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Disney Movies

Dec 03, 2014





  • 1. A Mixture of Disney Movies By Ken E. Smith


  • "I'll describe the Disney movie, and you tell me which one it is.

3. 1.(1994) It would be nice to live a life of 'no worries', but it never works forever, especially when an old friend shows up and tells you how desperate things are back home under your evil uncle's rule. What's the name of this movie that contains the first ever Disney character to experience flatulence? 4.

  • A.The Lion King
  • B.Aladdin
  • C.Oliver & Company
  • D.Lady & the Tramp

5. Answer

  • A.The Lion King
  • If you look carefully when Pumbaa is singing Hakuna Matata, youll see that one of the bugs he pulls out to eat is wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

6. 2.(1940) This is one of Disney's more blatantly moralistic movies, where the hero's nose grows when he lies, and bad boys are turned into donkies. Unused scenes of woodland and fires from this movie were later used in 'Bambi'. 7.

  • A.Air Bud
  • B.Pinocchio
  • C.Peter Pan
  • D.Bedknobs and Broomsticks

8. Answer

  • B.Pinocchio
  • Did you notice that when Pinocchio finally turns into a real boy his hands are changed from being gloved, with three fingers, to real hands.

9. 3.(1990) Scrooge and his three nephews found the fabled treasure of Collie Baba in Egypt. The boys take home a magic lantern that Scrooge doesn't know about, and have a lot of fun making wishes and playing with the genie. What they don't know is that the lamp is being hunted by Murlock, an evil sourcerer, and they are all in danger. 10.

  • A.King of Thieves
  • B.Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • C.Duck Tales - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  • D.Aladdin

11. Answer

  • C.Duck Tales Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  • This film was animated by Disneys Television Animation division, instead of the Feature Animation one.It was the first feature length movie by that division to be released in theatres, and you can tell that the quality is not quite as good as other full length, animated movies.

12. 4.(1951) What happens when you chase a white rabbit down a hole and end up in an insane world, where the Red Queen wants to chop your head off? Or are you really only dreaming? 13.

  • A.Alice in Wonderland
  • B.Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  • C.Song of the South
  • D.Mary Poppins

14. Answer

  • A.Alice in Wonderland
  • This movie was really a combination of both Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and took five years to complete.It was the first animated Disney film to be shown on television.

15. 5.(1988) In order to survive, a little kitten lost in New York joins up with a band of thieving dogs. A wealthy little girl falls in love with him and wants to adopt him, but not before he becomes kidnapped and has to be rescued. 16.

  • A.The Rescuers Down Under
  • B.Oliver & Company
  • C.The Aristocats
  • D.The Rescuers

17. Answer

  • B.Oliver and Company
  • This movie has the incredible talents of Billy Joel and Bette Midler.If you watch when Dodger is singing Why Should I Worry, youll be able to see the three dogs from 101 Dalmatians.

18. 6.(1998) When you're born in a time and place where women are expected to be nothing more than wives and mothers, it can be very difficult. But when the army calls your crippled father to serve, it can be downright impossible to sit back and watch him ride off to his certain death. 19.

  • A.Anastasia
  • B.Beauty and the Beast
  • C.Mulan
  • D.Pocahontas

20. Answer

  • C.Mulan
  • The spots on her horse are in the shape of Mickey Mouses ears.Eddie Murphy supplied the voice of Mushuwho ever saw it coming.

21. 7.(1967) 'Kill or be killed' can sometimes be the harsh law of the jungle. But it's hard to win when you're just a little man-cub and your adversary is a huge, man-hating tiger who's determined to kill you. Can you guess the name of this movie which was the last one that was personally overseen by Walt Disney before his death? 22.

  • A.The Jungle Book
  • B.George of the Jungle
  • C.Tarzan
  • D.Jungle to Jungle

23. Answer

  • A.The Jungle Book
  • Did you know that Baloo means bear in Hindi, and Bagheera means panther?

24. 8.(1991) This movie, about an enchanted castle with its talking dishes, beastly master and imprisoned beauty, was the first animated movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture. 25.

  • A.Shrek
  • B.The Black Cauldron
  • C.Sleeping Beauty
  • D.Beauty and the Beast

26. Answer

  • D.Beauty and the Beast
  • There was an extra song called Human Again that was cut from the film.Did you notice that Belle was the only one in the whole village who wore blue?This device was used to further emphasize the fact that she was different from everyone else.

27. 9.(1981) On one level, this movie is about the forbidden friendship between a dog and a fox. On a deeper level this movie is about the fact that children aren't born with hatred, it has to be taught to them. 28.

  • A.The Sword in the Stone
  • B.101 Dalmatians
  • C.The Fox and the Hound
  • D.Oliver & Company

29. Answer

  • C.The Fox and the Hound
  • Cooper was a hunting dog, and he was supposed to hunt Tod, not play with him.Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell applied the adult voices for Tod and Cooper respectively.Pearl Bailey provide the voice of Big Momma.

30. 10.(1992) She was a pampered, protected princess and he was an orphaned street-rat, but if they're in love why can't they get married? What's the name of this Disney movie that deals with the issues of class structure and the consequences of lying? 31.

  • A.King of Thieves
  • B.Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  • C.Aladdin
  • D.Prince of Thieves

32. Answer

  • C.Aladdin
  • The original script called for Aladdin to have a mother who he would have sung Proud of Your Boy to while he slept.Robin Williams provided the voice of Genie in the first of the series, but not in the second movie, because of a huge falling out with Disney over contract violations.By the time the third Aladdin was made, Robin had received an apology, and an original Picasso painting, son he was once again on board as the voice of Genie.