL25) and guidance for driving examiners carrying out driving tests (DT1) to take account of the changes.

We’ll make these available before December.

ADI part 2 testThe driving instructor national associations suggested that the driving test changes are replicated in the ADI part 2 (driving ability) test.

We’ll consult with people who train instructors about doing this.

It would make sure instructors are familiar with the test their pupils will take and have been tested on the same skills.

Page 9: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th




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Page 10: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

Report on NASP Meeting

The ninth meeting of the National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) was held at the Copthorne Hotel, Dudley, West Midlands on 28.3 2017.

Present at the meeting were: Lynne Barrie ADINJC in the chair, Matt Stone ADINJC, Carly Brookfield DIA, Olivia Baldock-Ward DIA, Peter Harvey MSA GB, John Lepine MSA GB.

In attendance: Sue Duncan, Minute Secretary.

General update since the last meeting:

It was noted that the Code of Practice NASP had produced was now complete and on the DVSA website alongside the 2 new industry logos for ADIs to sign up to: one for CPD and the other for registering for the new code of practice. The Code of Practice has also been distributed to national driving schools. NASP was pleased to learn that the national average waiting times for learner test bookings is currently on average 5.5 weeks. Since the last meeting there have been no published results of the trial practical test and no results of the consultation to date, although it is due this month.DVSA has said that if the trial test is introduced, around 20% of all new style tests will not use satnav and instead will use the existing procedure of following signs to ensure that those skills are still taught. The results of the ORDIT survey by DVSA have been completed and had been discussed at the last ORDIT meeting attended by NASP. A further meeting is being arranged by DVSA to inform the wider ORDIT stakeholders. We are still awaiting advice on the use of in car cameras on test and we are liaising with DVSA about this.

Fit and Proper Guidance

It was agreed that NASP fully supports the Fit and Proper document recently sent out to them by the Registrar. This document is more detailed than the previous version and is being revised by the Registrar, who will publish in the near future.

Motorway Guidance Notes and Survey

The motorway guidance notes are now complete and will be published shortly on the NASP website. These are in preparation for the anticipated change in regulations to allow ADI accompanied learners on motorways in dual controlled cars. It was acknowledged that there was some industry conflict on whether roofboards should be used on motorways. NASP consider it is vital that the learners need to be easily identified on the motorway but are aware that high winds and high temperatures can affect the magnets on the roofboards and that they must also be regularly maintained. The group discussed the results from the recent NASP survey on motorway training.

A report will be published on the NASP website at:

Earned Recognition

DVSA want to use earned recognition in the industry. Discussion took place on what NASP would accept being included in an Earned Recognition Scheme. However, there was some concern over whether DVSA would have the capacity and ability to deliver such a scheme with the current pressures on IT resources. NASP is aware that the industry is very much against the inclusion of raw pass rates and it was felt that this would not be an item acceptable to the majority of ADIs. Further discussion will need to take place on whether there is a flawless system that can be relied

28th March 2017 on before consideration could even be given to agreeing to including pass rates within an Earned Recognition Scheme. NASP will continue to confer on this item and it will be on the agenda for the May meeting with DVSA.

Proposed Changes to Part 3

NASP has written to DVSA concerning the mishandling of the release of information on changes to the Part 3. It appears that certain DVSA staff, who understandably need to be told first of changes, seem to have shared information before the official release to the industry. This was disappointing for NASP after the time and effort put in to attending meetings and consulting with DVSA on the proposed changes.

All NASP associations are in agreement with the basic principles proposed for the Part 3 changes, that the PSTs should be removed, and the change towards a standards check style is preferable to the current Part 3. However there is still concern from some NASP members on certain aspects of the proposed changes. NASP will continue to liaise with the DVSA so that concerns can be addressed, and feel it’s important that ADIs understand these changes require an amendment to regulation, which must be approved before the changes can be introduced. Although the target date has been announced, dialogue with DVSA will be paramount to address these concerns. We understand that DVSA will shortly announce that there will be one or more meetings that ADI trainers can attend to discuss the details released so far.

