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    ISSUE 7



    THE DOLMEN GROVE Respect and care for the elders

    for they have aged with the wisdom of time


    The Dolmen Grove is a non political organisation; preferring to concentrate upon

    the quest for spiritual enlightenment and the manifestation of peace within a power

    hungry world of chaos.

    The Dolmen Grove was originally formed in Dorset England where it still has its

    main H.Q. existing as a Spiritual meeting place for people of all nationalities, and

    over the years has grown steadily with membership now spanning several continents.

    At the centre of The Dolmen Grove is the round table. This is made up of a

    group of people from all walks of life, following a variety of spiritual paths. These

    individuals get together once a month to plan and organize events, and gatherings.

    Because these people give both their time and energy voluntarily the hopes and

    dreams of The Dolmen Grove continue to be recognized.

    The Dolmen Grove do not have a hierarchy because we do not believe people need

    titles or labels in order to practice a spiritual path. However we do believe in

    spirituality based upon love, kindness and an open heart. We are fully aware that

    this policy which is upheld by the Roundtable of The Grove has upset people in the

    past and will no doubt continue to do so.

    It is NOT our intention to offend anyone and we do not condemn those who wish

    to use such titles, and we shall continue to welcome all spiritually minded people

    seeking to enjoy good friendship with good souls who share a common interest.

    The Dolmen Grove Banner - A Symbol of Unity



    1The Magic of AveburyDenny Bottley (Ravenswing)

    2Shadows of the PastDiane Narraway

    Mans Best FriendDiane Narraway

    The smugglers Cottage written and illustrated by Gera Lambert

    Ghosts of the 70sLouise Lisse

    3Yule ball information

    4Charlotte Rodgers

    Review of The Bloody sacrifice by Diane Narraway

    (All photos used are with the permission of Charlotte Rodgers)

    5A day in the life of by Mark Vine

    6The Dying TimePeter Tyldesley

    7Death of the GoddessScott Irvine

    8Music Wytchlord review by Diane Narraway plus gig guides from the Dolmen and Spriggan Mist plus

    cd information from Husbands and Knives and Mike Porter Collective.

    (Dolmen artwork by Sem Vine)

    9The Black Wreck Project by Diane Narraway and The Black Wreck Project

    (All photos used are with the permission of The Black Wreck Project)

    10The Dolmen Grove Samhain Psychic Fayre and Wytches BallDiane Narraway

    11Samhain from around the Grove

    12Sacred ScentsLynda Meyer

    13Poetry from within the Grove

    15Dates to Remember

    14Properties of CrystalsCalciteCheryl Waldron

    16The Art of the Magic Mirrorwritten and illustrated by Gera Lambert


    18Diary of the HedgewitchRachael Moss

    19The Witches Cauldron

    Witches WaterCheryl Waldron

    Bonfire ScryingLynda Meyer

    Fire of AzraelDiane Narraway

    Photos in this issueDuncan Wild, Mark Vine, Mick Paul, Chrissey Luna La Fey, Ian Weltch, Rachael

    Moss, Scott Irvine

    Cover photo by Chrissey Luna Le Fey

    Further information can be found at:

    All information is accurate at the time of publication and all articles are assumed to be the work of those

    being credited

  • The Magic of


    Some 4,000 to 4,500 years ago the magnificent

    stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury

    experienced the ultimate adoration. They were

    indeed two of the most exceptional stone temples

    in the world, built by nearby tribes upon the

    striking chalk plains of the Wiltshire landscape.

    Both of these circles resonate bot only the sheer

    devotion of the people who constructed these

    spiritual structures, but also their dedication in

    erecting such a prime focal stone temple to

    celebrate their religious culture is truly wondrous.

    Amazingly, Avebury circle was built by using

    colossal Sarsen stones, which were hauled

    tirelessly from the Welsh hills with many a

    tedious journey. The Swindon Diamond stone,

    (was an indication to the road to the city of

    Swindon) situated at the North entrance is said to

    weigh a phenomenal 60 tons. Incredibly it's the

    largest stone at Avebury which formed part of a

    study by the antiquarian William Stukely way

    back in 1723.

    Before it's deterioration, this stone weighed a

    remarkable 80 tons, and this tall obelisk-type

    stone stood in the centre of the Southern inner


    One can see as a first impression, that like the

    stones of Stenness and Brodgar, Avebury too

    appears to have formations deep within the stone

    that resemble human facial forms.

    Each and every stone yields a different facial

    entity, many of which are conducive with Goddess

    deities. Ultimately, these striking observances

    clearly magnify the spiritual significance and

    symbolism of the circle.

    Initially, the chronology of Avebury has become

    indistinguishable due to the fact that insufficient

    radio carbon data exists from this megalithic

    period. However, Avebury's estimated age of

    construction is most defiantly no later than


    Incredibly a large proportion of Avebury village

    sits within the outer circle, which initially consists

    of a couple of private dwellings, a post office,

    some shops and the Red Lion public house, so the

    scale of Avebury is vast.

    Moreover, Avebury circle encompasses a

    symbolic affinity towards the sacred sexual act

    (The Great Rite) and ultimately conception -

    certainly within our ancient Celtic culture, the

    supreme sexual act, which takes place between the

    Goddess and her consort is interpreted as having a

  • much more powerful influence than the act itself -

    it shows an exalted reverence towards the

    Goddess and God for their union, which it is

    believed will benefit the land and it's people - thus

    yielding an abundant, and fruitful harvest.

    Fundamentally, Avebury is a 'Great Sacred Site'

    our Celtic ancestors deeply considered, union,

    birth, death and the constant re-generation of life,

    as the pinnacle of human celebration which

    connected, supported and indeed enabled

    perpetual harmony amongst the pagan people.

    Implicitly, every sacred rite was a form of joyous

    celebration - even in death; our ancestors took

    comfort in the journey of the deceased to the

    Summerland viewing it as a time to honour those

    individuals passing from this life on their journey

    to be re-born.

    As I have mentioned before Avebury embellished

    the intensive 'Sacredness' of its people together

    with their ancient rites.

    Originally, people were brought together in a

    communal force, namely within the processional

    routes to Avebury stones, these routes coupled

    with the shape of the stones very much resembled

    the shape of the 'Womb' or the 'Cauldron' where

    all creation is born.

    There is also another relative ancestral element

    which is of course the 'Snake' as it reflects lust and

    the ever turning wheel of creation.

    Similarly, with both Avebury and the standing

    stones of Stenness, the processional routes weave

    through the central circle, just as the snake weaves

    its way through the spiral of life.

    The religious indications are profound, within the

    realms of the astronomical connotations which

    contribute further to the sacred significance of

    Avebury, for example: various constellations of

    stars are united with the elemental momentum and

    our Celtic ancestors were aware of these forces,

    working alongside them in a spiritual cosmic


    Pagan Britain found great comfort and a unique

    solidarity in worshipping at these great hallowed

    monuments at significant times of the year, as

    well as various sacred rites including their own

    rites of passage.

    To this day, pagans from all paths still flock to

    Avebury to stand together in wonder, harmony,

    spiritual respect and reverence to our Celtic

    ancestors, who left us this 'Gift' of human

    gratification in 'All' aspects - and supremely our

    place in the cosmos.

    Denny Bottley ( RavensWing)

  • Shadows of the Past

    For me there is a distinction to be made between Spirits and Ghosts.

    A spirit is the essence of someone or for that matter something. For example we often hear the phrase the

    spirit of Christmas. Whether we believe as pagans that it should be the spirit of Yule or just winter is

    irrelevant, we understand what is meant.

    It is the essence of the winter holiday which for most of us is characterized by a desire to give or a sense of

    love and happiness. For others it comes with a sense of fear or sadness.

    The spirit is the very essence which is instinctively felt.

    Whether you like someone/something or not is denoted by the feeling you get from how their

    spirit affects you.

    This is true of people, pets, the beach, fact anywhere a spirit can be felt. The animistic religions

    of many indigenous people including some Native American tribes and the Inuit are founded upon the idea

    of a unique spirit in everything including the elements.

    If everything and certainly everyonet has a spirit then it will be constant. That which has always existed and

    will continue to exist far beyond death, is not going to suddenly alter into something evil.

    The kind old lady next door is not going to become an evil spirit desperate to haunt you just because the

    physical body died.

    Ghosts are different they are the shadows of past actions or events. The woman dressed in white that paces

    the corridors of a hotel every night is merely a playback of something that happened once.

