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Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Mar 23, 2016



McXine Salva

Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012
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In This Issue

Lanyard Ad……………. 2

Editor’s Note…………. 3

D23 Leadership Team.. 4

Conclave Ad…………. 5

Memo From the LtG…. 6

Polar Plunge…………… 7

ELIMINATE Date Ad… 8-9

District Convention



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Relay for Life Ad………. 19

Banquet Ad……………. 20

January DCM



February DCM



Calendar………………. 23

Candidate Training

Conference was

wonderful and I met

some pretty amazing

people. Definitely

one of the best

weekends of my life!

-Mary Castaneda,

Lowry Bulletin Editor

Awards Ad…………….. 11

Running for Office Ad.. 12

Key Leader Ad……… 13

March of Dimes Ad…... 14

Club Snap Shots………. 15-17

Chili’s Fundraiser Ad…. 17

Club of the



Member of the Month 18

Awesome, huh????

Want one? Or two? Or all of them?

Contact your

club President

or Alyssa for



Page 3: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

IF you are a college bound senior who has

been accepted, congratulations. If by chance

you were rejected from your dream university,

don’t worry- it wasn’t where you are supposed

to go. OR if you need a distraction of your fu-

ture and present like I do, District Convention

(DCON) is the perfect one- trust me.

Imagining 3,500 other Key Clubbers from

CNH District being there for the exact same

reason as I am- to celebrate the year of ac-

complishments and to meet new people! Oh

and while we are there, we mise as well learn

a few things and have a little fun. While we

elect our new District Officers, Division 23 will

rocking our yeti style smiles.

As many are well aware of, I am also the

president at Lowry. During our last meeting,

members received a packet full of DCON infor-

mation. I personally believe in order to have a

strong division like ours, we all need to share

our secrets. Here’s mine: We sell See’s Candy,

host a movie night with a silent auction (all

items are donated), and we ask the communi-

ty for donations. Lowry shared our secrets,

now it is time for you to share yours! Email me

at and tell me your ideas

- you will receive YETI points for it!!!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the month! I can’t

wait to read your ideas and see you all at Dis-

trict Convention!!!

Always with love,

Alli Lampshire

“The best way to find your-self is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mohandas Gandhi

A word from Alli

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Page 4: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Lindsey Newman

Alyssa Yocom

Mr. Mike

Alli Lampshire


Governor d23.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.



Assistant lindseyewman@

Division 23

Tech Editor

Region 6

Advisor mmcstroul@

Enthusiasm and spirit that has evolved with this change has been overwhelm-

ing. Now I wish we could have changed it sooner. I received complements

about becoming YETI"S from LTGs and advisors. I guess the best thing about

being a "YETI" is the change in attitude towards Division 23.

The best thing about being a Yeti is surrounding

myself with the best Key Clubbers that CNH

has! I also love it because... well, Yetis are

freaking awesome.

Brea Denney


Assistant breanna.maxine@

THE Yeti

I love being a yeti because to me be-

ing a yeti means spirit, pride, love, and

one for all. With out being a yeti, I

wouldn't be who I am today.



The warm, fuzzy feeling that my skin leaves off after a

day of magical service.

Page 4

WW hat is the best thing about being a hat is the best thing about being a yeti?yeti?

Page 5: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Who: You

When: February 12, 2012 12:00pm

Where: 855 S. Center Street

Why: To elect our new Lieutenant Governor for the

2012-2013 year

-Every School needs TWO underclassmen, representatives to

vote for the new LtG.

-Ice Skating Social after DCM

Page 5

Page 6: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Challenge of the month: Each month, I will give

you a challenge. I want to hear all about your

opinions and experiences so please take the time

to answer these prompts. By accepting this

challenge, you give your club Yeti Points.

What has been the best part about your 2011-2012 school year?

Memo from The LtG

Page 6

Hey D23!! I hope that you have all been enjoying your win-

ter breaks, finals, and new semesters. As a division, we have a ton to look forward to; and as a member, you have

an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the rest of this Key Club term to its fullest.

