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a bit A bit extra a block of flats A box of matches A buoy A cherry tree A consumer a few a happy new yea a hundred A hunter- gather A long time A party’s parliamentary body A priori A quarter past one p.m. A quarter past three p.m. A quarter past two p.m. A quarter to four p.m. A quarter to three p.m. A quarter to two p.m. A yield A.O.G. ( arrival of goods) Abandon Abdomen Ability to pay Ablution Ablution with sand Aboriginal Above Abroad Abstain Abuse Abusive Accelerated increment Acceleration Access Accessible Accident Accommodate a request According to Account Number Accountant

Dictionary Arabic English

Dec 27, 2015



Muhammad Nabeel

Dictionary Arabic English
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01 4000 a bit A bit extra a block of flats A box of matches A buoy / A cherry tree A consumera fewa happy new yea a hundredA hunter- gather A long time A partys parliamentary body A priori A quarter past one p.m. A quarter past three p.m. A quarter past two p.m. A quarter to four p.m. A quarter to three p.m. A quarter to two p.m. A yield / A.O.G. ( arrival of goods) Abandon / AbdomenAbility to pay AblutionAblution with sandAboriginal AboveAbroadAbstain ( )Abuse - Abusive Accelerated increment / AccelerationAccess- Accessible AccidentAccommodate a request - According to Account Number AccountantAccounting ratios AccountsAccounts payable Accounts receivable AccrueAccrued / / Accruing inerest Accurate (adj.)AcrossActAct of God Action plan (agenda for action ) ActorActressActually Adapt Adaptable AdaptationAdapterAdded value AdditionAddressAddress book AdjudicationAdjust programme Adjustment - Adjustment bureau Administration ( )AdministratorAdmissionAdoptAdore Advantage card Adverse- AdvertisementAffection- -Affluent society AfraidAfricaAfricanAfterAfternoon AgeAge analysis of accounts receivable Agency substitutes Aggravation / recrudescenceAggregationAgileAgreeAgreementAgricultural credit Agricultural loan Agro- based Aid cutoff AimAirmail AirplaneAirportAisle Aisle seat AlarmAlarm clockAlienation/ retentionAliveAllAll time high / unprecedentedAllergyAlligatorAlmondsAlmsAlphabetAlsoAltematAlwaysAmateurAmazed AmazingAmbitionsAmbulance AmericaAmericanAmongAmountAmusement parkAnaestheticAnalyseAnalytical reports Ancestors / AnchorAnchor / Anchor AngelAnglesAnkleAnnounceAnnualAnnual ring Annuity AnotherAnswerAnti- cyclical measures Antiquities AntisepticAntiseptic Antler AnxiousAp- datingApart from Apartment Apartment building ApartmentsAppallingApparelAppearanceAppendicitis AppetiteAppetizerAppleAppliances Applicant Application Apply AppointmentAppointmentAppointment book ApricotAprilApronAquarium Arbitrary dismissal ArbitrationArchArcher ArcheryArea code Arithmetic mean ArmpitArmrest ArmsArrangement Arrears/ unpaid balancesArriveArrowArtArt gallery ArteryArtichokeArticleArticles of agreement ArtistAs/ qua/ Ascetic AsceticismAshtrayAsia AsianAskAsparagusAsphyxiatedAspirinAssociation AssortmentAstronaut Asymmetric at allat different times of the day At factor cost at first At last At maturity At par At sightAt sight At sight & up to at the end of At the front of At the grass roots level At zero interest AtheismAtheistathens Athlete (n) Athletic (adj.)Athletics Atlantic ocean ATM Atomic dust Attached AttackAttentionAtticAuctionAudience AuditingAuditorAuditorium AugustAuntAustraliaAustralianAuthorAuthorised capital AuthorityAutumnAvailable- AvenueAverage of collection period AviationAvocadoAwarding committee AwarenessB. C. Babybaby (pl. babies) Backback Backbenchers backgammon Backpack backwards Bacon Bad-tempered Bad debt loss index BadgeBadly managed Badminton Bagel Baggage Baggage claim Bagpipes Baguette Bait BakeryBalanceBalance Balance of payments Balance sheet BalconyBallBallerina Ballet BalloonBalloon loan ( )Ballot box Ban BananaBand Band-AidBanister BanjoBankBank Account Bank credit Bank draft Bank loan BANK RATE Bank statement BankruptcyBarBarbecue BarberBare BargainBark ()BarnBarracks BarrelBartenderBarter Base / Base rate BaseballBaseball cap Baseball glove Basic work data BasketBasketball BatBatBatch costing Batch production BathBathrobe BathroomBatteryBe awardedBe engaged be going to Be injured ( )Be stripped of BeachBeach ball Beach pailBead note BeadsBeakBeansBearBeardBeat the record Beautifulbecausebecause