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The Periwinkle Paper Division 18 January 2015| Vol. 1| Issue 4 January 2015
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Page 1: Division 18 January Newsletter

The Periwinkle Paper Division 18

January 2015| Vol. 1| Issue 4

January 2015

Page 2: Division 18 January Newsletter

Greetings from your LTG!

Hello Division 18!

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday

season! It has been a pleasure serving and

working with you all for the duration of my

term. Meeting the majority of you has repeat-

edly showed me why Division 18 contains

the most passionate and spirited Key Club-

bers in the Pacific Northwest.

Now that we are in the New Year,

DCON is closer than ever and I would highly

recommend all of you to begin the registra-

tion process and fundraising.

I truly feel blessed for being apart of Di-

vision 18 and I hope to end my term with a

terrific outing at DCON with the best divi-

sion PNW has to offer!

In Caring and Service,

Pranav Arya

Division 18 Lieutenant Governor

Key Club International

(604) 300-1997

Page 3: Division 18 January Newsletter

Happy 2015, Pacific-Northwest!

I’m so glad that we have finally made it. After a swamped first semester of school, a myriad of Key Club events, and a relaxing holiday vacation, I’m sure you all are so excited to welcome in the New Year. A lot of people see this this month as a time of resolutions. However, I think it can better be characterized as a time to reflect and look forward to the future. What awesome things have you all done so far with your time in Key Club? How will you make the most of the rest of this year?

Thus far, I have seen Key Clubbers do some spectacular things. Shout out to Tasmia Ahmed and her division for collecting 70 gift cards for sex trafficked survi-vors in Portland. Shout out to the Communications Committee for completely renovating the face of the Pacific-Northwest district website. Shout out to Kevin Zhang for bringing the “bowl” to #palabowlo. These Key Clubbers have inspired us to do great things.

What’s even more exciting is that there’s still so much to come. Whether it’s participating in “Service to Infinity and Beyond” at the 2015 District Convention or finally reaching our goal for The Eliminate Project, the coming months have much in store. Don’t feel the need to make new resolutions; your passion for service, leadership, and camaraderie will naturally take the district to new heights this 2015.

In terms of the international level, there are several items we can anticipate together. First of all, 2015 is our year to elim-inate maternal/neonatal tetanus (MNT) from the face of the planet! We’re taking things to a whole new level. The Inter-national Board has its own personal pen fundraiser (I’m bringing them to DCON!), and if all of Key Club International can raise an additional $80,000, board members will be kissing an octopus at our winter board meeting. (Yes, I’m very scared. But I do it fo’ da Eliminate!)

For clarity, our winter board meeting will be held in Detroit, Michigan, from January 22 to 25, 2015. The board meeting agenda has already been posted to the Key Club website. If you have any questions, or if you’d like me to bring an addi-tional topic to the board, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Finally, with this year’s International Convention swiftly approaching, it’s definitely an event we can eagerly look forward to. Held from June 24 to 28, 2015, in Indianapolis, the home of Key Club International headquarters, this will be an experience you don’t want to miss. As it is the 100th anniversary of Kiwanis, a lot of our programs will be held in con-junction with Circle K and Kiwanis members, making for a whopping estimate of 12,000 attendees. We have some awe-some events planned; we’ll be renting out an entire street of Indianapolis, Hellogoodbye will be performing, and we’ll be surrounded by tons of fun things to do (i.e. free museums, bikes to ride around the city, zoos, etc.). It’s the event of a lifetime, so start fundraising and planning now!

Indeed, 2014 may have brought much positivity and joy –especially in Key Club International— but I’m sure 2015 can offer even more. Have a great year, everyone!

Yours in service,

Tashrima Hossain

International Trustee

Georgia, KIWIN'S, & Pacific-Northwest

International Update

Page 4: Division 18 January Newsletter

Division 18 Lieutenant Governor Election DCM

What: 2015 Lieutenant Governor Election

When: January 17th, 11AM -1PM

Where: Abbotsford Senior Secondary

Conference Room

Who: All Key Clubbers and Kiwanians

Extra: DCON information!

