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I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International;

to build my home, school, and community; to serve my nation and God;

and to combat all forces, which tend to undermine these institutions.

“Think of the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

DEAR DIVISION 3W, Welcome, welcome to your new home! This year we are going down in history as the first clubs to be able of Division 3W of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club International. I know you’re all extremely eager for service and so I want to take a moment to talk about my main goal for this upcoming year.

• To build unity within our division As a Lieutenant Governor, I represent our division on the district board. I got to board meetings in our division’s name, and I serve as a sort of “face” for us all. However, this isn’t my division. This is OUR division and this year will be what WE make of it. So, don’t be surprised if I’m asking for input on when and where DCM’s should be held and whether or not y’all are interested in various events. This is our family, and I’m here to serve you.

With that being said, I have high expectations for each and every one of you throughout this Key Club and the only way for me to ensure that I am being of any help to you is for you to keep my updated and to respond every time I send out an e-mail or ask a question. Thank you all so much, I love you all!

Yours in Service,

Rachel Iselin


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Page 3: Division 3W May Newsletter

INTRODUCING RATCHEL ISELIN Born Rachel Monique Iselin, I’m the second daughter and middle

child of Louis Iselin and Huong Iselin. I’m half Vietnamese, half

Caucasian and hope to one day travel to Vietnam as well as

Switzerland where my last name has supposed originated from.

My favorite color is silver-more specifically the color of liquid

mercury-and my favorite animal is an ocelot. I’m a sophomore at

Cypress Ranch High school and turn 17 this October 13th.

I played viola for three years but quit to play tennis is high school.

I can still read alto clef as well as treble and bass. I grew up

watching Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, but I never learned how to play

either #oops so teach me how and win a prize.

I’m also an avid reader and have it on my to-do list to

1. Finish The Mortal Instruments.

2. Start the Infernal Devices.

3. Read Divergent.

I’ve lived here in Cypress all my life and have met so many

incredible people here that I really hope that I never move away.

I grew up with Key Club, in a sense, so to be able to serve as your

2014-2015 Lieutenant Governor is literally a dream come true.

Service has been an integral part in transforming me into the person

I am today and I owe the best years of my life to the people I’ve met from Builder’s Club, Key

Club, Kiwanis, and at Key Leader.

Some say that Key Club “runs in my veins”, but honestly I’ve had

to build my knowledge of Key Club up brick by brick and I’m still

learning to this day what it means to be a servant leader. So,

don’t be afraid to approach me! I love meeting new people and

it’s inevitable that we’re going to meet and become friends. AKA,

if you don’t befriend me, I WILL befriend you.

Page 4: Division 3W May Newsletter

Without even being an official division, 3W took

convention by storm with James Taylor, Cinco Ranch,

and Cypress Ranch finishing our last convention as

apart of 3N strong!

Cypress Ranch -1st Place Mario Cart -2nd Place Mario Cart -1st place Traditional Scrapbook -1st place Club video -Top 4 digital poster -Top 4 newsletter -Top 4 T-shirt -Top 4 MEP -2nd Place Club in District James Taylor -2nd Place Non-digital Poster -3rd Place Talent by Michelle Wan -Quiz Bowl contestant Cheryl Li Cinco Ranch -2nd Place Impromptu Essay by Crystal Tran -14th Place Club in District -District Secretary Candidate Samantha Pol Congratulations on your awards! For those who could not attend convention, we missed you greatly and hope to help you get there next year.

Page 5: Division 3W May Newsletter

Always remember WHY we serve

Make sure to Join our 3W Facebook Group Let me know about future events/socials so I can come visit! Monthly Reports are due to District Secretary even if you don’t post by 5/5

Donate $1.80 for ELIMINATE and earn a

shoutout in next month’s newsletter!

Page 6: Division 3W May Newsletter


A First-Timer’s Guide to D-CON

By Kevin Huang

The Key Club District Convention is one of the biggest Key Club events of the year; it is a celebration of a year of hard work and dedicated service, and what an incredible celebration it is! This year, I was one of the fortunate individuals given the privilege to attend this event, and I can now say from personal experience that DCON is an entirely worthwhile experience for those who are on the fence about attending.