    Basic psychometry is centred on that which we refer to as ghosts. When I wrote about my psychometric trip

    around Portland in Dolmen Grove issue 3 it is ghosts that I am seeing. I am watching as the shadows of the

    past continuously acting out events.

    It is easy to touch something and see an image or sense something that is directly associated with it...pick up

    any object and something from the past will come to mind. It is as simple as picking up your coffee mug

    and recalling the last time you drank coffee with a friend, the row with the husband or kids at breakfast, how

    rude the checkout girl was etc. etc. Im sure you get the picture no pun intended.

    The difference between this form of psychometry and being able to paint a picture of past events is how

    focused you are on what you wish to see.

    For example I went to Portland with the intention of looking into those periods of history therefore thats

    what I saw...The ghosts of those specific timelines I was looking into.

    There is of course the category of what may be considered Interactive ghosts or as I prefer Things that go

    bump in the night. All theses on ghosts, spirits and paranormal events will vary according to the individual,

    but for me these Ghosts are not so much interactive.

    If the ghosts we see are shadows of the past, then it is reasonable to assume that the ones we hear are also

    shadows. It is simply that some ghosts are visual and some are audial Shadow sounds of the past.

  • There is also a category of paranormal activity often referred to as crises apparitions. These include

    visions or audial/sensory experiences that occur around the time of crisis. The ghost who appears at the

    point of someones death or accident is not in all cases reported the person who is recently deceased, plus at

    times it is a vision of someone who is still living. Because the crisis experience may also include

    clairaudience or a sense of foreboding, along with a whole range of crises other than death, it makes this a

    far more complex event which cannot comfortably come under the heading of either ghost or spirit.

    Anyway I decided to share the earliest clear encounter I can recall with one of these shadows of the past.

    Chances are I saw many before this but for several reasons this one seems to have stayed freshest in my


    Mans Best Friend

    During my teenage years I behaved much like any other badly behaved, extremely rebellious teenage witch.

    The only difference between myself and my peers was that I questioned everything and ruled out

    nothing. That and a bit of clairaudience....and despite the fact that I lived opposite a graveyard I had

    definitely not seen any ghosts!! At least none that I was aware of.

    Anyway on this particular night I had been sat in bed reading, when I decided to

    go and get a drink from the kitchen. I cant even set a spooky scene as

    everything seemed pretty thunder storms, flashes of lightning just a

    boringly average night, and a thirsty sixteen year old.

    Taking the only logical course of action I headed for the kitchen. Our house

    was designed so that we had to walk through the lounge in order to reach the

    kitchen. So I did.

    I walked through the lounge door stepping over Pip the family dog that was fast

    asleep in the lounge doorway. I reached the kitchen got my drink and headed

    back to my room through the lounge and back over the dog.

    It wasnt until I reached the bedroom and sat down on the bed that I realised I had just stepped over a dog

    which had been dead for the last five years.

    If I had been asleep or had Pip died more recently chances are I wouldnt remember this. When I look back

    at this incident there was nothing unfamiliar to make me question it. A familiar dog sleeping in a familiar

    place...a shadow of the past!!

    Diane Narraway

  • Ghost Story

    The Smugglers Cottage.

    In the summer of 1983 I visited a friend at his family home, mainly to provide some company as he had

    been left in charge of his younger brother whilst his parents were away for the weekend. The house, situated

    remotely at the end of a long winding lane in Hayling Island was in two parts: an old cottage, said to have

    been the haunt of smugglers (and the scene of a murder), and a more extensive modern addition. These

    were linked by an open plan living room, from which separate flights of stairs led to the respective upper


    I stayed over for the night, sleeping in the old section of the house, and feeling comfortable and happy

    having watched videos of Not the Nine O Clock News (recording things on video was a new invention in

    those days.) At around 3 am I woke in need of a drink of water but felt I couldnt descend the stairs because

    a gathering or party of people seemed to be in progress down below in the living room. There were lots of

    low toned mumbling voices with the occasional louder pitched yell, together with clattering and bumping

    sounds which I assumed were chairs being moved and glasses or cups being handled.

    The likely explanation seemed to be that my friends very gregarious father had returned earlier than

    expected, with a group of friends and should my sudden appearance cause embarrassment; I decided to wait

    until the guests had left before visiting the loo and going for my drink. But the wait was lengthy and after

    trying to get to sleep, followed by a period of pacing the room, I finally opened the bedroom door, ready to

    confront the parents and their companions.

  • But, as I did so, the sounds of all the people stopped abruptly, as if a tape recording had been switched off.

    The house was completely dark and still, so, seeking an explanation, I turned to the bedroom window which

    overlooks the front garden and drive, expecting to see guests leaving in their cars. I couldnt otherwise

    understand where they and their noise had gone. But they werent there, and assuming they must therefore

    be in the back garden, I went down and switched on the lights, only to find an immaculately tidy living

    room, with no sign or any recent activity. No cups or bottles of beer were on the tables, all the furniture was

    the same as we had left it!

    So where had the party of people gone? It seemed impossible for a large group to have left that room so

    suddenly without final farewells, cars starting, doors slamming etc, yet, I remained convinced that a group of

    people had been there, and went back to bed feeling very baffled. The following morning my friend greeted

    me with a cup of tea and I remarked on what I had heard, that his parents had returned in the night. He

    finally persuaded me that on no account had his parents returned nor had any gathering of any sorts taken


    However, he did admit, with some trepidation, that two other friends and guests of his parents had also

    reported similar experiences. He then told me that the old part of the house was used by smugglers up to

    and until the 19th

    Century to handle alcohol and that one evening a man of authority (similar to a customs

    official) had interrupted a smuggling operation in progress. The official raised a sword in action to strike,

    but it got stuck in the wooden beam above. He was then killed by one of the smugglers in an act of self-


    I have since found out through our local paper that the skeleton of a man was found close to the shore edged

    back garden of this house dating from around the early 1800s. It is thought that this was the body of the

    official who was murdered. I think it is possible that the walls of the cottage in some way recorded the

    emotions of the smugglers during a time of high emotional tension, (stone tape theory), possibly before or

    following the murder, and that this can be heard occasionally by those attuned to bumps in the night!

    Gerry Gera Lambert

  • Ghosts of the 70s The story I am about to tell you today, my friends, is so

    outlandish that I would happily forgive you for thinking I was

    trying to pull your leg. Weve all met those annoying people who claim to have seen the ghost of Marie Antoinette or Adolf

    Hitler, and weve all shaken our heads in polite disbelief as they ranted and ranted between swigs of lager. I am happy to

    say I am not one of them, and frankly, I am myself perplexed to

    have had such a curious (and, as I will not stress it enough,

    totally-bloody-unbelievable) experience.

    Years ago, when I was new to the punk scene, I met a sweet

    scarecrow of a boy who had an obsession with the Sex Pistols.

    He was a Sid Vicious lookalike with a hint of that skanky,

    battered puppy-dog Pete Doherty, Im sure you can picture the kind. I couldnt help but feel the urge to mother him a bit, and immediately thought he would make a half decent band mate

    (those were the pre-Husbands N Knives days). We eventually

    started hanging out and jamming.

    We shared an interest in the old Alex Cox movie classic; Sid

    and Nancy, and we often used to pretend to argue in character, throwing lines from the film at each other

    likeSIIIIIIIIIID ! I look like Stevie Nicks in f***ing hippie clothes!!!! HELP MEEEEEE!

    That year, one night around Samhain, we decided it would be hilarious to dress as Sid and Nancy, hit the

    karaoke bar with our friends and sing a lot of Pistols tunes in character. We spent ages getting ready, but

    when the taxi stopped in front of my house, the driver hollered Sid Vicious! ...Are you going to the Chelsea? to which we roared in approval. The evening was great, we had a few drinks, sang a few songs, fussed around our friends and then, after last

    orders, decided to go back to Sids flat for a night cap before heading home.

    The second I passed the door, my jaw hit the floor.

    The whole place was a messy Pistols shrine, the walls covered in original vinyls, posters, vintage concert

    tickets and art pieces. In the flickering candlelight, it looked a bit like a 70s themed antique shop for old

    punks. We sat in the sofa, opened a bottle and started watching the videos our friends had taken of our antics

    earlier that evening.

    It was then that it happened...

    To this day, I am at loss to explain why I saw what I saw. Yes, I had had a few drinks, but was not so

    intoxicated that I was dozing off or anything. Maybe my mind was playing a trick on me. Or maybe, in a

    kind of spontaneous Chaos-magick manifestation, the spirit contained in the thousands of Pistols relics piled up around us somehow contributed to summon the astonishing apparition.

