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Double page spreads research

Jan 12, 2015





  • 1. The headline- gives the reader an insight into theThe by-line is the author krissie The main image is demonstrated across thecontext of the magazine. Also the style of thedawn implicating who has writtenwhole page which an element of lighting toheadline has been displayed to reflect the colour the magazine and it also has beencentralise the girl with headphones contrastingscheme and also the style of the word Riotrepresented in a colloquial simplistic the element of her sitting down near the spacecorresponds to the endorse how the magazine is where it has the flammable safety warning couldaimed at a younger target audience suggest that music as well as other subjects can cause anarchy.The layout of thisdouble page spread asbeen shown with thebody copy of adiagonal tinted box with3 vertical tintedcolumns to highlightthe text andovershadow the picturebut also reflect thecentral image.The sub image shown towards toTheses pull out quotes show thethe centre left of the page and important parts which have been taken The end dot shows thewith a image margin to create from the interviewee; they give they give reader is at the end of thespace for the picture and keep thethe reader a little teaser into the type of the story.layout in the direction of threestory. Furthermore all the quote representcolumns the elements of riots and anarchy.

2. The Headline is called MARIA which is the name ofThe main colour scheme is black andthe Gospel artist who the interview is based on. The orange. Which been shown in theheadline is displayed at the top in a bold orange. presentation of the main text the questions are in black and the answers and the pull out quote is in orange.The mainThe sub headtext hasidentifies to thebeenreader that theillustratedstory is in theusing 3format of ancolumns withinterviewa Q&A.The image is of the Gospel artist is displayed through two different images with a whitebackground. This has been done to attract the audience straight to the main image and havingtwo different images shows the artist with two different sides. For example, the first image on theleft shows the artist posing then the second image displays the vulnerable side of the artist. 3. The headline identifies the The double page continues tobasis of the story in a simpleshow simplicity as the colourIn the format of the picture has beenformat due the story being of a scheme is pink and white.used to keep reiterating to theformal and readers to the importance of theImportant issue. cause. As the pictures haveThe pull out quotesbeen collagedare presented within together in the secondthe picture to givepage to show thethe effect of it being peoplescut out from a circumstances at it innewspaper. This hasthe first page thebeen done to to notpicture is used todisturb the articleformally welcome theand follow the formalreader into what theformat.story is on.The subhead presentswith the use of thecolour pink to showthe differenceThe double page spread is in the format of an article. Which isbetween the mainnecessary as the story is formal and based upon a crucialbody and the extracause it has to address in such a format as the potentialinformation on theaudience will be looking for a more simple and sophisticatedarticle.manner.