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Cacti Column Division 58: September Newsletter
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Page 1: Division 58: September newsletter

Cacti Column

Division 58: September Newsletter

Page 2: Division 58: September newsletter

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 2 Key Leader 3 Threads of Hope 4 The Eliminate Project 5 International Convention 6 The Structure of Key Club 7 Contact Information 8 Final Message

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 2 Key Leader 3 The Eliminate Project 4 Key Club 101 5 Rodeo 6 Cowboy Breakfast 7 Contact Information

“The best way to do it, is to do it.”

-Amelia Earhart

Page 3: Division 58: September newsletter

Key Leader is a weekend retreat where students get the chance to grow in leadership, make friends, and discover who they truly are. The cost is $200; however, Key Clubbers are encouraged to ask a local Kiwanis Club or school to sponsor them.

Key Leader

One camp that is coming up is on November seventh through the ninth in Bellevue, Washington at Camp Sambica.

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The Eliminate Project Kiwanis International and

UNICEF have teamed up

to ELIMINATE Maternal and

Neonatal Tetanus! With

your help we can wipe this

disease off the Earth! It has

already been eliminated in

20 countries, but it is still a

threat in 39! 60,000 babies

die per year, as well as

several mothers, from MNT.

Did you know that 1 child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine?

Well, the vaccine for this disease is only $1.80. MNT is caused when tetanus spores, which are found in the soil,

come into contact with an open cut during childbirth. It leads to convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and

touch so mothers cannot hold their baby when it is born. At this point there is not much people can do. The road

to ending MNT will be hard, but helping out in fundraisers is easy! Through the hard work of Kiwanians, UNICEF, and

volunteers like you, we will see an end to MNT!

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Key Club 101

Mission: Key Club is an international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. Motto : Caring- Our Way of Life. The three Key Club colors all stand for something: blue stands for unwavering character, white stands for purity, and gold stands for service. The core values of Key Club International are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness.

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Moses Lake High School key Clubbers volunteered at the Kiwanis booth for the rodeo in Moses Lake!


Page 7: Division 58: September newsletter

Cowboy Breakfast

Moses Lake high School Key Clubbers got up early to volunteer at the “Cowboy Breakfast” and painted faces!

$120 was raised for Project Eliminate!

Page 8: Division 58: September newsletter

“Only a life lived for

others is a life


• -Albert Einstein

Contact Information

District Secretary: Ik Hoon Jung

Convention Chair: Cleo Tsang

District Editor: Jenny Zhang

District Treasurer: Aneesh Pappu

District Governor: Lisa Antonio