ofBedBed spread Bed table bedouin Bedroom BeeBeef BeerBeetleBeetsBeforeBeggarBehindbelieve (d)BellBellboy belong to (ed)BelowBeltBench Benchmark BendBeneath / BeneficiaryBenefitBerber BeretBesidebesides BetterBetween between ( ) ( )Beveragebeyond Bicycle Bicycle helmet Biking BikiniBillBill of exchangeBillionBinder Binoculars Biology BirdBirdhouse birth Birthdate birthday Bitter/ BlackBlackberries BlackboardBlanketBlasphemyBleedingBlenderblind BlindsBlock BlocksBlondBlood pressure Bloodstream BlossomBlouse Blow upBlueBlueberries Board chairman Board of directors Boarden / BoardersBoarding BoatBoatBody building BoilBoltBombBondBondsBoneBonesBookBookBook bag Book value BookingBookkeeper Bookkeeping Bookshelves Bookstore Boom & bust Boom/ pick up / rebund / recoveryBoot Boot BootsBorder guard bore BorerBoringbotany BottleBottomBoughtBought upBouquet BowBowlingBoxBoxerBoxingBoxing glove Boxing ring BoyBraceletBrainBrain power BranchBranch banks Branches Brass Brassiere brave BreadBreakBreak- downBreak-up Break offBreak the record BreakfastBreathe in Breathe out BreathingBrickBridgebridge BridleBriefcase bright bright Brilliant Bring aboutBring upBroadBroccoliBrochure ()BrokenBrokerBrokerageBroochBroomBrothBrotherBrother-in-law BrownBrunette Brussels sproutsBubblesbucket Buckle ( )BudBuffaloBuffer fund- BugBuildBuildingBuilding and Engineering Bulk BullBulletBulletin board bump into (ed) Bun BuncoBunsen burner BuriedBurnsBusBus stop BusinessBusiness around the world Business card Business credit Business establishment Business loans limitsBusiness risk Businessman Businesswoman ButcherButterButter knife ButterflyButtocksButtonButton By- products by By elections By the park By virtue of BylawsBypass C. &.F. (cost & freight) C.B.D. ( cash before delivery)C.I.A ( cash in advance) C.I.F. cost. Insurance and freight) C.O.D.( cash on delivery C.W.O. ( cash with order) CabbageCabinCabinetCable car CactusCafeCageCakeCalcuated risk Calculator Calendarcaliph CallCall at Call loan Camcorder CamelCamera Camouflagecamp Campaigh promises CamperCampfire Campingcan can be eaten ( )Can openerCanadaCanadiancanal CancelCandidateCandleCandlestickCandyCanoe CantaloupeCanvasCanyon Capital Capital employed Capital inflow Cappuccino CaptureCarCar problems CaravanCard holder CareCarefulCarelessCarelesslyCaribbean Sea Carousel CarpenterCarriage Carriage Carriage CarrotCarryCarry onCartogram Carved out of Cash discount Cash register CashewsCashier CasinoCastleCatCatalyst - CataractCatchcatch (caught) catch a train catch firecatch fish Caterpillar CathedralCattleCauliflowerCavecave CavityCD-ROM CeilingCelebrationCeleryCellcellCellsCemeteryCentercenter Centerpiece / cushioncentral central america Centurycertainly ChainChairChalkboard eraser Chamber of commerce Champagnechance ChandelierChangechange ( )change (d) Chapel / ChapterCharacteristics charcoal ChargeCharity Charity- - CharityChart CheapCheatCheckCheck list Checkered Checkers Cheekcheer Cheer cheer (ed)CheeseChef Chemical fertilizer chemistry Cheque bank CherriesChess ChestChewing gumChickenChief " "childchildhoodChildrenChillyChimneyChinchinaChocolateChoir ChokingChopsChopsticks Chrisitianchristmas (25/12)Churchchurch (es)cigaretteCigarettesCircleCirculateCirculating capital CircuscitiesCitycity Civil defence Clam clamClapClawclayCleanCleaning house CleanserclearlyClerk ClientCliff ClimbClimber Clipboard Clock Clock tower Closedclosed road ClothespinCloudyClownCoalitionCoalition split CoastCoatCoat rackCocktailCocoaCoconut CoffeeCoffee grinder Coffee pot CoilCoin CoinsCoinsurance ColaColdCold water Coliseum CollarColleagueCollect call CollectionCologneColonistColonyColourful ColumnCombCombine - Comecome back come from ( )come income upcomma ( )Commandments CommentaryCommercial discount Commercial relations CommissionCommitCommitteeCommittee chairman Committee rapporteur companion CompanyCompared with CompassCompetitionCompetitorsComplaintComplicated - ComplicatedComposite value Comptroller ComputerComputing ConceitedConcert ConciliationConditional sales contract ConditionsConductorConeConfiscationCongestion / CongregationCongregational prayer Coniferous Connected / ConquerConsequently Constant - Constituency Constituent assembly Consultative body( ) Consumer credit Consumer finance companies Consumer lending institutions contain (ed) continue (d)Contract ContractContribute (to) ( )Contributioncontrol (controlled) Control by sampling Convenient conversationConverted to Islam Convertible CookCook book CookieCookie jar CoolerCopticCoralCore budget Corel reefs Corkscrew corm Corncorn oil CornerCorrupt CosmeticsCost accounting Cost of capital Cost price CostumeCottage CottonCouchcough Cough syrup could - CounterCountrysideCourageousCourtyardCousin cousin ( )CowCowboy Cowrie CrabCrackCrafts CraftsmanCrampscrash Crash/ Crash programme CrateCrawlCreamCreated funds CreatureCredit Credit card Credit insurance Credit reporting agenciesCredit risk Credit sales CreedCreekCrewCrganisation chart Cricket CrimeCriticalCrocodiles of tourists Croissant CrookedCropcropCross section data Cross country skiing Crosswalk CrowdCrowncruelCruise Crust Crycry (cried) - CrystalCucumberCuff CuisineCulturalCulture / Cuotff point Cupcup up Curb/ constraint / constriction/ bottleneck /CurlyCurrencyCurrent price CurtainsCurveCushionCustomCustom Custom ( )Customercustomer Customs Cutcut (3)- - Cut offcut off ( )Cutting board Cyclical fluctuations DailyDamDamage / DanceDangerDarkdark darkness DartsDate back DatesDaughterDayDe facto deaddeaf Deaf/ dear ()Death rate DebitDebtDecayed / / Deceive trickDecemberdecide (d)Deciduous trees Deck Decline Decline/ drawdownDecorationDecorationDecorativeDecreasedeepDeerDeferred annuity Definite right Delicate / DeliciousDelighted DeliverDemandDemand deposits Demonstrate Demonstration Demur - Denationalisation Dense / Dentist Deodorant depart DepartmentDepartment store Depend DepletionDepositDeposit import deposit ledger Depressed area/ disaster area Depression depthDermatitis DerogationDescendants / DescriptionDesertDesignerDesignsDeskDesk lamp DesperatelyDessert Destination Destined hour DestituteDetailsDetermined / Develop DevotedDiabetic Dial Diameter DiamondDiamondDiaperdiary (pl. diaries) Dicedictionary DifferentDifficulty standing DigDignified - DiningDinnerDinosaurDip/ Direct costs DirectionDirectionDirectivesDirectorDirectorDirt road DirtyDisabledDisadvantagesDisaster- prone area Disastrous / DiscoDiscountDiscount discuss (discussed)discussionDiseased heart Disguised unemployment Dishonest Dishwasher DiskDisk drive DismissDisorder DisownDisrupt- Disruptive ( )Dissaving / diseconomyDissidentDivergence / spreadDiversificationdivide into (d) Dividend Dividend Divine religions DivingDiving board Divisiondo does (did - done) DoctorDocumentDocumentDocumentsDogDog racing DolphinsDomeDomestic policies Don't touch Dont mind DonateDoorDoor knob Door knocker DoormanDormant dabt. DoubleDouble Doubles competitions Downdown Down payment Downward adjustment DozenDragonDragonflyDramaDramatically Drawbacks / Drawee Drawerdrawing Drawing account drawing board DressDresser Dressing / DrillDrill Drill Drill bitsDrill bitsDrilling machine DrinkDrinking strawDrive madDriverDriver's license DroughtDrugsDrugstoreDrumDrummerdry (dried) Dry cleanersDuckDuly Dump Dust panE-mail E.O.M. ( end of month) Eacheacheach other EagleEarEarache EarlyEarn a living Earner- Earner - Earnings revenuesEarringsEarthEarthquakeEaselEastEastEatEat away / / Ecmonic receovery ( revival ) Economic malaise Economic rate of retum Economic slump Economist EdgeEducate / / EfficientEggplantEggsegyptegyptianEightEight8Eight hundredEighteen Eighteen18EighthEightyEighty80either ( )either . or ..Elastcity of demend ElbowEldersElection campaign Election theme Electorate electricElectrical plug electricityelectronicElephantElevatorEleven Eleven11EmbargoembassyEmergencyEmergency meeting Employ / Employ EmployeeEmployee`Employer EmploymentEmptyEncyclopedia EndogenizationEnergyEngagedEngineengineengineerengineeringEnglandEnglishenjoy (ed) Enormousenough EntertainmentEntitled / EntranceEnvelopeenvelope ( )EnvironmentEqualityEqualization EquationEquipmentEquipment / Era EraserEscrow account especially EspressoEssentialEstablish a record etc. (etcetera) EuropeeuropeEuropeanEvacuationeveneven if EveningEvent Eventually eventually Eventually / ever everyeverybody everyone everything everywhere Evidence EvilEx- gratia Ex officio exactly examExcerpt ExchangeExchangeExchange Exchange exchange rate Excise duty Excitedexcited excitingexclaim (ed) Excursions / Excuse meExecutives ExerciseExhibitionExitExotic / Expand ExpandExpedientExpendibureExpenditure / outlayExpensiveexperimentExpire