The first thing I would like to mention is District Con-vention. This is YOUR chance to celebrate, learn, and enjoy

your weekend in Santa Clara. For details about this event please contact your club president. I encourage each of

you to attend DCON because you deserve it! It will change your life, or at least give you a weekend full of inspiring

and wonderful moments.

Secondly, we have an abundance of service opportuni-

ties coming up!! Fundraisers, volunteering, and everything in between. Stay active in your clubs and surely your ef-

forts will pay off.

I am excited to announce that we will be having a Re-gion 6 Banquet to celebrate YOU – the members. At this

banquet, we will have: awards, superlatives, inspirational moments, as well as a celebration of our division. This

event will focus on success and everything that we have done throughout the year. Please attend with all of your

Key Club friends for a wonderful time.

With that said, I will be looking forward to seeing many

of you in the next few months as I finish my visitations. If you have anything that you want to contribute to the divi-

sion, or to me personally – please feel free to email me at any point in time.

I love you, Yetis! -Alyssa

Page 7: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

What is a Polar Plunge?

The 'plunge' happens when all the plungers race into (and then frolic in) the Lake Tahoe. Plungers set their own personal goals of how deep to go and how long they want to stay in (within the limits estab-

lished by the EMS divers). Some plungers only get their ankles wet; others stay in and play for a while and our 'chickens' don't get wet at all!

Who can plunge? Anyone with a little guts and a warm heart wanting to support Special Olympics athletes is welcome to

participate. Participants have included seven-year-olds to 70-year-olds, police officers, firefighters, company teams, high school clubs, fraternities and everyone in between. (If you are under 18. your parent or guardian will need to sign your waiver form and be sure and bring it with you.)

For the more hesitant souls, you can still do your part! Register as a Chicken and raise funds,

then watch the plunge from the sidelines and take pride in knowing that while you might be a chicken, you are still brave enough to raise funds for Special Olympics!

Are Plungers crazy to do this? It helps! But remember, our Plungers are doing this to benefit Special Olympics Northern California &

Nevada athletes. If you just don’t think you’ll be able to do it, then give generously when a plunger asks for your donation - and be sure to show up and cheer them on.

What's the minimum donation required? Everyone is asked to raise a minimum of $125. If you raise the minimum you will receive a Polar Plunge

Hooded Sweatshirt and freeadmittance to the post-plunge party. Additional incentive levels of $300, $600, $1,000 and $2,500 are available so the more you raise the more you can earn.

Be a Double Dipper if you Dare! Raise a total of $10,000 by participating in one of the first six plunges and the South Lake Tahoe Plunge

on March 17th and you'll get free housing at the Monte Bleu Resort in South Lake Tahoe, official Plunge

Housing and site of the post party.

For more information please contact Alli Lampshire at or Maggie

at You can also visit


Page 7

Polar Plunge is amazing- helping

with Special Olympics is awesome

and Polar Plunge raises money for

those kids from Lowry. – Giavani

Diaz, Lowry Treasurer

Page 8: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

a lonely Saturday night: win a date!

Opportunity raffle

Where do the profits go?

The eliminate project—An organization with the

goal to eliminate maternal neo-natal tetanus from the world by 2015!

Talk to your club president or any executive as-sistants to learn how you can win a date with

your beautiful leaders.

Page 8

Page 9: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Calling All Key Clubbers!!

April 13-15, 2012

Santa Clara Convention Center

Come CELEBRATE a year of MAGICAL service.

District Convention is where Key Clubbers from all over our Cali-Nev-Ha District

gather to expand their knowledge about Key Club and service, to elect the next

executive board team for our district, and to recognize Key Club individuals and

clubs for all their hard work and dedication to Key Club.

