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Digital State of the Nation - Q1 2014

Oct 21, 2014



Selected stats showing the use of Internet and Social in health for Q1 2014. If you market healthcare products on digital channels, you want to review this.

PowerPoint Presentation

The New Normal: Digital, Social Media, & Healthcare


April 11, 2014

Brad Einarsen







About Brad

Director of Digital InsightsDigital communities since 1988Web since 1994Pharma since 2007

Lead editor of Klick social propertiesDigital Rx Award winning Klick Health BlogKlick Wire weekly summary of Digital Health Marketing news every Monday at 7AM

Primary guidance authorSocial media guidelines, global and regionalFDA regulatory POVs


Apparently, its not a fadPEW Internet Project is a non-profit research groupAll demographics are heading toward saturation

PEW Internet 2014


PEW Internet 2014


of boomers want to access health information online


of boomers use social media for health topics



Depending on the survey, social media use for health ranges from 50% to 72%

Patients welcome engagement from Pharmaceutical companiesFacebook pageSponsored disease education communityDisease education blog / microblog

Patients advice?Actively engage the communityEmbody transparencyShape strategy around patient needs


said that social resources can spark conversations between patients and HCPs

Wego Health



There are subtle gender and age skews to social media

Women 45+ are a prime demographic for discussing health and using social online

80% of health decisions in the family are made by women


Social Platforms and Change

Change is a constant on social platforms

Requires diligence by the content owner, but:That is baked in if the channel is activeMost changes have little effect and content is easy to manage

FDA does want new submissions when channels changeSeems to be for all change, not just substantial change

Patients Want Pharma Involvement

Want information onMedicationsChronic conditions

Want it inEmailPhysical Web (with mobile)And some social


Think pharma companies should provide information


Want information when they start taking a medication


76% of patients think pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide information and services that complement the products they sell.74% of patients indicate that the most appropriate time to initiate outreach is when they start taking a medication.63% of patients want Reward programs51% want Financial assistance (apparently not all patients link these things)35% want Measuring and tracking29% want Access to patient forums (thats almost 1 in 3)80% for product information and 79% for measurement tracking and alert64% of patients are willing to provide information on their health in order to receive free information and/or services68% of patients are online several hours a day and prefer pharmaceutical companies reach them through digital channels


Patients as Consumers

25% of patients are using online reviews

62% of these patients use online reviews as their first step

60% of the participants considered doctor rating sites "somewhat important"37% of respondents stayed away from doctors with bad reviews35% of respondents would go to a doctor who had bad reviews

Software Advice



Time with mobile now surpasses the PC

Consumers are omnivores and will start on mobile and finish on the PC

Women spent 1.5 hours more at 30h 58m while men were at 29h 32m weekly

The U.S. mobile ad market rose 122% in 2013 to $9.69 billion and is projected to hit $17.73 billion in 2014

Smartphones are now over 66% of the mobile market


Mobile Usage is Incremental

comScore US Digital Future in Focus 2014

And Influences Patients


Manhattan Research

Wearable Tech

Wearables were everywhere at CES in 2014

Fitness dominates but health (vital signs, elderly monitoring, chronic condition management) is catching up

All of this data needs a home, no one can manage it all separately


Apple HealthBook Finally Makes the PHR a Reality

The rumor mill is abuzz with the iWatch and HealthBookFitnessHeart rate and blood pressureOther blood metricsHydration and respirationSleepEmergency card

M7 integrationMotion and location to be built in

We believe that Apple can succeed with a mobile personal solution where Microsoft and Google have failed with web-based tools

Coming in iOS8

9to5 Mac

HCPs and Mobile


Use smartphones in their practice


Use tablets in their practice


Have already prescribed a mobile app to a patient


Have not, typically because of a lack of proof that they work

Kantar Health


HCPs are Digital Omnivores




digital omnivore


of HCPs expected to be digital omnivores by June 2014


HCPs and Mobile

Glass to EHR system for seamless integration and more natural doctor / patient interactions

"It really boils down to the doctor wearing Google Glass, going into the clinic, interacting with the patient and having that humane, high touch conversation that they always wanted to have. At the end of the visit, all of the structured data, all of the EHR information, is in the EHR where it belongs. The way he wants it. Following a visit, doctors [go to their computer] and check that the information entered into their EHR doesn't need any edits and then click confirm.-- CEO and co-founder Ian Shakil

Next on Mobile: Nurses

67% of hospitals say that their nurses are using personal smartphones for professional purposes on the job

51% of hospitals plan to either invest in, or research nursing smartphone solutions over the next 18 months

If hospitals follow through with their research we could see a lot more of the US 2.9 million nurses in the clinical environment equipped with smartphone technology and using it daily


Next on Mobile: Payers

Independence Blue CrossThe Independence Blue Cross (IBX) app health plan manager

Kaiser PermanenteCare Where I Am health care finderKP Balance Tracker health plan managerEverybody Walk health challenge

UnitedHealthcareHealth4Me health plan managerOptumizeMe health challenge


FDA Draft Social Reporting Guidance

Recognized the ownership of content resides with the author

Holds pharmaceutical companies responsible for material they control or influence

Provides clarity to the industry and generally reinforces current practice

For example, Facebook Reviews are ok under new guidance

Reporting handled largely by links what browser will they use?

Comments were due: April 14

Klick analysis available


FDA Stays the Course on MMA

Pre-Submission Program and Meetings with Food and Drug Administration Staff Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff

Updates lists of App types to make enforcement discretion clearer

Expect more scrutiny, software is in the FDAs sights


The Truth is Out There