    They were only there for a few seconds, but I can still picture them clearly in my head as they were standing

    only a few feet away from us. Sid was wearing the swastika T-shirt he was wearing during the filming of

    the Great Rock N Roll Swindle in 1978 and Nancy... well, I remember thinking she was really beautiful,

    something that had never struck me either in photographs or in movies. They were looking at us, REALLY

    looking at us, Sids head slightly tilted to the left, as if touched by the two disheveled 21st century devotees who were sprawled on the sofa in front of him.

  • My heart jumped in my throat, my eyes widened, my breath stopped, my mouth gaped in astonishment...

    Then softly, very softly, the candlelight swallowed them both back into the shadows of my friends bedroom. The apparition was gone. I glanced at my mate, who was still avidly watching his computer

    screen, oblivious to the enormity of what had just happened.

    As I sat there speechless, it dawned on me that no matter how much I wanted to share the experience with

    my friend, there was no way, NO WAY on earth he was going to believe me.

    Helloooooo! Hellooooooo! ...Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen popping up out of nowhere in the middle of a

    shabby Newton Abbot flat? How exactly was I supposed to break the news to him? He would have thought

    I was taking the mickey at his expense. Or that I had cooked up a really lame story just to chat him up. I

    vaguely remembered he had said he was an atheist. What chance did I have in the world to convince him

    that his idol had just payed us an impromptu visit?

    So I kept quiet.

    Months passed. Sid and his sweetheart never materialised again, and I kept my little secret. My friend and I

    started a band, Rehabs 4 Quitters. Sometimes on post-gig nights Id sit on my own with a drink in my hand, grinning to myself, and pondering on what had happened that night.

    Unsurprisingly, our band died the Sid Vicious way; alcohol and sustained self-abuse got in the way of my

    mates genuine desire to play music, and I resented his carelessness and general lack of professionalism. Internal tensions began to appear and in the end he, and the other band members ended up booting me out,

    only to find none of them could sing in my key, subsequently the band split up after one last shambolic gig.

    To this day I wonder whether there is an afterlife for punks, and if so what it looks like... Does it smell of

    vomit, BO, or stale beer? Or is it a haven of Beauty, Light and pure Music, more importantly does it fill you

    with the kind of bliss our two punk lovebirds never managed to find in that disgusting substitute for Heaven

    - Heroin?

    I know what youre thinking. Shes just making it up. Well. I warned you this would be unbelievable, and Im not asking you to believe me. . But you wanted a ghost story... right? Well, I told you mine... and, hand on heart... I told it MYYYYYY WAAAAYYYYYY !!

    Louise Lisse

  • The Dolmen Grove Yule Ball

    Evening Ball and Buffet

    Featuring Music from

    The Dolmen

    Spriggan mist &

    Caru Can


    The John Gregory

    113 Radipole Lane


    Dorset DT4 9SS 01305767233

    This years theme is the elements.

    Members: 15.00 / Non-members: 20.00

    Become a Dolmen Grove member

    Full membership is 20 per annum

  • Charlotte Rodgers

    Charlotte Rodgers is an artist and writer who lives in quiet

    eccentricity in Somerset.

    Her work is primarily focused on the concept of the fetish

    and the power it contains. She works with bones and road kill

    which she prepares and integrates into her art to convey the

    essence of time, place and species.

    As well as working with three dimensional sculptures she

    writes, and has been involved in performance and event

    organisation, and public speaking.

    Charlotte's book The Bloody Sacrifice on the contemporary

    application of spiritually directed blood sacrifice was

    released in 2011 by Mandrake of Oxford. She also recently

    released "A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead"

    which she conceived, compiled and co-edited with Lydia


    The website records Charlotte's explorations in creative and transformational spirituality.

    The Dolmen Grove first met Charlotte Rodgers when she came to do a talk at our Tribal Dream Festival at

    the end of August titled Blood, bone, fur and feather.

    This was an insightful talk into the magical use of the remains of dead animals. This included her reasons

    for use and the methods and techniques employed by her. Her talk was well attended and captured the

    imagination of many present.

    Further information on Charlotte Rodgers, her books and talks/ workshops can be found on her website.

  • The Bloody Sacrifice

    Although it is a fundamental part our past, and something that is inherent

    within us...there are many in these enlightened times who suppress this by a

    refusal to accept there was ever a need for a blood sacrifice, considering it

    barbaric, antiquated or simply pointless.

    This book is for all those aforementioned with tattoos, piercings, and


    It is an honest if not at times disconcerting look at what initially led and

    continues to drive the author Charlotte Rodgers to work both magically and

    artistically with road kill and blood, often combining these basic symbols of

    life and death for a variety of ritualistic purposes.

    Because Charlottes own life has been impacted by a blood disorder she uses this experience to provide a

    unique perspective on the concept of the blood sacrifice. She not only delves deeper into other religious and

    ritual forms of blood sacrifice to understand the syncretic nature of life and death that is symbolised by the

    shedding of blood, but also its use in art since the advent of HIV, HCV, AIDS and Hepatitis C.

    She achieves this by interviewing various priests and practitioners including Louis Martinie who has merged

    two conflicting belief systems to practice his own form of voodoo mixed with Tibetan Buddhism ...and

    where blood sacrifice fits in to this intriguing mixture.

    Whether we like it or not since man first walked upon the Earth the blood sacrifice has been practiced as the

    highest and most effective offering there is. There is after all no greater power than life itself!

    Many people will never have given any thought as to why they got this pierced or that tattoo done other than

    perhaps it looked nice. This book brings into focus the idea that something as simple as a couple of tattoos

    and a nose ring are in fact a living map of a persons journey through life which is characterized by a more

    civilised and socially acceptable blood ritual.

    Diane Narraway

    Plus there is currently a new book out by Charlotte Rogers

    A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead

    This anthology was put together in Asia, during the Asian festival of the Hungry Ghosts at the

    same time as her mother who lived there, was dying. She became very aware of how this

    progressive culture found remembering, and honouring their ancestors so important, and how

    much of the Western civilisation have lost touch with their own dead.

    She also came to realise that despite many years of working with the dead, she was at a loss as

    how to deal with the death of someone she loved so much.

    This book is a collection of experiences from various spiritual and traditions whose approach to working

    with death and the dying, with the intention of helping the living come to terms with the death of those close

    to them.

    It isvailable from Amazon


    Mandrake of Oxford

  • A Day in the Life of... Q ) Name and Religious title/path if applicable...(i.e. Witch, Druid,

    Pagan etc )?

    A) Mark Vine.

    Witch/Ooser Devotee

    Q) How did you become involved with The Dolmen Grove?

    A) I was asked by a mutual acquaintance that did not have a

    computer to email Taloch Jameson, whom I did not know at the

    time, about using his land for ritual/ceremonial purposes following

    a Dorset Echo magazine article about the Dolmen Grove. Taloch invited me to come to a moot to discuss it

    and it all stemmed from there really. I found a common ground and interest with Taloch and was then

    invited to a Yule ritual at Maumbury Rings. This being December 2006. It was quite a spectacular and

    moving event and when, a few days later, the Dorset Echo reported that Pagans had slaughtered a deer and were seen carrying it around the top of the monument in the dark, I knew Id found an individual in Taloch, who would enhance my life no end !

    The truth of course was that Taloch had merely led the procession wearing his trademark stag horn head

    dress, but a member of the public had reported it as the aftermath of a ritual slaughter and the rumour-mill

    did the rest.

    From there, I was invited to a Boxing Day Dolmen gig at Finns which just happened to be the night that

    Talochs wife, Jo, went into labour with their son, Connach. The gig was quickly concluded and, as Taloch sped off to the hospital, I lent the band a hand in packing up their gear and loading it. .. Ive been doing that ever since!

    Q) What is your job title or brief description of job?

    A) I work in the press hall of the local newspaper in what is a totally soul-destroying, dirty, noisy, low paid

    living hell of a job. But at least it is Monday to Friday and allows me to do my real work with The Dolmen.

    This includes being a roadie, manning their merchandise stall and, the thing I love most, writing lyrics and

    press releases etc for the band. I am also now writing the Dolmen Songbook which will include a biography

    of the band and, specifically, of Taloch Jameson.

    I'm also working on a new album with ex-Dolmen Guitarist Chris Pinney of Caru Can which will be about

    2000 years of Dorset history, with a song for each period and many of the key events.