Expiry " "Expiry Date ExplorerExplosionExportExposteExpress approval Extension Extension officer Extention ( )extra Extrabudgetary Extract Extractive industries Extraordinary Extremely Eye drops Eyebrow Eyelashes Eyelid EyesF.O.B. ( free on board) FabricFaceface cream Face value Face value FacilityFactoryFaint / Fainted FaithfulFaithfulnessFaithless (disbeliever)FallFallfall (fell, fallen) ( )fall asleep fall ill fall in love Familyfamous for Famous writers FarFarmfarmfarmer farmingFascinating FastFastingFateFate and divine decree FatherFather-in-lawFaucetfavoriteFax machine fearFeasibility study / FeastfeatherFebruaryFebruary (feb.)February second Feduciary Feedfeed (fed) Feeding the needy Fees / FeetFelucca FeministFenceFencing Fender Ferris wheel Ferryferry (pl. ferries)FertileFertile (adj.)Festivalfestival Festivals / FeverFewfew FieldFifteen Fifteen15FifthFiftyFifty50Fifty percent FigsFileFilmFin Finalist Finance Finance companies Finance minister FinancialFinancialFinancial markets Financial package Financial risks Financial stress Financialization of savings FinancingFindings FingersFirefire fire engine Fire extinguisher Fire fighter Fire fighting equipment Fire helmet Fire hose Fire placeFire station Fire truck Fireplace screen Fireworks Fireworks Firm price FirstfirstFirst aid Fiscal drag Fiscal policy Fishfish - fisherman Fishing fishing Fishing hook Fishing poleFiveFive5Five hundredFive minutes Fixed price / FlagFlag / Flagpole FlamingoFlashlight Flat rate flat tyre Flight FlippersFloatFloating gardens FlockFlood / Flood (v) / FloorFloppy disk Florist Flow chat Flow process chart FlowerFlower pot FluteFlyfly (flew flown) - - fly (pl. flies)Foam FogFolder Folk hero follow (ed) () following Fomous writers FondueFoodfoodFood from the air Food processing fool foolish FootFootball football football ground football match football team footbridge footpathFootprint for ForearmForefeiture ForeheadforeignForeign capital Foreign currency Foreign exchango earner Foreign policy ForestForgivenessForkFormFortressFortress Fortunately FortyForty40forward Fossil fuels Foul/ FoundationFounderFoundersFountainFourFour4Four hundredFour meters long Four o'clock a.m. Four o'clock p.m. Fourteen Fourteen14FourthFoxFracturesFragile / FramefrancFrancefree free Free of charge- Free zone FreedomFreedomfreedomFreer access FreezerFreightFrenchFrench fries Fresco FreshFridayFridayFriendfriendFriendly friendly frightened Frightening Frogfrom ( )FrontFront deskFrontiers-borders Fross value FrozenFruitfruitFruitfruit is expensive Fruit salad Frying-panFull employment Funfun Function relations FundsFunnelfunnyfunnyFurFurnishedFurnishedfurnitureFusefutureGallery GameGap. Default/ deficiencyGarageGarbage can GardenGarden hoseGardening GarlicGas station GasolineGazeboGazelleGearing / General assembly General elections General Federation of Trade Unions General manager GenerationGenes ( )Genes (n) ( )Genetic engineering Gentleman gentleman Geological formation Geology Geothermal energy GermanGermanyGes leak get (got) get bored get intoget lost get old get on a train get outGet through get throughget to get up GiantGiftGiftsGingerGiraffeGirlGiveGive backGive up gladGlassGlassesGlobe GlovesGlueGlueGlue gun Gogo go away go back go down () go for a walk go on go ongo out ( )go outsidego upGoatgod god bless God bless him and grant god willing Goggles GoldGold backing Gold coin GoldenGolf Golf ball Golf cart Golf clubs Golf course Golf courses Golf tee GondolaGoodgood Goodgood afternoon good at good evening good for good heavens ()Good luck good morning good night goodbye Goodnight Goodwill GooseGorillaGospelgovern (ed)GovernmentGovernment bond GraduallyGraduallyGradually (adv.)GrainGrand Tour GrandchildrenGrandfatherGrandmotherGrapeGrapefruit GrassGrass roots GrasshopperGrave impunityGraygreat-aunt greatGreenGreenhouseGreenhouse greet (ed) greetingGrillGrinGrindGroanedGrocery storeGross negligence Gross profit Ground information Groupgrow (grew, grown) GuaranteeGuardguard (ed)Guessguessingguestguide ( )Guide book GuitarGunGymnastics Habit ( )HairHair conditioner hair cream Hair spray Hairbrush HalfHalf past one p.m. Half past three p.m. Half past two p.m. HallhallHam HamburgerHammerHammer ()Hammock HandHand over Hand truck Handler/ HangHang up Hanger Hanging gardens happilyHappyhappyHappy new year