DCON Theme 2012:

BEElieve – the Magic of Service

What to expect:

A jam-packed weekend full of fun, fellowship, service, education, and

spirit! DCON Consists of General Sessions as well as Workshops. Key Note

and motivational speakers will be present. Also, a talent show will be fea-

tured. The workshops help you learn more about Key Club as well as pro-

vide you with the skills to be a better leader and to better serve your com-

munity. You will find at least one workshop that is perfect for you since

there is a plethora to choose from. When you spend an entire weekend

with more than 3,000 Key Clubbers in the same convention center, you

can bet that spirits will be high! Enjoy fun spirit battles and show your pride

for Key Club. This DCON, we are focusing on the successes of the club

and the magical feeling you get from community service.

Lowry Members walking to the airport

before departure to DCON 2011

This event is life-changing. It makes a member better understand the

gravity of Key Club. We aren’t just another service organization. We are

a strong group of youthful individuals that are reaching millions of peo-

ple world-wide. Being a Key Club member is something to be proud of.

All of the hard work we do in Key Club surely deserves recognition.

Please join us in Spring 2012! Enjoy a weekend in sunny California with

other Key Club members just like you. A year of service will be celebrat-

ed all weekend long. We can’t wait to see you there!

Questions? Please contact your club officers and/or Lieutenant Gover-


Lowry Members before boarding their

plane to Anaheim, DCON 2011

District Convention 2012

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Page 10: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Page 9

Page 11: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012



Vice President



Individual Contests

Sandy Nininger

Advisor Contests

Jack Luther Hall of Fame (see Advisor under Division


Marvin J. Christiansen

Club/Division Contests

Club Attire

Club Newsletter

District Project


Individual Contest

Member of the Year

Club Contests

Club of the Year

Most Improved Club

Advisor Contests

Faculty & Kiwanis Advisor -

Includes Jack Luther Hall of Fame

****BEE sure to check

the due dates and have

them submitted by then.

Go to:

applications to see for the awards that apply to you!!!

Page 11

Page 12: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

BEEcome a Leader

Inspire others!

Learn about yourself!

Share your enthusi-


Become a LEADER.

Want to take

up responsi-

bilities and

grow as a

leader while

working di-

rectly with


Become your club’s next Officer!

Becoming an officer develops

your skills and allows you to

help your home club help the

community in a multitude of

ways while building a better un-

derstanding of Key Club Inter-


Positions Available:


=Vice President



=Bulletin Editor

I am a caring and

competent servant

leader transform-

ing communities


Find out more! =Talk to your club officers

=Visit and research your

position under the “Officers” tab.

=Contact Alyssa at

Page 12

Page 13: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

About Key Leader Key Leader is a weekend experiential leadership program

for today's young leaders. This life-changing event focus-

es on service leadership as the first, most meaningful

leadership-development experience. A Key Leader will

learn the most important lesson of leadership-it comes

from helping others succeed

March 23-25, 2012 Alliance Redwoods - Occidental, CA

May 18-20, 2012 Camp Lee Canyon - Las Vegas, NV

October 19-21, 2012 Camp Cedar Glen - Julian, CA

November 9-11, 2012 Camp Jones Gulch - La Honda, CA

Up Coming Key Leader

Events in the California-

Nevada- Hawaii District TAKE A RISK Do you have the desire to lead, to help, to give? A Key Leader weekend can show you how. Discover how to be

the very best you can be—best friend, best leader, best citizen of the world. Sound like a lot to expect

from three days of workshops, campfires and hanging out with new friends? Well, that’s what Key Leader is all


All events are open to students ages 14 to 18—those

who are already student leaders as well as emerging leaders. Learn more about getting involved in Key


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Page 14: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Page 14

Working together for stronger, healthier babies

Since our beginning, volunteers have led the March of Dimes

to more than 70 years of success. Our volunteer

leaders bring experience and passion to helping moms and

babies in their communities and across the nation. And

our ambassadors help create awareness about our mission.

Team youth provides leadership opportunities

for students and advisors of all ages. The students get

involved by creating awareness, raising money and to

speaking out for moms and babies. They're also provided

with opportunities to learn and to teach each other about

healthy lifestyle choices.