    I strongly believe that much of the ills in this country of ours can be cured if our kids learn about where they

    come from instead of being subjected to this constant Americanisation of our culture that keeps occurring.

    As the great Steve Knightley of Show of Hands wrote in his classic lyric Roots ...

    "And everyone stares at a great big screen

    Overpaid soccer stars, prancing teens

    Australian soaps, American rap

    Estuary English, baseball caps

    And we learn to be ashamed before we walk

    Of the way we look, at the way we talk

    Without our stories or our songs

    How will we know where we come from?

    I've lost St. George in the Union Jack

    It's my flag too and I want it back

  • If through my own lyrics, a few kids in the future decide to connect with their own past and want to learn

    about it, then it's job done!

    Q) Can you describe a typical work day?

    A) I already have. A living hell! But a work day for the band is just bliss by comparison. The Dolmen and

    their crew are a great bunch of people and every gig is like a new adventure.

    Q) How do you feel your Pagan Beliefs fit into your everyday life?

    A) To me being Pagan means honouring my past, which, to be fair, I always did. But through ritual, both in

    a group and those of a more private nature and also through meeting folk with different paths and different

    points of view, has enabled me to explore new ways of looking at the world. Also, through my work with

    the Dolmen, I like to think I am providing songs/words that will hopefully be listened to, performed and

    appreciated by Dorset people and others long after I am dust. Which is quite a nice thought really.

    Q) How do you feel your life has changed since becoming a member of the Dolmen Grove?

    A) It has opened up new opportunities to meet people whom I would not have otherwise met and to partake

    in written work that I would not have otherwise written, such as the album of my book, the Crabchurch

    Conspiracy which I wrote with Taloch Jameson and Dolmen guitarist/vocalist Josh Elliot.

    Being a member of the Dolmen Grove and part of The Dolmens road crew has enhanced my social life to new levels. I have made friendships here that I think will stand the test of time.

  • The Dying Time

    I am not in the habit of quoting from the Bible but, just to

    demonstrate that Wisdom is not the sole preserve of any one

    tradition, here is a piece from Ecclesiastes 3 (King James version):

    To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under

    the heaven:

    A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to

    pluck up that which is planted;

    A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time

    to build up;

    A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    Those of a certain age may be more familiar with the Byrds' song "Turn, Turn, Turn", which is based on this


    As the wheel of the year continues to turn, we are now well and truly into Autumn and Winter is all but

    upon us. The leaves are nearly all off the trees, the wild bounty of the hedgerows has been eaten or stored

    for the lean, cold months ahead and most of our feathered summer visitors have departed for warmer climes.

    As the trees and other perennial plants withdraw into themselves in order to wait out the cold time, we too

    feel the urge to do likewise.

    This is very much a time of dying. But, as the verses from Ecclesiastes tell us, that is all part of the nature of

    existence. If there is no death in the Autumn, there can be no rebirth and no hope for the future. The nature

    of our existence is circular and birth and death, Summer and Winter, night and day are all points on the same

    circular path.

    Death is the final frontier of human exploration and one that we approach with fear and trepidation. To

    know and to transcend death has been the objective of mystics and seekers throughout the ages. Whilst we

    may not be able to do this, to contemplate and to meditate upon death at this time of year is a worthwhile

    spiritual exercise. To descend in our mind's eye into the darkness - to be plunged into the cauldron of the

    Goddess and emerge reborn with the understanding how the sheer potential of the darkness enables us to

    fully appreciate the light of inspiration. The Awen of the Celtic tradition that is often obscured by the

    brightness of the summer sun is our means of transcending the living death to which the modern world can

    so easily condemn us.

    Peter Tyldesley

  • Death of the GoddessDuring the Golden Age a state of paradise

    existed when life was harmonious and

    simple. Sustenance and shelter were

    bestowed by the Mother Goddess giving

    humanity the time to experience and enjoy

    the beauty of the world around them.

    The Goddess was the life of the Universe; she

    gave life to the energy that God provided to

    mould creation into order and form. She saw

    the growth of the world as a cyclical nature of

    reality, the yearly cycle of the seasons that

    represented the interaction between the God

    and the Goddess within the realm of the land.

    The belief in the Mother Goddess covered the

    whole of the ancient world. The people were

    aware of the workings of the Goddess in

    nature and symbolically bought her into their

    world as a link between the Tribe and the

    Land, where the tribe personified God and

    the Goddess was the land.

    Goddess worship has a history/herstory that

    stretches into the mists of time and can be

    traced back to at least 35,000 BC. In fact as far

    back as the first recognizable human, the Cro-

    Magnon people created imagery that

    represented the Goddess figure.

    The original Great Mother Goddess was

    called Tiamat. She was a self-existing

    boundless watery mass who gave birth to

    space and time, the early gods and

    goddesses, earth, air, fire and water, life and


    Her world was an eternal

    cycle of creation,

    duration and destruction,

    a living entity with a

    primary function to

    manifest potential.

    The first civilisation of

    Sumer was named

    after the ancient

    Mother Goddess of Air

    called Ur. As she

    migrated west she

    gave her name to Ur-opa (Europe). She

    controlled the world with her sisters, Bree

    (Bridget), a Fire Goddess, Coure an Earth

    Goddess of agriculture giving her name to

    corn and the mighty Quercus (Oak) and the

    Goddess of Water Ver from where we get the

    words verve, fervour and virgin.

    The Mother worshipping Minoan people of their peak 4500 years ago lived in a

    society where men and women were equals,

    and the responsibility of Motherhood was the

    order of the day. True democracy ruled the

    civilisation, the arts flourished, the economy

    prospered and peace prevailed. The culture

    exhibited a love for life and nature. The more

    aggressive tendencies of the males were

    directed towards sports, dancing, music and

    sex rather than warfare.

    It was about this time that man became aware

    of his purpose in the celebration of birth and

    decided it was time to readdress the balance

    of the sexes. With the rise of the more

    belligerent Gods and the discovery of metals

    the Great Mother Goddess came to be seen as

    the Great Grandmother Goddess. Time was

    ripe for the Gods to take over.

  • The original Goddess Tiamat was forced to

    give up the Tablets of Destiny to her

    conqueror, the Chief God of Babylon,

    Marduck. The belief being that whoever held

    these tablets held power and control over the

    order of the universe.

    Herstory became

    history and the

    cyclical nature of the

    goddess reality

    became the linear

    nature of the god

    reality. In the world of the God there was a

    past and future implying a beginning and an

    end. Time was broken up into years, months,

    weeks, days and hours. Mankind was made

    to worship the Great God and obey his laws

    through the newly formed priesthood; a new

    world order was born on earth as well as


    With the new god on the throne of heaven

    and the rule of priests on Earth the yearning

    for better things arose. With it came the gods

    of pride, guilt, jealousy, greed, fear and hate;

    and the lust for power and control over

    humanity. The killing time began as new

    lands were acquired in the name of the God.

    Those tribes that refused to progress met a

    violent bloody end. It was the rise of

    patriarchy, the age of Kings and Chieftains

    and the construction of phallic symbols in

    the landscape in the form of single

    standing stones replacing the stone circles

    that had represented the womb.

    Despite all the chaos the Goddess lived on in

    the fruitfulness of Nature. People still

    worshipped the Great Mother through the

    spirit of the land and the passing of the

    seasons. The Goddess was perceived in the

    stages of the moon; the new or waxing moon

    is the White Goddess of birth and growth

    representing the Maiden or Virgin that

    symbolises youth, sexuality and vigour. The

    full moon is the Red Goddess of Love, the

    Mother or Bride, the embodiment of female

    power and fertility and the waxing moon is

    the Black Goddess of Death representing the

    Hag or Crone who reflects experience,

    compassion and wisdom.

    Druidism in Britain was closely connected to

    the ways of the goddess. The most ancient of

    British Goddesses was Bridget, the

    archetypical bride of the eternal groom. She is

    the Fire Goddess, Keeper of the Flame that

    heralds the beginning of spring.

    Locally in Dorset she had the rivers Brit and

    Bride near Bridport named after her. The

    river was seen as vital to life and was revered

    as sources of fertility

    and bestower of life

    and health.

    The worship of the

    Goddess in Britain

    continued up to the 1st Century AD, up until

    the last Queen of the Great Mother tribes was

    killed as the Romans hammered the final

    nails into the coffin of the Goddess.

    The Roman army worshipped

    Mithras, an early version of Jesus

    up until the 4th Century when

    Christianity became the major

    religion of Rome retaining the

    concept of the Goddess in the form

    of the Virgin Mary, the mother of

    the god-like Christ. Paganism was

    outlawed; conquest and oppression became

    the new reality for humanity!