What to Wear: Business Casual Attire

See you all there!

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Page 6: Division 18 January Newsletter
Page 7: Division 18 January Newsletter
Page 8: Division 18 January Newsletter

Division 18 T-Shirt Design Calling all creative Platypi! Your division

needs you to design our shirt!


Division 18

Perry the Platypus (In Space?)


All Div. 18 Clubs - Yale, ATSS, Abby Senior, Bateman, Mouat, Garabladi,

Thomas Haney, GW Graham, Sehome, Bellingham High

Pacific Northwest District

Either Side:

Key Club Logo

2014 - 2015


January 23rd at midnight

Orders begin on the 25th!

E-mail me at if

you have questions!

Page 9: Division 18 January Newsletter

President Reports


There were many Christmas events that Yale's Key Club volunteered with during the month of

December. We helped with several shifts for Angel Tree, as well as Christmas Kettles for Salva-

tion Army. Even in the cold weather our members went out, played instruments, and sang car-

ols for the community! Also we held a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest where four depart-

ments; music, math, science, and languages decorated a tree and brought donations. The win-

ning department was awarded a plaque which was languages! All donations that were made

from this went towards shopping for food and Christmas presents for seven students that are

financially struggling as well as $500 from our recycling money. This month we will focus on

really promoting DCON as it is coming up and hopefully do some fundraising as well!

Jane Kim


December was a bit of a slow month, but we did have one major event that went really well. We

had a holiday themed bake sale right before winter break and it was a success. It was planned,

organized and executed very well, and everyone pitched in to get the job done and raise some

money for the Eliminate Project. As we get back from winter break, the main initiative is to

plan for upcoming events. Our two main focuses will be planning for DCON and our elections

for next year’s executives. We’ve got to get DCON fundraising going as soon as possible and get

ourselves organized for the convention. We also need to organize elections so we can have our

future executives attend DCON. There’s plenty of work to be done, and we look forward to

tacking it.

Gaurav Sandhar and Rooop Warraich

Page 10: Division 18 January Newsletter


For the month of December, Bateman Key Clubbers primarily focused on a Tim Hortons Do-

nut Fundraiser during the last week of school before the winter break for the ELIMINATE

Project. Although we are still finalizing costs, we have raised an estimate of over $200 for our

District Project and hope to continue this project in its final year. Also, our members had the

great opportunity to help out the Salvation Army with their annual kettle fundraiser; 15 mem-

bers participated. For the month of January, our executive team is currently in contact with a

local non-profit organization and we hope to establish a regular volunteer schedule with them

in the coming weeks. The Bateman executive team would like to wish everyone running for

the Ltg. Election the best of luck! Make us proud!

Anthony Miyagi


December 2014 was a great month for the Garibaldi Key Club. Although shortened by the

winter break, the club carried out one of the most exciting events of the year. On December 13

we held a Christmas Party for less fortunate families in our community and it was a great suc-

cess. After many weeks of planning and non-stop preparation, I am happy to say that all of our

members came and had a great time alongside all the people who attended. In total, we re-

ceived around 200 people and around 50 of which were children. We collected so many toys

in our toy drive that we were able to give each child two or more presents. The event went

from 11am-2 pm in which time there was a magic show, a tumble bus (a school bus which has

a playground inside in place of seats), pictures with Santa and at the end Santa giving out pre-

sents to the kids. While the kids were playing or watching the show, our members were either

bussing tables, helping at reception, helping out with security or just having conversations with

the parents or teens there. I think the members found this event the most gratifying because

they worked so hard for something they knew would directly affect those in their community

and the day of the event came face to face not with a piece of paper that said they did a good

job, but with real people who were truly thankful for what a we (group of kids!) did. Next

month, we plan to have a game night fundraiser in mid –January for new members to be able

to see what key club is all about.

Anna Park

Page 11: Division 18 January Newsletter

Thank You for


Let’s get ready for DCON!

Registration is due in two weeks!