Suitability Checks before Applying to become a PDI

The previously developed psychometric test by DVSA was discussed and the possibility of it being re-visited. The number of applications are currently up, so it follows that the numbers of refusals will also increase, these are usually on the grounds of motoring offences and DBS grounds. NASP debated the possibility of a limit placed on the number of attempts allowed at Part 1 and a possible minimum entry qualification. It was agreed that the proposed changes to the Part 3 were an opportunity to improve the standards of new entrants and that Part 1 should be developed and changed to reflect client centred learning.

Category B tests should be conducted in dual control car

DVSA have said there is an increase in the number of private cars on learner tests. NASP discussed the possibility of category B tests only being conducted in cars with dual controls.

Update on DfT Young Driver Project

A working group on the project had met the previous day to our meeting with NASP representatives attending. Highways England’s strategic aim is to decrease the number of incidents on the network. Brainbox has been carrying out research using focus groups including ADIs and novices/learners. The project is at the research stage. Two surveys are currently underway and NASP will be encouraging members to respond. The links are on the DIA website or at:

ADI Survey: Driver survey:

DVSA Waiting Times

NASP discussed examples of current waiting times for learner tests and noted they had come down in the last 2 month period. It was agreed that DVSA had made a real effort to improve waiting times and there had been a positive impact. However, there still seem to be pockets of

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.10

Page 11: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

Report on NASP Meeting

areas with problems with waiting times for B+E tests, and Parts 2 and 3 and this was already being talked over with DVSA.

Final general items

NASP will continue to make more ‘best practice’ guidelines for ADIs to use on their website. The next one to be produced will be on the use of iPads and other digital devices when conducting a lesson.

Concern was expressed that there is no current up to date information on standards check performance.

There was discussion on the fee structure and suggested breakdown between the fee and Standards Check test fee. It was felt that if there were to be a system for ADIs to book Standards Checks online then a separate fee structure would be needed. There was concern that the learner theory test is often taken several times by some candidates, possibly due to it not being seen as of value because it is so cheap in comparison to the practical test. People also take the attitude that they do not need to study as it can be taken again at little cost.

Following on from this meeting preparations for the agenda for the May meeting are in place and NASP will liaise the issues raised at this meeting with DVSA.

Dates of future Meetings

NASP Monday 8 May, Nottingham

NASP/DVSA Tuesday 9 May, Nottingham

NASP Tuesday 12 September – venue to be arranged.

NASP Monday 27 November, Nottingham

NASP/DVSA Tuesday 28 November, Nottingham

28th March 2017

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.11

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氀礀渀渀攀䀀氀礀渀渀攀戀愀爀爀椀攀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 㔀㐀㌀ ㈀㔀㘀㔀㜀㠀

眀眀眀⸀搀ⴀ猀猀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 ㈀ ㌀㈀㠀 㘀㈀㈀㘀


䄀 戀爀愀渀搀 渀攀眀 瘀攀爀猀椀漀渀 漀昀 琀栀椀猀 瀀漀瀀甀氀愀爀 戀漀漀欀 昀漀爀 䄀䐀䤀猀 昀爀漀洀 䰀礀渀渀攀 䈀愀爀爀椀攀 䴀䄀


一䔀圀䌀漀洀攀 琀漀 䌀漀愀挀栀椀渀最 爀攀瘀椀猀攀搀 ㈀渀搀 攀搀椀琀椀漀渀

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13th November 2017 ManchesterAdmission by ticket only

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in CoachingDevelop Your

5 Essential Coaching Skills

UseWhole Brain

Learning Techniques


Effective Coaching Workshop

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Develop The Coaching Skills You Already UseLearn Effective Coaching Techniques

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How Good Are YourCoaching Skills?

Instructing & Coaching: Discuss The Differences?

