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Donnybrook SENIOR CAMPUS · PDF file Angela Pua Trent Stone Congratulations to the students selected for 2017. I‟m positive they will all acquit themselves well and ... assist in

Mar 27, 2020





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    In Term 4 2016, Donnybrook District High School participated in its 2nd Independent Public School Review. The review was to assure the Minister for Education, the Director General of Education and the school community that Donnybrook District High School is meeting the commitments as outlined in our Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan. This was a comprehensive review that commended our achievements and assisted in identifying areas for improvement. My sincere thanks to the staff, School Board and parents and carers who were involved in this process. I am pleased to be able to release the Independent Review Findings to the school community and hope that you can take the time to read through the detailed report. The 2016 Independent Review Findings has been uploaded to the school‟s website.

    The Independent Review Findings is one of many key papers that will be used to establish the school‟s 2017-2019 Business Plan. Other documents include the recently completed Parent and Carer and Student surveys, Department of Education‟s Strategic Plan and Focus 2017.

    I am genuinely pleased in where the school is currently positioned and the direction it is heading. We have been on an exciting journey over the past 2 years and the next 3 years is looking equally exciting. We have a great deal of work ahead of us, but are certainly up for the challenge! Donnybrook District High School is shaping up to be a unique school that has a great deal to offer the Donnybrook/Balingup Shire.

    One of my key objectives is to take advantage of the very fact that the school isn‟t a traditional Primary or Secondary school. Through careful planning and innovative thinking, we can capitalise on the points of difference and offer our students a truly distinct educational journey. The Year 5/6 Option program, Year 5/6 Science program, Year 4 Art program and Year 9/10 Certificate programs are evidence of our work in this area. The Year 6-10 Student Leadership excursion is another example of our efforts in this crucial area.





    Donnybrook District High School


    10 Bentley Street, DONNYBROOK, WA 6239

    PHONE: (08) 9731 1060


    58 Mead Street, DONNYBROOK, WA 6239

    PHONE: (08) 9731 1557



    James Milne

    The 2017 Student Representative Council trying to catch some waves.

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    In essence I want Primary and Secondary staff working collaboratively to support student learning and a school that is defined by a culture of shared ownership. This is what makes a District High School a special place for students and school communities.

    Student Representative The student leadership structure is highly valued at Donnybrook District High School, providing an opportunity for students in Years 6-10 to hold leadership roles and support the staff in ensuring the school functions effectively. The following students have been elected as Student Representatives and are entrusted to fulfil their roles and responsibilities to the best of their abilities;

    Year 6 Bryn Bursill Heidi Gidgup Kasey Jarvis Eve Oliver Lily Ratcliffe Harry Young Year 7 Megan Anderson Taylor Hale Elysia Hillis Cameron Stapp Year 8 Mason Cooper Lola Goedhart Lilah Hardisty Steele Turner Year 9 Keelie Bacci Rory O‟Doherty Sophie Pemberton-Ovens Zac Trigwell Year 10 Ellie Baker-Anscomb Elise Cain Cate Foster Jade McGurk Angela Pua Trent Stone Congratulations to the students selected for 2017. I‟m positive they will all acquit themselves well and will do their utmost best in leading the student body this year and in their representation of the school in the wider community.

    Positive Behaviour Support Last year Donnybrook District High School laid the foundation for implementing Positive Behaviour Support at the Junior and Senior Campuses in 2017. The school‟s Positive Behaviour Support Matrix that was developed in consultation with students and parents and carers is now in classrooms and throughout the school. The Matrix clearly outlines the expectations that are to be observed at school and within the broader community. It focuses largely on Responsibility,

    Engagement and Empathy. A copy of the Matrix is incorporated into today‟s newsletter.

    NAPLAN 2017 Students in all Australian Schools in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will participate in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy next term. A brochure outlining information on the assessments accompanies the newsletter today. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to drop in to school or give Jeff Brown or myself a call. Voluntary Contributions and Charges Parents and carers recently received an invoice for outstanding contributions and charges. I ask that parents and carers please pay their child/ren‟s contributions at their earliest convenience. Donnybrook District High School is endeavouring to provide a comprehensive curriculum across two sites to meet the needs of students in Kindergarten to Year 10. The school certainly needs your support to deliver on our plans for 2017.

    School Development Days Parents and Carers are asked to make note of the following scheduled School Development Days for 2017;

     Monday April 24 (Students commence Wednesday April 26 due to ANZAC Day public holiday)

     Monday July 17 (Students commence Tuesday July 18)

     Friday November 3 (Week 4 Term 4) There is no School Development Day at the beginning of Term 4. Instead a day is scheduled for Friday November 3, allowing all staff to attend a Regional Professional Development session.

    We are already at the half way point of the term, and I am seeing a wonderful level of commitment from all staff and students that is resulting in productive learning. All classes visited from Kindy to Year 5/6 have shown a solid foundation has been established. Teachers have implemented support programs for all students who need educational assistance or extension. I have visited the majority of the parent/carer and teacher meetings held so far. It is wonderful to see so many parents and carers take the time to visit the class and see how each of the teacher/s operates within their classrooms. It makes the learning journey of your child far smoother when you see and


    Garry Davis

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    understand how the teachers‟ work with your child within their classes. It also strengthens the partnership between school and home which is crucial in the child‟s educational journey.

    We have also begun to gradually implement the new Positive Behavior Support in school Matrix. All students and teachers now have the final Positive Behaviors Support Matrix available in class. This Matrix is a framework of positive behaviours we expect, encourage and teach for the Whole School from K-10. There is a copy attached to the Newsletter for parents and carers to see the Matrix. The Positive Behavior in School Committee has gained feedback about expected positive behaviours from all students, parents and carers and teachers in 2016. Therefore the Matrix is what the whole school community all agreed to develop and follow for Donnybrook District High School. Students will be given lessons on key elements of the Matrix so that they clearly know what is expected. For example, there will be lessons on the following themes in the near future: Persistence, Using Good Manners, and Prepared for lessons. At each stage students will have specific lesson plans, mostly short and to the point which highlight and teach these key positive behavior skills. Each class will adapt their lesson plans to suit each age group, but all carry the same consistent message for positive behaviors.

    I have had contact with many parents and carers to assist in settling students into solid routines. If you have any concerns regarding your child please call the teacher or myself to set up an interview. We have a wide range of support networks that we are happy to use to ensure each child gets the best out of their schooling: we have the School Chaplain on Mondays, who is available to talk to any student in need. Mr Len van Arde can speak on a weekly basis and keep track of how students are feeling. Our new, dynamic, School Psychologist, Amy Patience is also available to assist students and parents/carers where there is a need for assistance. Further, we also have Mrs Debbie Cann who has a very strong background in supporting the well-being of all students. I am a strong believer in getting consistent, solid support for any student whatever the need. Feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have as I am very happy to assist and guide in you the right direction.

    Well done to all the Junior Campus students who competed in the South West Tennis School Challenge on Monday 20 February at the Bunbury Tennis Club. Lucas Sutton, Kasey Jarvis, Jed Torrisi, Lily McGurk, Neve Campopiano and Euan Tuia all had a wonderful day of competition. Euan really

    enjoyed the spirit of competition and had a wicked

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