    When our minds are quiet for long enough

    the Goddess can still be experienced today.

    She resides within us all; in our hearts.

    Scott Irvine.


    Monday 5th - The Boot Inn High West St Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8JH

    07809 440772

    Friday 9th - The Ropemakers 36 West Street Bridport, Dorset DT6 3QP

    01308 421 255

    Saturday 17-11-2012 Witchfest International Festival, London-Uk


    Saturday 1st - Faery Ball, Yorkshire

    Sunday 2nd - Nelson evening

    Monday 3rd - The Boot Inn

    High West St Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8JH 07809 440772

    Saturday 8th - The Cornwall Hotel Alexandra Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2LZ

    01305 268141

    Saturday 15th - The Dolmen Grove Yule Ball The John Gregory 113 Radipole Lane

    Weymouth Dorset DT4 9SS 01305767233

    (see full page advert for details)

    31st - John Gregory New Years.

  • Wytchlord

    The latest album from rebel folk band The Dolmen is nothing

    short of breath-taking. Wytchlord features a beautifully crafted

    blend of haunting melodies and soulful lyrics, which capture the

    very essence of Paganism. Wytchlord is not only a celebration

    of the elemental forces of nature it is also a testimony as to how

    much inspiration the Great Lord of Witchdom is to The Dolmen. All the songs on the album are original having been written by

    The Dolmen and Talochs native heritage is present throughout

    the album, as it effortlessly mingles with both the modern Celtic

    beliefs, and the traditional tribal witchcraft of the British Isles.

    Whilst this album is most definitely pagan, it is a far cry from the Pagan albums we have become used to.

    Although this album encapsulates all the familiar elements from the natural, supernatural and ethereal realms, it

    does so with a raw tribalism.

    Wytchlord speaks the language of witches and mystics since the dawn of time, as ritual chants are adeptly

    woven in amongst the polished music and lyrics.

    The spellbinding allure of Kayleigh Marchant whose rare vocal style conjures up feminine images of moonlit

    rituals, alongside the deep distinctive melodic voice of Josh Elliot and the unique vocal style of Taloch Jameson

    make this album a masterpiece of musical genius.

    Track Listing and Credits

    Midwinter Dances - Kayleigh Marchant/ Taloch


    Piper of Souls Taloch Jameson Eye of the Morrigan - Kayleigh Marchant

    Ou na na Taloch Jameson Voice on the Wind - Josh Elliot/Taloch Jameson

    Wytchlord my Lover Kayleigh Marchant Wheres the Sun Gone - Josh Elliot

    Witchblessing Kayleigh Marchant Circle of the Stag Kayleigh Marchant

    The Calling Taloch Jameson

    Music - The Dolmen

    Lyrics Taloch Jameson/Josh Elliot/Mark Vine

    The Drummers Chris Jones/ Taloch Jameson/ Josh Elliot

    Bass Guitar Kayleigh Marchant Electric/Acoustic Guitar Josh Elliot/Taloch


    Bouzouki- Taloch Jameson/Josh Elliot

    Flute Keri Pinney Whistles Taloch Jameson/Josh Elliot

    Qurango Josh Elliot Keyboards Taloch Jameson/Josh Elliot

    Chants Taloch Jameson/Diane Narraway Additional vocals - Joanna and Connach Caswell-Jameson/Diane Narraway

    CD Cover is the original artwork of Sem Vine

  • Saturday 24th November 2012

    Brighton and Hove Faery and Fantasy ball Hove Town Hall

    Norton Road, Hove,East Sussex. BN3 4AH


    Saturday 15th December 2012 Dolmen Grove Yule Ball

    The John Gregory 113 Radipole Lane

    Weymouth Dorset DT4 9SS


    for further information!/spriggan.mist



    New CD

    Virosa Ebriosa

  • The Black

    Wreck Project

    The beginning The Black Wreck Music Project was formed as a recording duo back in April 2009. Then slowly and steadily

    Matt Black and Robinson Wreck wrote and recorded four albums over 3 years before they decided to form a

    live performing band.

    FriendsBrethren Robinson has been a friend of Matt Blacks for many years, who lives near

    Tourniquet Tom and the Squid The squid has known Matt and Psycum

    Navigator for a while, and in the past they have played in a few bands

    together in some formula or another. Robinson Wreck has known

    Tourniquet Tom since Tom was a young ankle biter. The Squid has known

    Robinson for around 25 years, way back in the days when trench coats with status quo back patches, ghetto

    blasters and doss rags were cool.

    Recently, our paths have crossed and we have found that we all actually share a love of all things piratical and

    Dorset! (Its in usour hearts and souls, and that is pretty much the main criteria for all of us getting our

    positions within the band; if that makes sense)

    Work We all have full time jobs apart from The Squid, who used to be a screen printer and a tattoo artist. A while

    ago the Squid underwent a back operation which didnt go too well, and as a result he now has limited


    These days when he is able to the Squid spends most of his time

    making stringed instruments of various descriptions, and is

    currently teaming up with Robinson to create, and produce two

    marketable types of instruments which could then be sold at Black

    Wreck gigs, as well as on their separate branded website.

    Matt also has a patch of land across the border that at times

    requires a high level of attentionduring these times communications are limited but nonetheless do-able.

    Robinson part owns Dagger Hats Designs with his sister which requires a lot of leather stitching and prototype

    designs (which he thinks about at work rest and play) as well as a pirate hat or two when time permits.

  • Despite work and family commitments rarely a day goes by without Matt Black and Robinson sending

    messages back and forth regarding song ideas, or track listings for the new albums, or gig info/offers and

    logistics regarding the above.

    While the rest of the crew also have families, work and other projects it is Matt Black and Robinson Wreck

    who write all the songs and play most of the instruments on the studio recorded albums. With this in mind I

    think it is fair to say that Matt and Robinson are pretty much overrun

    with ideas of pirate stories and strange tunes to accompany.

    Strange instruments

    In this time they experimented with many different types of musical pots

    and pans, as well as a few bottles here and there before Robinson started

    to produce other musical instruments out of scrap metal that he had

    lying about that were going to waste. A few examples would be the original peg leg slide guitar (which

    features in rough notes for rough seas) and the cross between a guitar and a harp; The Guitarpa ten string

    mystical amazement that vaguely looks like a huge cowbell with strings on the side of it.

  • The Black Wreck Vol.1

    The Black Wreck volume 1 is the latest album from The

    Black Wreck Music Project featuring a compilation of songs

    from their four previous albums, Rough Notes from Rough

    Seas...Hells bells and buckets of blood...Ye gods and little

    fishes and Load another cannon... Because the line-up of The

    Black Music Wreck Project has increased so too have the

    songs, giving this album a totally different feel to those


    This album consists of five mates, a variety of stringed

    instruments plus percussion. It is a beautifully simplistic

    arrangement which when combined with their obvious passion

    for Pirate lore and music produces one of the most original and inspired albums available from the local music


    Although this album is undoubtedly influenced by the Golden Age of Piracy, it is a far cry from the romantic

    concepts portrayed in The Pirates of the Caribbean. Their songs are not focused around wenches, rum and

    booty but provide us instead with a more real sense of those men who having been dealt a rough hand in life

    and as a result took to the high seas. The album itself focuses on superstitious nature of pirates, the hard times

    they face, hard fought battles and bloody skirmishes.

    This Black Wreck Vol.1 conjures up images of men lost to their mistress; the sea. Men who for one reason or

    another have been cast adrift from society. These images are further enhanced by the rough n ready

    storytelling of Defoe Smith as he growls his way through tales of the pirates life, coupled with the unrefined

    musical style of the band, and swarthy vocals of Matt Black which are guaranteed to send a shiver down the

    spines of many a wench.

    The Black Project crew are:

    Matt Black: Main vocals, mianderlin, guitar and bouzouki.

    Robinson Wreck: Story teller vocals, bass guitar and Appalachian dulcimer.

    The Squid: Lead guitar, bouzouki, slide guitar madness, and backing harmony vocals.

    Tourniquet tom: Guitar, bongos, added percussion and thunder machine plus backing vocals.

    Psycum Navigator (Si): Cajun Drums and backing vocals.

    Music and lyrics by M Black and R Wreck.