HarborHardHard boiled eggs Hard disk Hardcore sector HardwareHardware HarmonicaHarnessHarvesthas got = has HatHatchhate (d) HatredHaulHavehave have got have got = have have got to = must have to HawkHayHeHe is He is He was HeadHead dress HeadacheheadacheHeadlights Health club HearHearings HeartHeart-lung machine Heartbeat HeavyHeelHelicopterHellHellohello , hallo, hullo HelmetHelpHemHepatitis HerdHereHeritagehiddenhide (hid, hidden) HighHigh-value High heels Highlight Highway Hiking HillhillHip Hippopotamus Hire HireHistoryhit (3) HockeyHoeHoldHoldhold onHold tight Holehole Holiday Holy Books HoneyHoodHookHorizontal expansion HorseHorse racing Horseback riding HospitalHost-HostHostHostess- HotHot air balloonHot dog Hot money Hot springs Hot water HotelHotel staff HourHoursHouseHouse painterHousehold sector housewife (housewives) Howhowhow deep how far how fast how high how long How many how many how many times How muchhow much how much money how often how old how tall ( )how wide however ( )hugeHuge amounts HumblyHumour-FumHundredHungryHuntingHurryhurry , hurrah ( )hurry up (hurried)hurt (3) HusbandHydro-electric Hydroponics HypocrisyHypocriteI am I am I was id ratherIm all for itIceIce-skate Ice creamIce skating Ice water Iceberg idea Identical / Idle balances Idle capacity Idolater Idolaterif Ignoreill Ill effects Illegal Illegal Illiterate/ Illuminate imagine (d) immediately Immediately Implicit support ImportImportantImportsImpress Impressed Impressed Imprest accountIn- service training in ( ) In a hurryIn a row In boxin fact In favour of / in front ofin full In particular in the end In the heart of in the middle In the middle in the old day In the pipeline / in the way Inauguration of parliament IncentiveIncidentinclude (d) IncomeIncome bracket Income statement Incorporeal IncreaseIncredible IndependentsIndex number indiaindianIndicate Indigestion IndividualIndividual Sports indonesiaIndustrial management Industrial relations Industrial safety controller Industrial safety precautions InfantInfectedInfected wound InfinityInflation InformationInfrastructureIngredients InhabitantsInheritance / InjectionInjuryInjury Inmmanbulation of the KaabaInorganic InputsInsecticide InsectsinsideInside rips / InsistInsolvencyInsomniaInspectionInspectionInstallInstallations security InstalmentInstead of Instructions InstructionsInstrument InstrumentsInsurance policy Intangible assets Integrated project management Intense Intensive InterestInterestInterest free loan interested in interesting InterferenceInterim / pro tem internationalInternational International call International issues International labour office International Labour Organisation (ILO) Interpretation of the Quoran Interrupt ( )IntersectionIntestinesinto IntroduceInvadersInvalid vote Invasion - - - Invasiveinvent (ed)inventionInvestInvestigate InvestmentInvisible exports invitationinvite (d)InwardirelandIronirrigate (d) irrigation Is locatedIslamic jurisprudence IslandIsolate / Issue paper/ a write- up paper Issuingit could be It is ( )It is ( )It looks like rain It might be It was ( )its no good ItalianItalyItinerary Iunch hour JacketJamjam JanuaryJanuary (jan.)January first JapanJapaneseJarJawJeansJellyfish Jet skis Jew ( Hebrew)Jeweljewel jeweller jewellery JewelryJewelry box Jewelry store JinnJobJob analysis Job opportunity Job specification Job study Joggingjoin (ed) JointJointly & severally JokeJournal Joy JuicejuiceJulyJumpJump rope JuneJuneJunt - just KaabaKangarooKayak Keen / keep (kept) keep calm keep quiet Keep track ofkeeperKetchup KeykeyKey ring Key to history Keyboard Keyboard KharijitesKickKidsKind - Kindness - - KingKissKitchenKite Kitten Kiwi KneeKneeKneelKneelKneel downKnifeKnightKnockKoala L.E.L.O.U. (I owe you) Label ( - - ..)Label LabelLabeling Labelling Labour contract Labour court Labour dispute Labour Party Labour productivity Labour relations Labour supply Lace Ladderladies and gentlemen LadyLairLakeLambLampLandmark Landscape LandscapesLandslide LaneLanguageLanguageLanternLap Lapel LargeLargerLasagnaLaser printer Lash Lash LastLast - - Last fall Last forever Last month Last spring Last summer Last week Last winter Last year LateLater LatifundiaLatte LaughLaughLaunch Laundered money Laundering Laundromat LaundryLawnLay- off Lay down ( )Lay off workers Layoff Lazzy Leading / / Lean Leare LearnLeather