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Double page spread evidence

Aug 06, 2015




1. Double Page spread InDesign evidence Emily Capon 2. First I created my layout for my double page spread, I created columns and added place holder text so I could see what my page would look like with text in, I then used the square tool to add image boxes for the main image and sub image for my double page spread, I left a gap in my column for a pull quote for a key article aspect. 3. Next, I added my text in. My main image and sub image which I edited upon photo shop. For my article header I used the same font as I did for my masthead upon my cover. I also placed my mast head on the double page spread by the page numbers and the artists name above the article. Furthermore I added a drop cap to the beginning of my interview column which I added due to my research upon double page spreads. 4. Here I have added another image which I edited upon photo shop using the spotlight tools to create a concert vibe. I then created a box rectangle box for image definitions and what they are. Next, I edited the image of my model holding the microphone by adding the gradient upon the otherside. 5. Next, I added an image I edited upon Photoshop where I incorporated my models face onto someone else's body stood next to Ed Sheeran at a music awards, I then added another black box including text of what would be insides indies next issue.