    For further information on the Black Wreck Project volume 1!/theblackwreckpirates

  • The Black Wreck

    Project Experience Although I had listened to and enjoyed the unique sound of the

    Black Wreck Project on their albums, coming across the Boarding

    Crew; (They are only the Black Wreck Music Project when Matt

    Black is with them) live at the Dolmen Grove Samhain Psychic

    Fayre was an unexpected pleasure. Listening to them live there is something totally believable about them

    which can only be felt during a live performance.

    Apart from the fact that they all very much look the part of men who have been at sea for most of their adult

    life, they have a very raw sound which enhances their authenticity. Each one of them seems to instinctively fall

    into the role of their alter egos, and maintains that role until the end of the performance. There is a tone of

    melancholy that adds to the overall believability of the performance. As musicians each and every one of them

    comes across as effortless and adept.

    One tends to get the feeling that if they were ever stranded at sea, they would find a way to turn the life raft into

    a musical instrument. Not only that it would sound as if it was always intended to be an instrument, that could

    at a push be used as a life raft.

    The overall raw sound of the Boarding Crew was accompanied by Robinson Wreck the alter ego of Defoe

    Smith. As Robinson he is a natural storyteller whose deep sexy growl captures the hearts, and weakens the

    knees of many a pirate wench as he recounts tales of a life lost to Piracy.

    From the moment the Boarding Crew began to play, the audience gathered around to watch and they remained

    captivated throughout what can only be considered more of an experience than a performance.

    Because the swarthy vocal style of Matt Black was absent on this particular occasion, I could only imagine what

    a great experience they must be with all hands on deckmaybe next time Ill be lucky enough to find out!

  • The Dolmen Grove Samhain Psychic Fayre

    On Saturday 3rd

    November the Dolmen grove hosted a psychic fayre during the day.


    The John Gregory

    113 Radipole Lane,


    Dorset DT4 9SS

    01305 767 233

    The days events included talks on Modern Shamanism Divination

    and Remote Viewing

    plus there were tarot readings available throughout the day.

    During the afternoon musical entertainment was provided by the popular and original storytelling talents of

    The Black Wreck Project.

    The entertainment continued on the green outside where there was a living history camp, and

    pirate re-enactments from Poole Buccaneers led by our very own Pirates Keep Captain Steve


  • Plus a big hit with everyone, and definitely contributing to a stress free day was

    local childrens entertainer Balloonatic Kevin.

    Money was raised for the Dolmen Grove land fund throughout the day by way of donations from the Tarot and

    Native American Card readers.

    And Wytches Ball

    In the evening it was the Dolmen grove Samhain Wytches Ball, with premier

    entertainment from highly accomplished rebel folk band The Dolmen who never fail to deliver a

    thoroughly entertaining and polished performance, and this Samhain was no exception, as the audience were

    treated to a couple of previously unheard tracks from their new album, which is due to

    be released

    Saturday 17th



    Witchfest International,

    London .!/thedolmen?fref=ts

  • Plus supporting The Dolmen were the very talented Caru Can

    fronted by Chris and Keri Pinney who are both

    accomplished musicians/songwriters and vocalists. Joining them for his debut performance was

    new bassist Adam Holmes, with Taloch making a special one-off appearance on

    'The Bells of Rhymney'. They played a selection of their standards, with a few

    new songs thrown in, many of which will be featuring on their forthcoming first


    There was a raffle in aid of the Dolmen Grove land fund.

    Off course on standby to take over as childrens entertainer from

    Balloonatic Kevin was Complete Lunatic Mark Vine. Is there no end to this

    mans talents??

  • Samhain from around the Grove

    Southend Essex Moot

    Denny and Steve Bottley

    The Essex Dolmen Grove moot had its Samhain ritual last Saturday at our

    place (Denny and Steve's). We had a great turn out, and everyone really had a

    wonderful night; myself and Chrissey Luna did the ritual, which was so

    emotional for many, it's been such a traumatic year for

    most. We have all lost many loved ones this year, and

    we all really connected with our loved ones that have

    passed, which was of immense comfort.

    The ritual was also a wonderful celebration. Everyone wrote their new years wishes and aspirations on paper and sent them into the flaming cauldron of beyond; to the stars. Our

    circle was so full of love and honour for both our Crone and Hunter, and also for one another. In addition to our

    celebrations, I conducted my youngest daughter's Magickal naming Rite of passage, which again was truly a

    moving experience for all. She is now Rowan Mia Fae.

    We partied long into the night, sitting around the fire pit, connecting with our precious spirits passed and

    reflecting on the year gone by. We spoke about the weather at Beltane, lost ones, emotions,

    and indeed the future hopes and ambitions for the year to come for ourselves as part of the

    Dolmen Grove Clan ... and of course we really felt the presence of other DG members from

    all over the country in our midst. It was as though we all connected at the same was

    really comforting... Our DG Clan means everything to us all.

    Blessed Be. Xx


    Hampshire Moot

    Ian and Julie Weltch

    Blessings of the Samhain season to


    In Hampshire we sure had a ball

    In Mike and Geras home We made it our own

    And allowed in sundry an all

    For this is the true Pagan way

    We never turn anyone away

    We welcome and smile

    Whilst all of the while

    Wishing some had not made it that day

    But hey I do jest, that evening was best

    Made better with Geras fine cooking Chilli and spice and everything nice

    And mulled wine that

    would take no


    We called to the gods

    like good Dolmen


    We welcomed them

    with beer and with


    We drummed to them

    and summoned them

    And in response felt our ancestors near

    So never do say, The dolmen isnt our way Just because we are from another shire

    Because though you are dark

    You cannot near hark

    The passion that shines from our fire!

    Blessings from the Hampshire Dolmen


    Baz and Max Cilia

    Dolmen Grove Berkshire is growing

    from strength to strength with each moot. We

    have now had a workshop, a social event and our first ritual at Samhain.

    It was fantastic to celebrate Samhain with such a lovely group of like-minded

    people, and great cooks, as the food after the ritual was fantastic.

    We would like to wish our Dolmen Grove family blessings for Samhain, and

    look forward to catching up at the Yule ball. I think after seeing the standard of the food cooked by Dolmen

    Grove Berkshire we might be in for a bit of Dolmen Grove Celebrity Chef


    Samhain Blessings from

    All at the Dolmen Grove Ivy Moon Moot Cornwall

    Sending Love and Blessings to all our Dolmen Family For a Magical New

    Year )0(

    Hosts: Karen Cooper and Lucy Miles

    Polgooth Inn,



    Cornwall1st Wednesday of every month


    Teach and Beth

    We hope you all had a great Samhain, us Portland witches spend the day in pirates

    graveyard where we scattered the ashes of our cat, where we had previously scattered the

    ashes of our baby daughter.

    We wished both of them happiness in the summerlands, and we reflected

    on everybody's loved ones which have been lost this past year. We find the

    Pirates graveyard a very special place - Aplace where we can find a perfect

    connection between the realms.


    I bring you the gift of calm, and a sunny disposition

    Latin....Anthemis nobilis Note....Middle Planet....Sun Gender...Male Element....Water Chakra....Throat. There is a distinctive aroma to chamomile that is similar to that of newly mown hay, which even in the middle of winter can remind us of long relaxing summer days. There is no other flower that soothes the psyche quite like Chamomile. To the Druids it brought the power of the sun to their potions, workings and spells. Shakespeare said of chamomile, The more it is

    trodden, the faster it grows showing its power

    to cope with adversity. The ancient Egyptians offered Chamomile to Ra the sun god both to honour him and to appease him. During the Middle Ages Europeans would scatter chamomile flowers on the floors as stepping on them would release a sweet fragrance into the air. Those who have trouble slipping into a meditative state should try placing a few drops of chamomile and water into an oil burner as

    this will reduce tension and facilitate mediation. Chamomile has the power to replenish a persons energy when he or she is faced with

    adversity. Use chamomile when there is the need for the truth to be spoken without anger and bitterness. When applied to the throat Chamomile can help a person express his or her true feelings. It can also silence self-criticism as well as softening harsh criticism from others. Chamomile will help to relieve depression, migraine, insomnia, anger, fear, weepiness and excessive worry. Can be used for massage or in an oil burner or simply add a few drops to a warm bath. For massage dilute 3 drops of Chamomile essential oil in 10ml of grape seed oil and use up to 3 times per day


    Never use undiluted

    Do not use if pregnant Only use in low concentrations as it may cause skin irritation.