LeatherLeave Leaves Leaves LecturerLeekLeftLegendLegislationLegislative body Legislator ( law maker)LegsLeisure facilities / LemonLemonLemonade Lemonade ()Lending ( )Length ( )Length of visit - LensLentilsLeopardLeopardLesseeLessorLets = let us - LetterLetter of credit Lettuce Leverage Leverage LevyLibertyLibraryLibraryLibratyLicenceLicense plate LickLidLieLie (lay lain) - Lie downLie to LifeLife jacket Lifeboat LiftLift (ed)Light - - Light bulbLight switch LighterLighthouseLighthouse / LightningLike Like this that Lime Limestone LineLine management Line with straw/ Linear responsibility chart LinenLinerar production Link / LionLipsLipstick Liquid ratio LiquorList - - ListenLiterature LiteratureLivestockLizardLlama Loan amortization/ payback/ refunding / repayinent Lobster LocalLocal dishes Local governorate Locate Lock Locker Log onto the Internet Logical Logistic capacity LongLong- term planning LongLong for LookLookLook after Look at Look for Look forward to - Look like ()Look likeLook like - Lord ( )Lorry - - LoseLose (lost) - - LossLoss of fitness LotionLoud Loud Lounge chair LoveLove Lovely LowLowLower Egypt Loyalty faithfulnessLuckLuckily LuckyLuckyLuggageLunchLungLungsLuxury goods Lynx machineryMadMade from ( )Made of Made with MagazineMagians (magi)Magnet Magnificent / Magnifying glass MaidMailMailbox Mailman Main Make (made) Make a fire - Make a journey Make a living Make sentences MakeupMale-dominated society Malnutrition MamelukesManManagement analysis Management appraisal Management by objectives Management development Management rations Management services ManagerManagerManagerial grid MandolinMangoMania Manufactured by ManufacturingManure ManyMapMarathon MarbleMarchMarchMarch March third Marching band Marginal accounts Marginal costing MarinaMarkerMarketMarket value MarkingsMarqueeMarshMartial arts MaskMass production Mass production Massive / Massive MassiveMassive turnout MastMaster plan ( )Match Matches Material - Mathematics matrix management MattressMaximum MayMay MayMay (can) May Day May I come in? Maybe MayonnaiseMayor - MeadowMeaningMeanwhile Measure - Medical facilities Medical history MedicineMedicine - Medium MeetingMegaphoneMelonMeltMember of parliament (MP) MembersMemoMemorable Memorandum of association Memorize Menu Mercantile debt MerchantMermaid - - ( )MessageMessage MessageMetalMexicoMicroprocessor Microwave Midday - MiddleMiddle management Midnight Midwife -Might Might MigrateMile = (1760 = 1906 )MilkMillMillenniumMilliliter ( )MillionMinaretMine MineralMineral water Minimum MinisterMinuteMinute hand MinutesMiracleMirrorMiss the record Miss the record MissesMisterModelModern - Modular production MoistMoistened MoltenMomentMonasteryMonastery - MondayMondayMonetary policy Monetization / minting MoneyMoneyMoney exchangeMoney order Money order MonitorMonitor ()MonkMonkeyMonopolyMonorail MonotheismMonthMonumentMonumentsMoonMoratorium / Mores MorningMorocco MoscowMoses MoslemMosqueMosque - Mosquito - Most - Most ofMotherMother-in-lawMotion study Motorboat Motorcycle MountainMountain lion Mountaineers MouseMouse MouthMoveMove into ( )Movie theaterMuleMultiple activity chart Multiple management MultiplicationMunicipal elections MuralMuscleMusclesMuseumMushrooms MusicianMustacheMustardMuttermy god ()NailNail NailNail clippers Nail polish Napkins NarratorNarrowNational issues NatureNatureNature of the work NearNeckNecklaceNecktie NectarineNeedleNegotiableNeighborNeighboursNestNet margin ( profit) Neurons NewNews stand NewspaperNext fall Next month Next spring Next summer Next to Next week Next winter Next year NightNightclub NineNine9Nine hundredNineteen Nineteen19NinetyNinety90NinthNo longer No smoking NoiseNoisy /Nomadic / Nomadic Nominal value Non-renewable Non-smoking None NoodlesNoon Normal Normal Normal (adj.) NorthNorthNosenot at allNotaryNote NotebookNotes payable NoticeNotice of garnishment NourishmentNovemberNowNuclear reactions NumberNurseNutNut / Nutrients NutsNylonOarOasisObserveObviousOccupational diseases OccupiedOctoberOctopusOculist Odd of course OfficeOffice building Officialoft loan OftenOilOldOlivesOlympic Games Omelet OnOn- muslims On-site On demand On the left of On the right of On time Once upon a time Oncost OneOne1One billionOne day one day One eighthOne fifteen a.m. One forty five a.m. One hour One hundred100One hundred and