Explore The Advantages Of Coaching & Client Centred Learning

Learning Styles: Why They Are Important

Learn To Use Different Teaching Styles

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Professional Indemnity Driving TuitionWhy is Professional Indemnity cover so important?

Because we all make mistakes in life, including in our business operations as a driving instructor.

However, if you make a mistake in running your driving school, the consequences can be very serious. You could, for instance, be sued for vast sums of money. Professional Indemnity will provide you with protection in case someone decides to take action against you even when you haven’t done anything wrong.

The ADINJC Professional Indemnity insurance, provides the valuable protection you need as a driving instructor offering professional advice to the public, to prevent this happening. It covers you when, as a result of negligence, you are sued for losses or damages by a third party. In short, it gives you peace of mind: if a claim is brought against your business, you won’t have to worry about the financial implications of a lawsuit. The ADINJC policy provides £5 Million cover for each and every member, ensuring you have sufficient cover. The policy also has a low policy excess of £500 for each and every claim.

You can find details of Waveney Group Schemes by going to

To purchase PI/PL Insurance

click on this advert or call 0800 8202 444

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.13

Road Safety Information Graham Feest ADINJC Road Safety Advisor

For the latest Road Safety Information click on the image to download the latest copy of ‘Traffic - Safety - Roads’.

Items in April’s issue include:

• Cycle Super Ways in London

• Drivers Habits

• Speed Management Manual

• Pedestrian Protection Systems

• Eyesight Tests

• Shows in April

• Teaching People to DRIVE or be DRIVERS (Part 1)

• Specific Lorry Satnav’s Essential

• MOT Consultation

• State of White Lines on Britain’s Roads

Ideas4ADIs Something worth talking about

L of a way 2 Pass - Instructors SuiteThis comprehensive videos will enable your pupils to eliminate numerous negative emotions that inhibit learning, including fear, panic, embarrassment, frustration and replace with confidence, and increased self esteem. The techniques are so effective, you’ll find yourself using them for your own Check Tests! Advice from an expert will help you to combat the issues that dyslexic and dyspraxic learners face when learning to drive. You will learn how to assess your pupils individual Learning Style, so you can adapt your teaching style to match their individual needs.

Page 14: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

DfT National Car Test Waiting Times...

There wasn’t much doubt about the most significant motoring story in the press this month. It was the continuing war against the motorists who choose to drive a diesel car. The Sunday Times kicked off on April 2nd with the front page headline “£20 daily toxin tax for diesel drivers”. It went on to explain that, in measures to be unveiled during the following week by environment secretary Andrea Leadsom, councils in ‘nine or 10’ of the worst-affected cities will be obliged to ban drivers from polluted areas during peak hours, impose daily charges to discourage them from entering town centres – or even a mix of the two. In another 25 towns, commercial diesels such as lorries, coaches and taxis would be the main target of the bans and charges.Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London is also ready to announce that, from 2019, the most polluting vehicles will be hit with a £12.50 daily charge when entering any part of greater London inside the North Circular and South Circular roads. That is in addition to the current congestion charging scheme under which from October 23rd, pre-2006 diesel and petrol vehicles will face a £10 “T-charge” when entering central London during peak periods -in addition to the basic £10 congestion charge for all vehicles.So how did this sorry state of affairs come about? In the late 1990s there were relatively few diesel cars on UK roads. If you owned one, unless you were a taxi driver, you were considered a bit quirky – or continental, even. But all this changed in 1991 when Gordon Brown, as chancellor of the exchequer, overhauled the car tax regime in order to encourage us all to switch from petrol to diesel. His aim was to meet targets for reducing the CO2 emissions set by the Kyoto climate change conference a few year years earlier and to fulfil EU commitments entered into by the Labour government. (Don’t blame me, I’ve always been a true blue Tory. And it all seems a lifetime ago, does it not)? But the full toxic horror of diesel engines was not understood at the time: ok, they may produce less CO2 than petrol engines but they also pump out far more nitrogen dioxide and harmful particulates which are threatening the health of people living in big cities. In 1993, under Maggie Thatcher’s government, a report on urban air quality from the Environment Depart specifically stated that if the proportion of diesel cars on the road was maintained at around 10 per cent, then the level of disease-causing particulates in the atmosphere would reduce substantially because of other related anti-pollution policies. Yet when it came into office in 1997, the Labour government ignored all of this advice and far from trying to limit diesel gave its use a supercharge. As a result, the proportion of diesel cars rose from 14 per cent to more than half and there are now an estimated 14 million of them. So where are we now? As I write this, some form of diesel scrappage scheme seems to be on the cards. And I’m more than a bit miffed. My daily drive and my two classics are all petrol so why should I be asked to pay towards someone else’s new car? Caveat emptor as they say.

