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Digital Crossings: Transcending Borders, Creating Enduring Online Resources FEDORA & ASU KnowledgeNet Presenters: Mimmo Bonanni & Phil Konomos

Digital Crossings: Transcending Borders, Creating Enduring Online Resources

Jan 05, 2016




Digital Crossings: Transcending Borders, Creating Enduring Online Resources. FEDORA & ASU KnowledgeNet Presenters: Mimmo Bonanni & Phil Konomos. FEDORA: Digital Object Repository. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Digital Crossings: Transcending Borders, Creating Enduring Online ResourcesFEDORA & ASU KnowledgeNet


    Presenters: Mimmo Bonanni & Phil Konomos

  • FEDORA: Digital Object RepositoryFEDORA is flexible extensible digital object repository architectureOpen source repository software Developed at Cornell University and the University of Virginia LibraryUsed to manage digital resources owned or licensed by ASU libraries; and act as a platform to archive digital materials from the ASU community

  • FEDORA: Why is it Valuable?Gives remote access to otherwise inaccessible materials, or difficult to find items Houses collections of scholarly import in one locationReveals relationships amongst objects via metadata that may not normally be readily apparentCurates objects that might otherwise be lost or remain inaccessible

  • FEDORA: Behind the ScenesIt is equipped with a powerful digital object model Includes: persistent ID, datastreams, metadata, remote/local references, disseminators (how object may be represented or displayed)It provides means for metadata managementIt provides a powerful framework for managing relationships between digital objects

  • FEDORA: Behind the ScenesLocally managed content or reference remotelyCan reference remote collections outside of ASU Libraries... Mexico, Canada, the worldWeb service integrationCan easily integrate with other products no matter what programming language or web development environmentMetadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), Open Archives InitiativeIt provides means for harvesting metadata of digital objects stored in the repository

  • FEDORA ApplicationsASU application gateway to FEDORA is called KnowledgeNet It is designed to look to similar to other familiar search engines; such as GOOGLE and YAHOO

  • FEDORA ApplicationsEase of use Can search via a simple text box for any type of digital object (music, electronic journal, electronic book, satellite image, photographs)Upload digital object(s) into the repository

  • KnowledgeNet Start Page: GUI/application of FEDORA

  • 2,000 records from the Anthropology Museum's Ethnography collection

  • Image can be exported; Record includes VRA (Visual Resources Association...) metadata

  • Browse Research @ ASU

  • ASU EPrint Archive

  • Browse EPrint Archives

  • David Ralph Abbott Personal Archive [Collection]

  • Personal Archive

  • Sorted by date, first article, Hohokam exchange and early classic period...

  • Export Functionality: Refworks, EndNote, RIS, BibTex, Personal Archive, (social bookmarking)

  • Knowledge Relationships Browser Flash-based Relation Browser tool A Visual navigation of relationships expressed in FEDORA records Animation is created consisting of circles (representing entities) and connecting lines (representing relationships)Searching for an article will show not only the article but also any relationships to the articleThese circles can be expanded to show other relationships, so the tool encourages exploration like browsing a book shelf

  • A = has Author; R = is Member of Collection; T = has Text Link

  • Future: Guest Access & ContributionCollaborating or affiliated institutions may sign in (with guest access logon and password) and search and access FEDORA digital repositoryAffiliated partners can contribute unique collections to the repositoryClicking on a link will establish a session where hyperlinks are context-aware, e.g. you can see full text if it is availableIf there is no ASU login, and no guest access has been established, hyperlinks will then point to OCLC Worldcat link revolver

  • Configure Preferences for Students, faculty, & staff of Arizona's state universities, and other organizations with research ties to ASU

  • Audio Search: Oral Histories, podcasts, musical performances, etc.

  • Transcripts of oral interviews by members of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society (1974-2000)

  • Access to floating player, subscribing to Podcast options...

  • Links to external digital objects...Podcasts - Library Channel or iTunes UniversityASU School of Music PerformancesArchival Collections

  • Dr. Christine Marin Podcast: Chicano Research Collection

  • Current Digital ProjectsMediterranean Landscape Dynamics (Geospatial: Anthropology, Geography)Architecture Image slides (Images: Architecture)Ralph Cameron (Oral History: Labriola)Litchfield Oral History (Oral History: ASU West, AZ Humanities Council, Archives)

  • Implication for the FutureContinue to add unique collections to the repositoryShare tremendous research being done at ASU with the broader community through ASU KnowledgeNetExpand partnership or affiliates, and develop partnerships with the international academic community and educational institutions

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