ond101One hundred percent One hundred thousand100000One million1000000One minute One month One month ago One o'clock a.m. One o'clock p.m. One quarterOne thirdOne thirty a.m. One thousand1000One week ago One year One year ago One year old OnionOpenOpen- door policy Open- ended support Open-heart surgery Open account Open an account OperaOpera glasses Operate Operate / Operation OperatorOpportunityOpposition benches Opposition party OptionOracleOrange Orange juice Orchard OrchestraOrder / Organ ()Organic farming OrientalistOriginalOriginal / OriginalOriginateOrnamentOrnamentsOstrichOut- turn/ earnings/ proceedsOut boxOut of order OutletOutreach services ( )OutsideOutstanding / Outstanding OutwardOvalOvenOver employment Over production Over consumption Overall deficit Overdraft Overdraw Overdue Overhead projector Overload costs OweOwlOwn up OwnerOxygenOxygen-rich OystersPacific ocean PackagePackage Package tour PaddlePadlockPaganism PailPaintPaint roller Paintbrush Paintings PalacePalacePalette Palm Palm treesPanPandaPantomime PantsPapayaPaperPaper clip Papyrus ParachuteParadiseParallelParasailingParasol Pari passu ParkPark Parka Parliaments standing committee ParliamentarianParliamentary committee Parliamentary debate Parliamentary group Parliamentary heckling Parliamentary immunity Parliamentary session Parliamentary sub- committee ParrotParsleyPartnerParty manifesto ( programme) Party slates Party spokesman Pass my kingdom PassengerPassport PastPastaPastryPasturePatiencePatioPatriotismPatternPavementPaw Payback period / Payments / disbursementsPayoff/ retumPeacePeachPeacockPeak Peanuts PearPearlsPeasPedestrian PeelPeelerPelicanPen Pen-name ( )Pencil Pencil sharpener PenguinPenicillinPenury PeoplePepperPeppers Per capita income Per person Percentage PerchPerform Performance Performance PerfumePeriod of grace Perishing Permanent working capital Permature electionsPerpendicularPersimmonPersistPersonal inspection Personnel management PerspectivePerspirePesticides Pet PetalPh D PharmacyPheasant PhilosopherPhone booth Photocopier Photographer Photosynthesis / Photosynthesis Physician ()Physician ()Physicist- Pianist PianoPick up PicnicPicnic basket Picnic table PiePiecePier PietyPigPigeonPilgrimagePill Pillars of Islam PillowPillow case PilotPilots license Pine conesPineapplePing-pong PinkPiousPipePitch PitcherPitcherPitchforkPizzaPlace matPlace matPlaid Plain/ Planeload PlanetPlantPlaquePlasticPlatePlatformPlayPlaygroundPlaying cards Playwright PleasantPlease PliersPlot / PlowPlumPluralPluralisticPocketPodium PoetryPoint at Point of interest / PoisonPoker PolicePolice station PolitePolitical apathy PoliticsPolka-dot Polling stations Polo Polyp / PolytheismPolytheistPondPool table Poor turnout PopcornPopulationPorch Pork PorterPosePosition Post office Postcard PotPotatoPotato chips Pottery Pound PourPovertyPowderPower strip PowerfulPrayerPrecious PregnantPremium /a comptePrescription PresentPreservation Pressure gauge Prestigious PreventPreviousPricePrice- indexation Price differentials Price discrimination Price rating PriestPrinterPrinterPrior charges PrivatePrivate road Privatisation ProbabilityProbably Procedural session ProceduresProcessingProcessing industries ( )Proclaim the rights of man ProducerProductionProduction control Production incentives Production management Production planning ProductivityProductsprofessionProfessionalProfessionalProfessional associations Professionalism/ ProfessorProficiencyProficient Profile ProfileProfit/ ProfitProfitProfit recipient Profit recipient ProfitableProhibitedPromoterPromotionPromotion of exports PropellerProperly Properly ProphetProphets tradition Proportion / / Proportional representation ProstrateProtection against firs Protest Against Prune/ PsalmsPsychiatrist PublicPublic opinion Public relations Public transport PuddingPullPulleyPulsePumpPump PumpkinPunishPuppet PuppyPurchasePurePurplePurposePurse PushPush pin Put someone through PuzzledPyramidQuailQualificationsQuality control QuantityQuantity discount Quantum QuarterQueenQuestionQueueQuicheQuicheQuick assets Quick ratio QuietquietQuiteQuiz QuoranR.O.G.