And there was little doubt about this month’s most important story in the classic car press, either. After 13 series of ‘Wheelers Dealers’ the co-host, Edd China, has quit the motoring television programme following a disagreement with the new production team over the change of direction, they have said, they intend to take it. If you’re not a classic car fan, I should explain. ‘Wheeler Dealers’, which currently airs six days a week on the Quest channel, is presented by China and Mike Brewer, a cheeky little cockney chap in the mould of Dom Littlewood. The format is that Mike searches the classic car media and the internet for cheap cars in need of a little TLC. Edd, a 6ft 6ins expert mechanic, then fixes them up and passes them back to Brewer who sells them on. Hopefully for a profit. It’s a great programme and I’ve been an avid viewer ever since I bought my first classic car. But Attaboy TV, ‘Wheeler Dealers’ creator and current production team, has now been ousted and replaced by Velocity at Discovery Studios in California where the programme will, in future, be based. Currently the balance of the hour-long programme is 15 mins Brewer to 45

ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.14

ADI Adrian

Page 15: Driving Instructors Organisation | Driving Instructors Association - … · 2019. 3. 26. · Best wishes to all our members. New practical driving test announced from December 4th

DfT National Car Test Waiting Times... website Carbuyer revealed that nine out of 10 drivers were unaware that the changes were even due to happen. In the light of the fiasco that abolishing the tax disc turned into, it looks like another case of our friends at the DVLA failing to communicate fundamental changes. Altering VED was dressed up by then chancellor George Osborne as fairer. His reasoning was that wealthier buyers who could afford newer, cleaner cars would pay less tax than those running older, more polluting models. But it won’t have escaped his notice that returns on VED – about £6 billion per year in 2015 – were gradually dwindling. As cars’ CO2 emissions, by which the tax is gauged, were continually falling, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) estimated that revenue from car tax would be down to £4.4 billion by 2025. So it’s out with the old system and in with a new flat rate. Which means that, after year one, a 1.0-litre Ford Fiesta will pay exactly the same tax as a 5.0-litre Ford Mustang. Does it make any sense to you?

There was a story in the Telegraph on March 24th which said that drivers risk skidding on one in four of A-roads in the UK. Apparently, the Department for Transport (DfT) says that some 26 per cent of these roads maintained by Highways England need ‘further investigation’ because of fears they have inadequate skid resistance when drivers brake. This is the highest for that category since data started being collected in 2007-08. And it’s even worse in London, with A-roads maintained by local authorities, where 45 per cent deemed to be a skidding risk. Edmund King, president of the AA, said “Potholes are bad enough, but not being able to stop in time adds another dimension to the danger faced by drivers and other road users. It means that, if a law-abiding driver is travelling within the speed limit and a child steps out what may have been an avoidable accident could become a tragedy”

As a former Jaguar owner (I’ve just sold my classic XJ-S and replaced it with a 1991 Suzuki Vitara Mk 1) I wasn’t too pleased to read in the Sun at the end of February, that Jaguar drivers are Britain’s worst according to a survey by the parts firm National. Eighty-six per cent admit speeding, 71 per cent regularly fail to indicate and half jump red lights. The leaping cat owners, such as Labour peer John “Two Jags” Prescott, have now overtaken BMW to top the list of shame. But Beemer motorists remain the worst for hurling litter and hogging the middle lane and are the second biggest speeders. And 92 per cent of people driving Skodas use hand-held mobiles at the wheel – the penalty for which has recently doubled to a £200 fine and six penalty points. But in general they, Volvo and Nissan owners are least likely to break other traffic laws. And Birmingham has the worst drivers overall.

