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Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet

Aug 08, 2018




  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet


  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet


    WELCOME!On behalf of Get Connected we want to welcome you to the event!

    Get Connected began in 2009 by Autumn Essie Bailey-Ford, Brent Brooks andCynthia Collins. Autumns vision for the event was a diverse mixer designed to

    attract the local and established film, media and theatrical community so each cangrow, nurture and expand their networks.

    Our mission is to connect filmmakers and entertainers outside of their ordinarynetworks, and to provide a relaxing and fun environment to establish valuableconnections.

    The event is for you and the purpose of this packet is get you as much prepared soyou can maximize your experience and walk away with as many resources,connections and knowledge as possible.

    Founders, Autumn & Brent

    Contact Email:[email protected]


    150061968382511[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet


    EVENTbasics.LOCATION - The Porter-Sanford Center, the current venue for the event, is aimpressive stand alone event performance based event center located in Decatur

    Georgia. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to drive to the event.Address:3181 Rainbow Drive, Decatur, GeorgiaPorter-Sanford fanpage:

    PARKING - Parking is free at the Porter-Sanford Center. Some events are massiveand parking can get hectic and when that happens there is a parking lot across thestreet from the venue.

    ADMISSION - Admission to the event is $10, cash only. This fee covers ALL thescreenings, panels, workshops food and of course networking.

    BUSINESS CARD - Dont forget to drop off your business card in our fishbowl whenyou check in. Each month we add all the email address and usually send out twoEmail blasts.

    PANELS - The panels are a big, big draw to the event. Make sure to see who is onthem, and when they start. Often times the panels are conducted in the classroomand that room does fill up fast. Panels tend to go along with the theme of the event.

    WORKSHOPS - We strive to feature an interactive workshop at each event. Makesure to see what workshop we have. We try and schedule two of them in the nightso try and target the early one so you can have the rest of the night to network and

    do other things. Each workshop is conducted differently so be sure to check eachmonth.

    SCREENING - Each event look for 8-10 short film screenings. After each screeningthe filmmakers get the chance to do a Q & A. Make sure to note this and if you liketheir work network with them. We have seen actors JUST sit in on all the films thenwalk away with 8-10 leads.

    NETWORKING - Get Connected at its core is a networking event. Make sure toread this packet carefully and master all the tips. No one is going to make yousuccessful, you have to network and work hard and nurturing your relationships. Not

    to hard however when you follow the golden rule!

    VENDOR TABLES - Tables are VERY affordable at the event. So confider gettingone and/or make sure you visit with each one. They often have a great presentationfor you and can provide with instant resources.

    FOOD DROPS - 6:30 & 8:30 is when food drops are made. Please be sure to leavea tip and/or thank the chef!
  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet




    From here on the packet goes into detail on ways you can maximizeyour time at Get Connected. More then anything we want YOU to besuccessful. Details to each of items listed above and strategies wehave seen work at the event. You will learn the networking tools fromsome of the best. We look to update this packet each month as we alllearn something new. Take the time to review each item, master it! Attimes its what you know, its who know.

  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet


    MORE THEN A MIXER.Get Connected is a mixer which means you will be in a position to connectwith new people. For some this is terrifying. The idea of approachingsomeone new and striking up a conversation is daunting. We understand thisfear.

    The very best way to overcome and strike up a conversation is to listen andmake compliments. Everyone loves to talk about their projects, gigs andideas and along the way you might hear them say something that strikes yourinterest and be an area you happen to excel in.

    My film screened last night and was approached by

    two other filmmakers looking to cast. Love it!

    - Actress, Jessica Pena


    ALWAYS come to the event withsomething to offer others. Are youcasting for a project? Are you lookingfor music for your film? Do you need agaffer?

  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet


    NETWORKING 101No one likes that person whose idea of networking is

    going on and on about their project, their gig, or theirwhatever. Dont be that person. Please. Now there is adifference when someone asks you what is that you do,

    by all means have a quick response and then get aboutthe business of learning what the other party is doing. Of

    course a nice conversation and when you learn where you

    can really help a project then by all means please go intodetail on how you might be of service.

    Last night at Get Connected I booked another mafiaguy role for a film. It's very important to attend these

    networking events. Be seen and get booked- not seen

    and you're forgotten....

    - Actor, John DAngelo

  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet



    Business Cards. Bring 30-50 business cards ready to hand out.Make sure they stand out and they have ur current info.

    Look Professional. Come business casual or like you would to ajob interview.Professional Headshot/ Resume. If you are an actor bring a fewheadshots and resumes with you in a small folder.

    Positive Attitude. Your best tool is you attitude. Make it infectious. Be Prepared. Sometimes people get interviewed on the spot. Havea killer elevator speech about yourself and work. Practice your

    speech as if you were on an elevator and only had a minute or so to

    leave a lasting impression.

    Have Fun. When you are kicked back you will attract fun loving,hard working people to your group. We are all making movies, not

    operating on people.

    Be Honest. The Golden Rule. Be clear about your skill set and donot fib about what you have done. By all means make what you have

    accomplished come across as pure awesomeness - because it is!

    Under Promise & Over Deliver. We just love it when we seesomeone who lets their work speak for themselves. Never over

    promise and live a stress free life!

    When I tell you I had an amazing time I really lovedthe producer panel. I made some great connections

    also. See you next month have my plate ready

    - Entrepreneur, Anthony AJ Joiner

  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet



    In an effort to bring real education into the mix we have recently

    added panels to the events. The panels range from the specifictheme to the availability of any particular guest. We work hard and

    reach deep into our network to bring the best the city has to offer.

    The panels are very informative and extremely helpful to yourunderstanding of the industry and planning your next move. Attend

    and target them, all of them. Get your questions answered, gaininvaluable knowledge and make an impact on your next project.

    I told my 17 year old cousin aboutGet Connected

    after she expressed interest to me about

    becoming a screenwriter and..... Wendy Eley whowas on the panel at GC last Thursday called her

    about a PA position after meeting her that day!

    - Actress, Teresa Britton

  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet


    Each month Get Connected attracts industry related and fashionablevendor tables to the mixer. These can be in the form of a local

    charity, to those that offer services to those that are promoting a new

    project. Go and visit each table and discuss what each table isoffering, its a great way to warm up. The networking at vendor table

    can also lead to great things and there is a good chance the tablehas something you might need! Support our vendors and our local

    businesses, trust us, they need your support!


    I just wanted to send this note to thank you all for having Fulton

    County CASA at Get Connected last night. The response to them and

    their organization was overwhelming!! I am honored and blessed to be

    working with them with Ms. PMS, and I am truly grateful to all of you.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

    - FIlmmaker, Prem Yndrome

  • 8/22/2019 Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet



    Interactive workshops is a great and simple way to get in the flow at

    the event. Most of the Get Connected events have workshops thatare theme based and cater to the education and impact the student

    can take with them. These workshops are a great to meet new

    people, learn something new and build up your resources for yournext