  • Vanilla

    Latin....Vanilla aromatica

    Gender....Feminine Planet....Venus Element....Water Powers....Love, Lust, Mental Powers. There is an old Totonac story from Mexico that tells of a Princess,Tzacopontiziza and a Prince Zkatan-Oxga who although deeply in love were forbidden to marry. The lovers eloped and hid in the forest, but were found and beheaded. Where the blood touched the ground a beautiful vine sprang up and became the Vanilla Orchid and has ever since been considered the treasure of lovers. Its powers lie within its ability to fill the senses with its wonderful evocative smell. A vanilla bean placed in a bowl of sugar will infuse it with loving vibrations; the sugar can then be used to sweeten any love or lust infusion. Truly a strong ingredient for any love spell. Sadly there is as yet no essential oil of Vanilla, but it is very easy to make your own Vanilla massage oil, which can be use on its own, or with other essential oils added. It is wonderfully sensual in a warm bath. To Make Vanilla Oil. 40ml Jojoba oil 1 Vanilla pod. Place the Jojoba oil in a clear glass bottle or jar with a lid. Cut the Vanilla pod into small pieces and place in oil. Place the jar on a sunny windowsill and gently shake every day. Do this for about 5/6 weeks. Then strain the oil and place into a dark bottle. Store in a cool dark place. Lynda Meyer

  • Poetry From Within the GroveOctober Evening Dusk holds a certain smokiness.


    Dissolves into the mist,

    Where only nowhere can be seen.

    The western sunken sun,

    Shrouded in a dream of cloud,

    Shines like a sliver of memory

    From behind the hill.


    Floating in the shadow stream,

    Swirl up the silent slope

    To where the trees stand.

    Silhouetted; Sentinel.

    Gaunt the ground is,

    Woven in a web of frost fret,

    Grass blades glimmer,

    Shimmer in a sheath of rime.

    Hunching, ancient hedgerows,

    Like hoary old retainers,

    Wander white-haired

    On the field rim.

    Water wears a shard-shield,

    A crystal scintillation

    Caught in creaking clamp of cold.

    While in the east,

    The iron-black crackling sky

    Softens to a sable phosphorescence,

    As the shimmering samite moon

    And her sisterhood of stars,

    Wake to watchfulness,

    Above the autumnal Earth.

    Martin Pallot

    Ancestor I stand in silence among the stones,

    Headlining all these names,

    On polished marble and plain granite,

    Etched your lifetimes walk.

    Your birth and life of moments seen,

    Those treasures you held dear.

    To late am I to mourn your passing,

    You died then I was born,

    But not so different you and I,

    Our hearts beat and blood is pushed.

    Of bone and sinew and cells of you,

    No longer standing toe to toe,

    But your legacy of spirit and bearing,

    Bears out among the ones that followed,

    Those present and the ones before,

    Would have loved you so,

    I wonder how you lived and loved,

    In time who knows you may tell me.

    But did you know on one day

    I would find this spot,

    And come to speak to you?

    Paul Walker

    Autumn Colours Nights draw in, as summer ends,

    And natures bounty upon the land,

    Acorn and nut, seed and berry,

    Autumn's gift's are all around.

    Days grow cold, as Autumn calls,

    And creation gives it's final show.

    Dazzling reds, and brilliant yellows,

    Autumn paints this once green land.

    A seasonal cycle, draws to a close,

    And prepares for death that is at hand,

    Autumn and winter, spring and summer,

    The season's show their changing face.

    Denny Bottley

  • Sheela - Na - Gig

    Oh Sheela, you are a naughty girl!

    Exposing yourself to the world!

    We all know whats there, So why should we care,

    That your mighty parts are unfurled?

    Oh Sheela, you are a naughty girl!

    Some say youre all about lust, Others say fertility, protection, the crone,

    And that your origins are pagan and just.

    With wanton abandon youre seen to look down, From churches; now that would seem odd!

    As if you would say, This is me, who I am, Here long before Christ and your God.

    Oh Sheela, you are a naughty girl!

    Going by so many names,

    Julia the giddy,

    The nun on the potty,

    Playing your sexual games.

    From castles and keeps,

    Your image still peeps,

    Amid gargoyles and foliate Green Men,

    On places so tall,

    The witch on the wall,

    Seems shameless, rude and graven.

    Oh Sheela, you ARE a naughty girl!!

    You do not spare our blushes!

    You are very canny,

    And the sight of your fanny,

    Gives most that see you, hot flushes!!

    But Sheela, you are a wise old girl!

    Whose image one cannot ignore,

    So dance a jig,

    With Sheela-Na-Gig,

    And find her shameful no more!!

    Chrissey Luna le Fay

  • Imagination

    A witchs broomstick, And a mystical unicorn,

    Dancing and playing,

    Under the wispy clouds

    Of tonights full moon.

    Soaring high, flying low,

    Mountains and bridges

    Escape our touches,

    The energy we feel

    From the magicians senses.

    Witches dance,

    The priestess chants

    As the dreams of the universe

    Call us back

    To the place of make believe.

    Sarah Penfold

    City of Lights Glimpse an Ancient Electri-City

    A realm of dreaming sparks of fire,

    Bright their beacon radiancy,

    Flush flames crave that borne of air.

    These iridescent diamond gleams,

    Reflective micro-cosmic dew,

    All a promised scarcity of dreams,

    There to combine, sweet souls renew.

    Each transient surge from 'may' to 'being',

    Currents flood, becoming to become,

    The pulse unearths its strength between

    And lightning flares bond form and form.

    The phosphorous waves, a heavens breadth,

    Swim through the elemental flow,

    From pearl to pearl, from birth to death,

    Nature gives a mortal hand its seeds to sow.

    Sem Vine


    I am . The Giver, the Lover, the Mother

    The one that is like no other

    The one who always makes your day

    And the one who walks away

    The cause of your sleepless night

    The only one for whom youd fight The sparkling treasure that you seek

    And the love you dare not speak

    The one who makes you stop and think

    The crystal well at which you drink

    The medicine that soothes your pain

    The twitching worm inside your brain

    The one who answers your desperate call

    And the one to make you fall

    The one who always pays the toll

    The fevered drumbeat of your soul

    I am the one you call a fool

    The one who taught you to be cruel

    The one whose hopes you finally killed

    The blight and pestilence in your field

    The soil where you plant your seed

    The very fear on which you feed

    The screaming spectre at your feast

    And the whore that rides the beast

    The ruthless wolf amongst your flock

    That special tingling in your cock

    The nagging question in your head

    The wanton temptress in your bed

    The one with the cauldron deep

    And the punishment you reap

    I am your willing secret sin

    I am


    Mark Vine

  • Properties of Crystal; Calcite Calcite is a powerful amplifier and an excellent cleanser of energy, just simply having a piece of calcite in a

    room will clear and cleanse any negative energy from the environment while heightening your own energy. It

    is found all over the world in many forms and colours. Calcite will also remove any stagnant energy from the


    It is a spiritual stone, closely linked to the higher

    consciousness (one of the reasons I use it for divination)

    it facilitates the opening of a higher awareness and

    enhances psychic abilities. Its very good for channelling

    and for use in psychic development.

    Calcite has a very positive effect, especially for those

    who have lost their direction or motivation or may be

    suffering from depression. It can combat laziness by

    aiding you to become more energetic on all levels. It is a

    protecting, grounding and centering stone. Calcite is also

    a calming crystal, it calms the mind allowing for analysis

    and memory boosting while alleviating stress and

    replacing it with serenity. It gives the ability to change

    ideas into actions.

    Calcite is also a stabilising stone, enhancing trust in oneself and the ability to overcome setbacks. Using all of

    the appropriate colours of calcite in a layout will cleanse, balance and energise all of the chakras.


    It cleanses the organs of elimination; dissolves calcification (making it good for gout) strengthens the tissues,

    bones and joints.

    It is an excellent stone for physical strength and back pain.

    It stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing.

    It is very good for intestinal conditions, skin conditions and fortifies the immune system.

    It is perfectly safe to use as an *elixir, which can then be applied to ulcers, warts and the skin.

    *An elixir is a preparation of mineral water, infused with the energies of the crystal with which it is fortified.

    Never make an elixir unless you know the crystal is non toxic, if in doubt consult a crystal therapist.

    Cheryl Wynterkallista Waldron

  • Table of Basic Correspondences

    There are literally thousands of tables of correspondences and each and every one

    will be different from the next, with so many differing beliefs there are bound to

    be. This table is a very basic table that I have always used.