And finally, a couple of US one-liners:

‘My wife had her driving test the other day. She got 8 out of 10. The other 2 guys jumped clear’


‘Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car’.

Til next time


ADI National Joint Council Working ADIs, working for you.15

ADI Adrian

mins China. But Velocity intends to change all this, upping the product placement and decreasing the workshop time which will (according to Edd) save them a considerable amount of time, effort and (therefore) money but compromise his work and integrity. Fans reacted with surprise and anger - taking to social media to criticise Mike Brewer and he, his wife and daughter have been receiving a lot of abuse and even death threats. Now, it goes without saying that I don’t agree with any of this - and the Saturday repeats have been on in the background as I finish this month’s column. Including the programme featuring my first classic – the Jaguar XJ-S!

Now I know that this is a motoring column but, just occasionally, I include a story that I come have come across concerning one of my other passions. One such was in the Telegraph on April 4th. Headlined “A pedant’s revolt: vigilante corrects shop signs under cover of darkness” it revealed how a mystery man has been roaming the streets of Bristol over the past 13 years, tackling the greengrocer’s apostrophe and other crimes against the English language. If you haven’t heard the term before, the greengrocer’s apostrophe is the misplaced punctuation mark found on handwritten signs to be found in the boxes of vegetables and fruit on the pavement outside shops or on market stalls. “Cauli’s 50p” for example. Wielding an “apostrophiser” – a broom handle laden with two sponges and a number of stickers- the middle-aged bloke has corrected tens of missing and misplaced apostrophes on shop banners across the city, using a trestle where necessary. One of his most recent corrections was to Cambridge Motor’s garage which had annoyed him for years. And it isn’t the first time that this particular vehicle repairs service has suffered at his hands. The manager told the Telegraph that he caught the man in the act more than two years ago, when he was seen attempting to scrub out an apostrophe on a sign that read “Keys and letter’s through here”. Meanwhile, Peter Barker, the chairman of the Queen’s English Society, said “I don’t disapprove of his motives and I can see why he would be frustrated. Whether or not I would be going about his business late at night is another matter, however”. And a spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said the force was unaware of any complaints being lodged, but any permanent damage caused could provide grounds for police intervention.And while I’m off-topic, will you let me have another bit of self-indulgence? Another of my passions happens to be malt whisky, so I was delighted to read in the Western Morning News recently that the Dartmoor National Park planners have given Princetown Distillers approval for £4 million project to build England’s largest whisky distillery near where I live. The plant, which will produce up to the equivalent of 800,000 bottles a year, will be the second distillery in Devon – there is a smaller one in Bovey Tracey. Slante.

Ok, back to motoring matters and a story that, at first reading seemed more suitable for April 1st, but in fact appeared in the Telegraph on March 12th. Apparently, car drivers across the country will shortly get kerb-side lessons on how to overtake cyclists safely. Motorists who pass “too close for comfort” will be pulled over by police and given a 15-minute lecture using a giant blue sheet on the road. The mats display the 0.75m (2ft 6ins) width from the kerb that cyclists are asked to keep to, and the minimum 1.5m (5ft) distance should leave when passing. Cycling UK, a Surrey-based charity, will offer one mat to each force after it crowdfunded £12,000 in 48 hours. West Midlands police have already successfully trialled the scheme and recorded a 50 per cent reduction in “too close for comfort” offences.