In local communities across the country, we're helping

moms take charge of their health, and supporting fami-

lies when something goes wrong. The March of Dimes also

acts globally: sharing best practices in perinatal health and

helping improve birth outcomes where the needs are the

most urgent.

Page 15: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Albert Lowry High School We began year off strong and have had the

opportunity to do some amazing things! We

sponsoring a school wide fundraiser for the

Polar Plunge Program. Alli Lampshire, , Low-

ry’s head chair for this project, and Mary

Castaneda, the assistant Chair, have planned

a taco feed for the community on February

26, 2012! It is off to a great start with much

Club Snap Shots

Lowry: Polar Plunge Chair, Alli Lamp-

shire, and assistant, Mary Cas-

taneda, are working on envelopes

for the school wide project they are


Lowry: Members and ad-

viser, prepare for their local

soup kitchen.

Colter Ruttenbur was our Member of the Month for December- he showed

great enthusiasm and came to all meetings, as well as suggested new service

projects; congrats Colter and keep up the good work. Keeping DCON in the

front of our minds, we are planning some fundraisers. We are planning on

selling See’s Candy Bars for Valentine’s Day, a movie night/ silent auction (all

items will be donated), and asking local business for donations. In the mist of

everything our board is also planning a Member Bonding Day, similar to the

Division Officer Bonding. We are very excited for our future events!

Early MRF: 200

Articles/Quotes: 120 Visuals: 100

DCM Attendance: 70 Division Event 25

Membership Increase: 200 Miscellaneous: 35

Total: 750

Page 15

Lowry: Member are cook-

ing dinner for their local

soup kitchen

Earl Wooster High School 1) Officer Bonding (the one held by Alyssa

and one similar to it for our members.

2) Selling Christmas Carnations for DCON

3) Caroling for canned food

4) Christmas tree recycling

We are looking forward to:

1) Bowling is Lotsafun (January 23rd)

Early MRF: 200 Articles/Quote

DCM Attendance: 80

Division Event: 25

Most Service Hours: 200

Membership Increase: 200

Miscellaneous: 60

Total: 765

Page 16: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Edward C. Reed High School During the holiday season, we participat-

ed in a bunch of events that helped spread the holiday and key club spirit.

Our dedicated Key Club members took an initiative to start their own project of sell-ing Santa Grams! It was really inspiration-

al for the club to see our fellow Key Club-bers take charge. They made the gift con-

tainers, cookies, and cake bites and deliv-ered them to each individual classroom

from the orders they had collected. I could definitely tell they put a lot of effort and time into this project to help raise funds.

And it was awesome watching them stand there, advertising their hard work, the

Santa Grams were so pretty alongside our


On to another event, Reed Key Club al-

so participated in Adopt-a-Family in which we had a successful time collecting food

through caroling around our neighbor-hood. Just from going to roughly 30 hous-es we collected a ton of food that fed our

family well, alongside the generous dona-tions from Round Table. The wait was un-

bearable, we had the address to the wrong house! But in the end, it was really touching and rewarding to see the family

and to hand them the food and gifts we had gotten them. The rest of the left over

food got donated to the Salvation Army.

During our Winter Break, our club did not falter in keeping up with the volun-

teering spirit. We participated at the Food Bank, the annual Christmas Tree Recycling

near our school, and the Sierra Nevada Classics Wrestling Tournament! And that's pretty much it, we had a wonderful time

this holiday season!