    Quarter Element Symbol Colour Tool Crystal Associated Human



    North Earth Pentagram Green Salt Hematite, Obsidian,


    Physicality Iron

    East Air Wand Yellow Incense or


    Amethyst, Rose

    Quartz, Calcite

    Rational Thought


    South Fire Athame Red Candle Carnelian, Garnet,

    Fire Agate

    Willpower & Courage


    West Water Chalice Blue Cup or Bowl of Water

    Blue Lace Agate, Jade,


    Emotions Silver

    Spirit Centre Purple or


    Quartz Cluster, Rose


    Clear Quartz

    Cheryl Wynterkallista Waldron


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  • Experiences and Reflections

    Imagine looking into the dark mirror surface

    somewhere outside in the wild during the

    small light of the moon. What do you see

    and sense? - maybe nothing at first, perhaps

    a few glimmers of light in whirling shapes

    and coloured flashes, reflections of the wispy

    branches from the tree above perhapsand

    then, your mind begins to focus on

    something you think you see and the mirrors

    glassy face lures you in. Time swims past

    and the moon changes position in the

    midnight sky as its reflection dances in your

    glass. The outside world is no longer around

    as this inner gate into another sphere begins

    to open......the image you see looks back into

    your mind, is it yourself, your spirit? Or the

    other? ...

    The lure of the magical mirror holds a

    fascination for the curious as well as the

    magically inclined. Myths and legends from

    all over the world tell us tales of how the lure

    of various reflected surfaces ensnared those who would be enchanted by its spell. The myth of Narcissus,

    usually misinterpreted as a fable of vanity, is really a tale of how the reflected image could not be left separated

    in the magical pool belonging to Echo and so Narcissus died pining away for his own reflection and turned into

    a flower on the bank of the water. Echo, according to Barbara Walker is the Goddess of death- by- water,

    who lays in wait to seize ones reflection-soul according to beliefs still current among Africans and


    Just as Narcissus was trapped in reflected water, The Titans trapped the soul of Dionysus in a mirror before

    tearing him to pieces in a magical rite. Some early Grecian initiation rituals used the mirror surface as a tool to

    teach the Delphic oracle Know Thyself. Mike Howard writes In some initiation rituals the candidate

    travelled through a maze and found themselves facing a mirror reflecting back their own image.2 Christian

    superstitions associate mirrors with death and also the soulless creatures of the night. Werewolves, demons,

    vampires and other creatures were believed to show no reflection in the mirror. Mirrors are also believed to

    entrap the newly deceased, and to have a mirror on show is to hinder the spirit of the deceased by trapping it on

    its way to the otherworld.

  • Materials and Reflective Surfaces A variety of different materials have been used to make magical mirrors and reflective surfaces. The witches

    mirror could be made of polished stone, a sheet of metal, a crystal or a bowl of water and ink. To stare into a

    mirror lures one into a different world, an otherworld that displays different depths and spirit of place. Ponds

    and polished copper were the early tools of this art. The reflection was considered to be a part of the soul. To

    disturb water into which a person was gazing was the equivalent of shattering the soul and heavy taboos were

    implied. Today the act of breaking a mirror is threatened with the superstition of seven years bad luck. Images

    of water and mermaids holding mirrors and copper as the metal corresponding to Dame Venus holding her

    mirror glyph are all connecting symbols relating to the mirrors reflective lure.

    Original mirrors were backed with silver and later quick silver. Quick silver is the metal associated with

    Mercury/Hermes/Raphael, the messenger spirit of communication. The mirror captures and projects its

    information and projects length as depths and vice versa. Its communication is the lure of the magician and

    witches art, when that which is captured is altered into something else in the form of magical imagery, spirit

    contact, or pictorial symbols for divination. This is perhaps why in folklore the lure of the mirror is said to

    capture the soul and even the Devil, just as Cain is represented as the Man in the Moon on the moons surface.

    In Adam McLeans book A Treatise on Angel Magic there are detailed instructions on what sort of reflective

    surface to use for communicating with angelic (higher) spirits. In the chapter entitled Dr Rudds Nine

    Hierarchies of Angels with their invocations to visible appearance written July 1712 Rudd recommends - a

    crystal stone of a round globic form, very clear and transparent, or other stone of like diaphaneity or a ball of

    clear and solid glass or thick hollow glass with a little hole on the top of like form, of any convenient bigness or

    diameter according as can reasonable be obtained or made. 3. He called the glass or crystal ball (or globe) a

    Shew Stone and the glass mirror the Glass Receptacle.

    Edward Kelly and Dr Dee The work of Dr John Dee and his scryer, Edward Kelly is also of interest when looking into the history of

    Mirror magic. Dee, a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, a mathematician and alchemist, had been

    influenced by Agrippas Occult Philosophy, which was a key source book for the contact of Angels through

    prayer, ritual and clairvoyance using a mirror or crystal. Dee was not gifted in receiving images through the

    glass surface so employed at first a young skryer, Barnabus Saul, to look into the crystal globe Dee provided.

    Nothing seems to have been reported on Sauls seer ship, so Dee replaced him with a new scryer, Edward Kelly.

    Kelly soon reported seeing a spirit identified as Uriel, the Archangel who had reported secrets of astrology to

    Enoch (as recorded in The Book of Enoch, written some 500 years prior to the book of Genesis). 4. Dee was

    startled to have contact with such a mighty spirit and received many messages giving magical instruction. (See

    Dees manuscripts - De Heptarchia Mystica)

    Therefore, just as the mirror reflects that which it captures in the outside material world, its surface can also

    reflect images from a different sphere, or plane of existence. I have found that in different stages of trance

    when using the mirror, different classifications of reflected imagery can be received depending upon the length

    of time, purpose and depth of contact the practitioner wishes to enter.

    I currently use different reflective surfaces for different purposes, these being a scrying black mirror for

    divination, the old mirror as mentioned for contact with a specific spirit (which is quickly received), and an

    ethnic styled mirror from Afghanistan for Ancestral and specific Guardian Spirit contact. In the next section of

    this article I have listed a step by step tour of my experience using mirrors for spirit contact.

  • My own Experiences

    Whenever I practise mirror work, I ensure that I am alone in a quiet room where I wont be disturbed.

    Sometimes I use moonlight as a gentle light coming in from a side window, or else a candle lit and placed at the

    side of the mirror. This will also give a gentle light which will soften the mirrors surface whilst giving some

    light. I commence with deep breathing and eyes focussed upon my reflection. Staring at the left eye is a good

    start of focus, although I usually find that I end up staring at the tip of my nose whilst seeing around with my

    peripheral vision. Practise breathing from the solar plexus area with your back straight.

    At this stage you will see a superficial image of self. As your trance becomes more intense you will begin to

    witness shadows or mixed shapes over the face, with time the reflection changes with aspects of the darker self.

    Facial features such as eye and face shape will start to flicker and change and develop into different visual

    personalities. This is when I usually capture the face of an old woman with gnarled face. I was shocked when I

    first saw her in the mirror, but now I expect her visits although she only appears when I use a specific household

    mirror placed in the lounge of our home. I

    suspect this is the previous owner, a medium

    who used two rooms within the house for

    sances and contact with spirits.

    At this level of the mirror gazing trance you

    might see aspects of your subconscious -

    ancestral spirits, tribesmen or women, all of

    which are aspects of yourself, only normally

    hidden. In my bed room mirror where I

    practise deep trance mirror gazing, I often see

    oriental warrior faces with long plaited messy


    These faces zoom in and out at an alarming rate

    (every 3 seconds or so), before settling on a

    particular face/spirit and at times the face

    comes out from the mirror as if lifting from the

    glass surface. This is when my breathing

    steadies the nerves and helps to keep my eyes

    focused upon the glass. This is a deep trance

    state and at this point in the mirror gazing

    exercise the scryer can be witness to various

    spirit contacts which may communicate via

    telepathy. This may be auditory or pictorial,

    sometimes colours, auras and symbols are

    communicated separately or together with or

    without a spirit face.

    The practitioner may have been in a trance state for some time now, for myself it can be 45 minutes to an hour.

    Once communication has been received and you are satisfied, gently recline your gaze to focus elsewhere on the

    reflection. I turn my gaze to the side of the mirror and then the frame and so forth. However keep your wits

    about you - quite recently I was slowly being lured back into the void and had to pull myself away from the

    lure of the mirror as I didnt wish to overcome my curiosity on this occasion.

  • Contacting the Guardian spirits

    When wishing to contact a Guardian spirit the process above is a precursor to the initial stages, although some

    preparation needs to take place. I recommend preparing the mirror beforehand with a lustration (salt

    consecration) on the day of the spirit you wish to contact. Also sigils and seals