Talking of April 1st, have you got your head around the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates, which have just been introduced for new cars, yet? If not, you’re not alone. As a recent survey by the

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networkYou’ve probably seen it loads of times. You teach someone on a new skill. They do it really well...

But when they arrive for the next lesson they seem to have forgotten almost everything!

It’s not the learner’s fault. It’s psychology’s fault. Specifically, it’s an example of a phenomenon known as “event boundaries.”

Our brains tend to break up experience into events, rooted in a specific time and location.

As learners move to a new location, their brains dump data from memory, anticipating the need to focus on a new event. “When people pass through a doorway to move from one location to another, they forget more information than if they do not make such a shift,” researchers have concluded.

This means that even during the same lesson the learner might not easily link the learning to new situations.

(They also found that the forgetting happens whether the doorway is actual or virtual – an image of a door in a computer simulation, for example.)

If you view training as an “event,” you’ll be fighting the way the brain’s memory is structured. The solution: Carry the training beyond the “event boundary.” In other words, don’t treat it as an event, but an ongoing process. Find ways to link the training to other situations - talk about how the learning can be applied in several different contexts. For example, if you have just been working on reversing, point out other drivers who are reversing in different situations and how the learned skill come into play. Transfer the skills to other subjects - so that the reversing skills might be used when you ‘accidentally’ drive into a dead end.

When revisiting the skills after a break (e.g., next lesson) start at the same location to aid memory.

Never treat ‘learning events’ as a one off - continually revise and reinforce. And never give the impression that things are being learned ‘for the test’ - always demonstrate ‘real life’ everyday driving applications of all skills.

Do your learners ever forget? John Farlam

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ADINJC BENEFITS OF JOINING US AS A LOCAL ASSOCIATION OR GROUPIf your local association joins us ALL the members get the benefits of membership at no extra cost. That’s just £150 to have EVERY member secure. We have been helping local associations

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We are ADIs who work as volunteers on your behalf, elected by members at the AGM. We run a not for profit association and we

don’t pay salaries or shareholders

LEGAL ADVICEWe have our own solicitor

who is prepared to chat with any member we consider

needs legal advice. There is a 24 hour dedicated hotline

for members to use.

Through our monthly newsletter, our website and regular posts on social

media. Breaking news via our popular email alerts. Your association can link to our website and use our members section of our newsletter to promote

yourselves. We can help your association with setting up a website.association with setting up a website.

Regular free meetings for our member group representatives to attend. Guest

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All your members can have £10 million Public Liability and £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance each

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We are a not-for-profit association. Any monies raised above our

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We run our popular national conference, and also offer

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Contact us for details or for a copy of our guide to setting up a local association:

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We have a dedicated help line 7 days a week. We have a panel of working ADIs with vast knowledge and experience of the industry, ready and willing to help your members. They cover LGV, driver CPC, PSV, Motorcycle and B+E training,

standards check advice, instructor training and and more.

Last but not least they say they like our friendly, personal approach!

Sue Duncan, 9 Ramsey Gardens, Manadon Park, PLYMOUTH. PL5 3UR Email: - Phone: 01752 780350 - Mobile: 07855 453414

Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council

The ADINJC is a national association run by ADIs on a not-for-profit basis. We work tirelessly to inform, represent and support our members, and promote the interests of our profession

Association Meeting

To be held at the Village Hotel, Tempus Drive, Walsall, West Midlands WS2 8TJ

On Saturday 3rd June 2017 at 10am

Coffee on arrival from 09:00, and at 11:30 break


1. Meeting opened by the Chairman – Lynne Barrie 2. Attendance register and apologies for absence 3. Minutes of the Association Meeting held on 4 March 2017 4. Matters arising 5. Correspondence 6. Chairman’s report 7. Report by Linda Western on “Autonomous and connected vehicles” from

two conferences she has recently attended on our behalf 8. NASP and DVSA updates: Lynne Barrie and Matt Stone 9. Update on Speed of Sight charity: Sue Papworth Chair of Cambridge

Association of ADIs. Sue is also the winner of the Cambridge Business of the Year 2017 and will tell us about how that feels!