Every year, Key Clubbers from around the world tirelessly serve their respective communities, improving the world little by little while asking for little in return. While none of us are paid to do what we do, we do not go without compensation; the leaders of the organization understand the value of rewarding hard work, and they give us, the members, significant compensation through fun social events at which we are able to make new friends and share ideas. Our Key Club organizes socials amongst ourselves and amongst other schools, but these events barely scratch the surface of the Key Club iceberg. To truly appreciate the depth and scale of Key Club International, attendance of the District Convention is absolutely necessary. Before DCON, I always imagined Key Club as a tight-knit group of friends from suburban Texas that would go out and help the community on weekends. However, the second I arrived at the Sheraton in Dallas, my eyes were immediately opened as I watched hundreds of Key Clubbers fill the halls of the hotel for the welcoming event. The members came in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life; to witness such a diverse showing was eye-opening for me. In that one moment, I felt so much smaller and yet so much larger at the same time, as I began to see my place in grand network that is Key Club International.

As previously mentioned, DCON is fun and exciting. Throughout the day, there is always something to do for entertainment. It is also worth noting that not all of the excitement of DCON comes from the convention itself. However, before I elaborate further, I must first give a word of advice: DCON is only as fun as the individual makes it out to be. DCON is about breaking down barriers, making new friends, and having fun by expanding horizons. To be shy or reserved is greatly detrimental towards this goal. With this said, I urge anyone who wishes to attend DCON next year to put him or herself out there, because there is a large number of attendees who try to do the same. Say “hi” to random people at forums, sit down with a different group of people at mealtimes, throw around some pickup lines at the gym, as a good friend of mine (somehow) successfully did. Remember, you are the main factor in your enjoyment of DCON. Be the best that you can be, and a good time is sure to follow. Also, make sure to get out and explore the hotel and the city of Dallas. Every minute spent locked up in a hotel room

Page 7: Division 3W May Newsletter

watching Spanish soap operas could be better spent in the pool, walking down the streets, or even simply playing card games downstairs. There is fun to be had at DCON, but it is elusive. Make no hesitations and take any opportunities that present themselves.

If the first night of DCON made me feel small, then the following days made me feel microscopic; if there is one thing that DCON did to me, it was that it humbled me. At 5:30 on Friday night, all attendees reported to a large ballroom for the first official session of the convention. Music blared from large, bass-heavy speakers, multicolored strobe lights dramatically panned across the room, and the stage was set with eerily-lit Peter Pan scenery. The district officers and long-time members of the Key Club family came and went, delivering their rehearsed lines, moving the program along. The keynote speaker was excellent, as he delivered a unique message in a (very) unique way. All three parties had one thing in common, though: they all made me realize just where I stood in the grand scheme of things, and it was without doubt a humbling revelation. The same thing happened the next day, especially at dinner, during which awards were distributed to the various clubs of the T-O district. As I sat at my table, clapping and listening to the uproarious applause of overjoyed clubs, I felt truly blessed to be a part of Key Club.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, as was the case with DCON. On Sunday morning, everyone gathered once more in the ballroom to have breakfast and bid one another farewell. This was perhaps the most emotional part of the whole convention; the breakfast is a ceremony in which the old district officers are retired and new ones are ushered in. The district governor gave his farewell speech, saying goodbye to the organization in which he invested much of his time and energy, tearing up at the prospect of leaving it all behind. With the old officers retired, the new district governor took the helm and dismissed the convention, and just like that, one of the greatest weekends of my high school career came to an end.

Now, with DCON behind me, I yearn for more exposure to the vast world of Key Club International. My weekend in Dallas enlightened me, opening my eyes to a greater reality. My final statement is this: to all who wish to attend next year’s District Convention, come for whatever reason you may have, but know that in the course of three days, your life will be changed profoundly.

Page 8: Division 3W May Newsletter

Governor’s Project

“Right now there’s a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital working

to save the lives of kids in your community. In fact, 62 children

enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every

minute — that's one child every second. Some are battling cancer.

Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others require

constant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic

disease. Regardless of why the kids are there, Children’s Miracle

Network Hospitals always have their doors open.”

Page 9: Division 3W May Newsletter

For the final year, the District Project is ELIMINATE. Kiwanis eliminating maternal and

neonatal tetanus, will save or protect millions of mothers and their future babies. In partnership

with UNICEF, Kiwanis is eliminating MNT, a disease that kills one baby every nine minutes.


These may not be things that you can get done in a week, but every little thing that goes towards eliminate helps to save a mother and her future babies. This is the FINAL year of ELIMINATE, so let’s make it a good one!

Page 10: Division 3W May Newsletter

“When the 71st Annual Key Club International Convention rocks Anaheim,

California, [this] summer (July 2–6, 2014), Key Clubbers from around the

world will meet up in the famous “OC”—Orange County. In this part of

southern California, there’s every type of entertainment, shopping and

dining option your heart desires—and then some. So save up some mad

cash and be prepared to make a mad dash. Don’t miss these SoCal sights.”

First Deposit of $250 Due: May 2nd

Final Payment Due By: May 16th

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