Page 16

Early MRF: 200

DCM Attendance: 90

Division Event: 25

Membership Increase: 200

Total: 515

Club Snap Shots Continued

Page 17: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Reno High School Early MRF: 200

Division Event 25

Most Funds Raised: 150

Total: 375

Spring Creek Spring Creek:

Early MRF: 200

Total: 200

Procter Hug High School On-time MRF: 100

DCM Attendance: 90

Membership Increase: 200

Total: 390

Early MRF: 200

Visuals: 100

DCM Attendance: 80

Division Event 25

Kiwanis Event: 100

Miscellaneous: 150

Total: 655

North Valleys High School North Valleys High School's Key Club has not

really done much this month! It's quite de-

pressing actually. But, four of out of our five

Key Club officers went to the Candidate's Train-

ing Conference in Sacramento! Ales, we do

have about three things we planned this

month: on January 25, we are going to go vol-

unteer for the We Care Volunteer organization

and collect clothes; January 28, we are going

to help out the Rosewood Rehabilitation Center

with there BINGO!; and on January 31, we are

hoping to attend Project Homeless. This is what

Galena High School On-time MRF: 100

Membership Increase: 200

Total: 300

District Convention



Where: Smith Ridge Plaza– Chili’s


What do we get from it:15% of sales

made by associations from Key Clubbers

Page 17

Elko High School On-time MRF: 100

Membership Increase: 200

Total: 300

Club Snap Shots Continued

Page 18: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Division 23

CLUB OF THE MONTH This certificate is awarded to

MEMBER OF THE MONTH This certificate is awarded to

North Valleys

=5.78 Hours Per Member Average (December)

=Attended DCM

=Actively participates with D23

=Maintains division relations

=Many candidates interested in running for office

For actively participating within the division and going above and beyond regular expectations in regards to club duties as of

January 20, 2011.

*Favorite Key Club Service Event: Special Olym-


*Why he joined Key Club: I joined not only be-

cause it’d look great on a college application, but

because I wanted to help out my community,

meet new people, and to have fun!

*Club: North Valleys

Jesus Dominguez

This member has been actively participating in the division through consistent attendance as well as by being an inspira-tion to others to do more service as of January 20, 2011.

Page 18

Page 19: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

BEEcome a Hero The Relay for Life makes a

difference in the lives of

cancer victims. With our

help, more victims of can-

cer can fight this disease

and become survivors.

Why should you participate?

One person can make a differ-ence. Together, we can make an even bigger difference. We par-ticipate to create better lives. We participate because we are

not quitters. We participate to show the world that cancer does not, and never will, stop us from

finding the cure.

The Event

This year the Relay for Life will be held on June 30th at 11am at Bishop Manogue High School. Our team is

D23 Key Club Yeti's, and our goals are to raise $1,500 and make a difference in our com-


Page 19

Page 20: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Who: YOU

When: March 31, 2012 5:30 pm


Theme: BEElieve– the Magic of Service

Attire: Business Professional

Why: to celebrate YOU, the of service, and your

year of success.

superlatives. awards. celebration..

Page 20

Page 21: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012


January Division Council Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Location: University of Nevada, Reno

Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Focus: Division bonding, DCON, Service,

Eliminate fundraising, Division Socials

Relevant Contact Information Given:

Alyssa Yocom

Alli Lampshire

Breanna Denney

Page 22

Called to order by Alyssa Yocom at 1:04pm.

Key Club Pledge and Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Lowry, Wooster, Reed, North Valleys, Hug

Old Business was discussed.

Division Accomplishments

Congratulations to D23 – we have never had so many dedicated members.

Our attendance and fundraising records are also continually broken.

Club accomplishments

Continue to serve your communities – go out with a bang!

Club Events

Get more service hours by tutoring, or volunteering at the Discovery Museum.

Upcoming Events

A New Year, A New You

Chili’s Fundraiser (for District Convention) will be happening soon so invite your families!

Eliminate Drawing

Continue to sell your tickets to get a date with another Key Clubber!

All proceeds will go to the Eliminate Project.

Conclave is February 12th at 12:00pm.

We need 2 representatives from your club to vote for next year’s Lieutenant Governor.

An Ice Skating social will follow conclave if the weather permits it.

Relay For Life

This fundraiser is to raise money for Cancer. Each club needs one representative.

Please contact Bianca Dabu and be checking your emails for more information.