10. Conference 2017 update 11. Open forum for members 12. Date and venue of next meeting 13. Meeting closes at 1.30pm.

This agenda may be amended by the Chairman before the meeting.

Please note that a 2 course lunch is available if you would like one after the meeting. It will need to be ordered and paid for by Wednesday 24 May 2017, at the latest, please by ringing 0800 8202 444. The cost is £15.00, which is non-refundable after the numbers have been given in.

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Member’s Corner

Public Liability Driving TuitionWhy is Public Liability cover so important?

Because we all make mistakes in life, including in our business operations as a driving instructor.Quite simply, if a member of the public (or any other third party) is injured or suffers damage to their property, arising out of the conduct of your business as a driving instructor, you could be held responsible.

The ADINJC Public Liability insurance, is designed to provide protection from claims against you by third parties who may have suffered personal injury or damage to their property, during contact with your driving school. Most motor policies provide you with a compulsory £20 Million Public Liability cover for accidents and injuries that occur as a consequence of having an accident. The ADINJC believes it’s important to ensure you also have sufficient cover away from the vehicle, and have therefore arranged for its paid up members to benefit from £10 Million Public Liability cover away from the vehicle. The policy also has a low policy excess of just £500 for each and every claim. The ADINJC policy provides £10 Million cover for each and every claim during the life of the policy.

A range of claims can arise. These can extend from accidents at your own business premises, to incidents that occur whilst providing advice or tuition whilst working away from your vehicle.

Increasingly, it is a requirement of many customers, principals, and clients (particularly local authorities and government agencies), that you be asked to present proof of Public Liability insurance before they will work with you, or allow you to work on their property or premises.

Compensation arising from Public Liability claims can be substantial, and may include loss of earnings, future loss of earnings and damages awarded to the claimant. In addition, considerable legal costs in defending the claim can be incurred, and the claimants’ legal costs may also be awarded against you if you are found to be at fault. All would be covered under a comprehensive Public Liability policy

Claims for trips, slips and falls are the most common, but there are other events that can lead to a claim against you. The following are examples of potential claims that can give rise to public liability claims against your driving school:

• you open your door for a pupil who you inadvertently trip over, causing an injury;

• you spill a hot drink in a classroom and a pupil slips over on this, causing an injury;

• a pupil falls over some cones you have positioned to practice parking, causing an injury;

• you knock over a valuable antique whilst waiting for a pupil at their home;


To purchase PI/PL Insurance

click on this advert or call 0800 8202 444

And Finally - a quote... “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Zig Ziglar

Articles we have sent out via Email this Month• The Driving Instructor Show• ADINJC Notice of Association Meeting• Highways England• ADINJC 2017 Conference

Young Driver are looking for ADIs Young Driver delivers over 100,000 driving lessons every year to under 17’s from 45 venues across the UK. They have a team of 400 ADIs who instruct in their fleet of brand new Skodas.

40% of the Young Driver pupils they teach will become customers when they reach the age of 17.

Young Driver is looking for ADIs to join their team - they pay £110 - £140 per day to deliver 6 hours of lessons with no car or fuel costs.

If you are interested in joining Young Driver’s team of ADIs please email the secretary, with your name and mobile number to

The Driving Instructors Podcast 125 Show recorded on 17/3/17 released on 25/3/17 - 55 minutes Go to to download and listen to shows.

• ADINJC Membership• Local Groups• Membership Levels• NJC Training

• New Driving Test• NJC Conference• Motorway Training L Drivers• David Poole

In this show we are joined by James Quin from the ADINJC and we talk about NJC membership and the selection of training programs that are on offer. Also we have the first of a number of interviews made at the recent business summit in Mansfield, and we here talk with the main organiser David Poole.

Send us in your comments. Our email address is and our phone number is 08432 892 556 - You can find the show by clicking