District Convention – BEElieve – the Magic of FUNDRAISERS

If D23 has 40 people attend District Convention, transportation costs go down.

Encourage members to attend and fundraise your way to a MAGICAL weekend.

More information can be found at:


Upcoming elections for Lieutenant Governor, and Club Officers

Contact Alyssa ( if interested!

Meeting adjourned at 1:49pm.

Page 22: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012


February Division Council Meeting

Date: February 12th, 2012

Location: 855 S. Center Street Reno, NV

Time: 12:00-2:30pm

Focus: Preparing for District Convention, Con-

clave procedures, Service and Fundraising



Key Club Pledge:

I pledge, on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club

International; to build my home, school, and community;

to serve my nation and God; and to combat all forces

which tend to undermine these institutions.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions?


Alyssa Yocom

Division 23 & Division 45 Lieutenant Governor


Call/Text: 775-846-9747

Page 22

Eliminate Fundraiser – Ended Feb. 11th

Division Awards: Club of the Year, Most Improved Club, Member of the

Year, Advisor of the Year

District Awards: Officer Contests, Sandy Nininger, Advisor Contests, Tal-

ent, Club Attire, Club Newsletter

Apply to judge division contests next weekend.

Apply to judge district contests during DCON.

DCON- April 13-15, 2012. Celebrate your year of service, meet new peo-

ple, elect the new District Executives, learn, enjoy inspirational

speakers, and HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. Fundraise your way

there (presented by Breanna Denney).

March of Dimes fundraiser (presented by Jessica SanJuan).

Relay for Life fundraiser (presented by Bianca Dabu).

March Banquet. For my last DCM, there will be a banquet on March 31st

starting at 5:30pm. This will celebrate our year of service, prepare

us for DCON, and award members from our division. The attire is

business professional.

Conclave procedures: All candidates will have 3-5 minutes for their

speech as well as 4 minutes of questioning from the division. No ad-

visors are to question the candidates. No candidates may be present

while the others are speaking. Votes will be taken on slips of paper.

If there are more than 2 candidates, the top 2 will be re-caucused.

Call to Order

Key Club Pledge

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Albert Lowry

Earl Wooster

Edward C. Reed



North Valleys

Procter Hug



Spanish Springs

Spring Creek

Division 45

Ice Breaker

Old Business

Eliminate Fundraiser

Upcoming Events

Awards & Recognition

Application for Division

awards is Feb-

ruary 12th at


District Convention

Service Opportunities

March ofDimes

Relay for Life

March Banquet

Conclave Procedures


Open Forum

Meeting Adjourned

Conclave for D23 Begins

Conclave for D45 Begins

Results are Announced

Page 23: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1

National Freedom



Ground Hog Day

3 4

5 Eliminate Tick-

ets and Funds

Due / MRFs due at


6 7 8 9

Hershey's Choco-

late Day

10 11

Eliminate Date

12 DCM & Region Conclaves

12:00pm / Division Awards and Judg-ing Applications due by 11:59pm


Get a different

Name day


Valentines Day


All articles due to


16 17

National Random

Acts of Kindness



19 20

Presidents Day



World Thinking Day

National Be Hum-

23 24

Division Judging



Executive Candi-

date Training Con-


District/ Internation-

al CTC


International Polar

Bear Day


National Public

Sleeping Day


February 2012

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1

Share a Smile Day


DCON Early Regis-

tration deadline


4 5

MRF’s due at 6pm

6 7 8

Working Women


9 10


Day Light Saving

Time Begins

12 13 14

Pi Day


Items for Newslet-

ter Due at 6pm

16 17

Polar Plunge

Saint Patrick’s Day

18 19 20 21

Children’s Poetry



National Goof Off


23 24

25 26

Make up your own

Holiday Day

27 28 29 30 31

DCM and Celebra-

tion Banquet @


March 2012

Page 24: Division 23 Newsletter- February 2012

3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 ● USA 1-800-KIWANIS ● FAX 1-317-879-0204

Thank you for reading.