( receipt of goods) RabbitRaccoonRaceRaceRacketRacquetball Radiate/ RadioRadishRaftingRaider Raiding Railroad RainRain boots Rain coat Rain forests Rainbow RaiseRaise money RaisinsRake RapidsRapporteurRash Raspberries RatRate RateRate Rate of return Rated/ quoted / tariffedRationing Rationing / rationalizationRattleRazor Razor bladeReachReadRebateReceipt ReceiveRecently Reception trafficReceptionist Recite ReclamationRecommend / RectangleRecycled material RedRed- tapeRed cross Reduce / Reef ReflectionRefrigeratorRegionRegion - Regression Regular meeting ReinsRelated RelaxRelease / Release Relic ReligiousReligious ceremonies Religious matters/ Religious observancesRemains / RemoveRenegaderenewRentRent Rental car Reparations Repeat elections RepentRepentanceRepentantrepresentationRepresentative / RepresentativeReputationRequireRequirementsRescueRescue ( relief)Rescuers Research assistant ReservationReserveReserve ReserveResidual / excess/ spilloverResistResistanceResistantResort Resort / Resource gap Rest hour (break) RestaurantRestrictionsResurrectionRetail Retail credit bureaus Retrenchment ( )ReturiyieldReturn of capital Reunited Review Reviewer RevolvingRhinoceros RibbonRiceRideRifleRightRingRipeRipenRituals RiverRoar RobberyRobot Rock climbing RocketRodeo Roller blades Roller coaster Roller skating Rolling pinRolling pinRolling plan Rolling sea RolodexRolodexRoofRoom service RoosterRootRoots RopeRoseRot / Rot (v) / RottenRoughRough ( )RoundRound roundRound - the clock work 24 RowRowRowboat RowingRowsRoyalty Rubber gloves Rubbish / RudeRugRuinsRuinsRuins / RulerRuling coalition Ruling party RunRun- upRun out / Run out ofRunning my own business Rural community RussiaRussianRustRustSabianSabotageSaboteursSacred duty Sacred month ( the Holy Month ) SaddleSafety Seat belt Safety glasses Safety pin SailSailboat SailingSailorSalableSaladSalad bowl SalarySaleSalesSales index Sales management SalmonSaltSandSand castle SandalsSandwichSanitary napkins Satellite Satisfaction / SaturdaySaturdaySauceSaucer SausageSavingsSawSaxophoneScaffoldScaleScallions ScarceScarecrowScaredScarfScholar Scholastics SchoolSchools of law Scientific management 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02 0 1 ed2 d 3 y i 4 y i 5 6 7 8 9 10 Act1Agree1Allow1AmWasbeen0Answer1AreWerebeen0AriseAroseArisen 9Arrive2Ask1BearBoreBorn9BearBoreBorne 9BecomeBecameBecome6BefallBefellBefallen 9BeginBeganBegun 9Believe2Belong to1BendBent 8BidBadeBidden 9BindBound 8BiteBitBitten9BleedBled 8BlowBlewBlown 9BreakBrokeBroken9BreedBred8BringBrought 8BuildBuilt 8BurnBurnt 8BuyBought8Call 1CanCould0Carry4Carry on 4CatchCaught 8Change 2Chase2Clean1Climb1ClingClung8Close2ComeCameCome6Compare2Complete2Control 5Cook1Copy4Correct1Cost7Count1CreepCrept8Cross1Cry 4Cut7Dance2DealDealt8Decide2Die2DigGug8Do DoesDidDone 0DrawDrewDrawn 9DreamDreamt8Dream1DrinkDrankDrunk9DriveDroveDriven 9Drop5DwellDwelt8EatAteEaten9End 1Enjoy3FallFellFallen 9FeedFed 8FellFelt 8FightFought8FindFound8Finish 1FleeFled8FlingFlung 8FlyFlewFlown9Fold 1Follow1ForbidForbadeForbidden9ForeteelForetold 8ForgetForgotForgotten9ForgiveForgaveForgiven 9FreezeFrozeFrozen9GetGot 8GiveGaveGiven9GoWentGone9GrindGround 8GrowGrewGrown 9Guard1Guess1HangHung8Happen1Hate2Have HasHad0Have Has toHad to 0HearHeard8HideHidHidden 9Hit 7HoldHeld8Hope2Hurry (Up)4Hurt7Imagine 2Include 2Introduce 2Invent1Invite2Irrigate 2IsWasbeen0Join1Jump1KeepKept 8Kick 1Kill1KneelKnelt8KnowKnewKnown 9Laugh1LayLaid8LeapLeapt8LearnLearnt#Learn1LeaveLeft 8LendLent 8Lie2LieLay (down)Lain (down) #Lift1LightLit 8Like2Listen1Live 2Lock 1LoseLost 8Love2MakeMade 8Marry4MayMight 0MeanMeant 8Measure2MeetMet8Melt1Mend1Milk1Mind1Miss a goal 1MistakeMistookMistaken9MisunderstandMisunderstood 8Mix1Move2MustHad to 0Need1Open1Order1OverthrowOverthrewOverthrown 9Own1Paint1Pass 1PayPaid8Phone 2Pick1Plan 5Play3Point to 1Post a letter 1Pour 1Prefer5Prepare 2Pretend 1Pull 1Push 1Put7Rain1Reach 1Read7Remember1Report 1RideRodeRidden9RingRangrung 9RiseRoseRisen 9RunRanRun6Save 2SaySaid8Score a goal 1SeeSawSeen9SeekSought 8Seem1SellSold8SendSent8Set 7Set of 7SewSewedSewn 9ShakeShookShaken 9ShineShone 8ShooseShoseShosen9ShootShot 8ShouldHad to 0Shout 1ShowShowedShown 9ShrinkShrankShrunk 9SingSangSung 9SinkSankSunk 9SitSat (down)8SlaySlewSlain 9SleepSlept8SlideSlid8Slow down1SmellSmelt8Smoke2SowSowedSown9SpeakSpokeSpoken9SpellSpelt8SpendSpent 8SpillSpilt 8SpinSpun8SpoilSpoilt8SpringSprangSprung9StandStood (up)8Start1Stay 3StealStoleStolen9StickStuck 8StingStung 8Stop5StrideStrodeStridden 9StrikeStuck 8Study4SwearSworeSworn 9SweepSwept8SwellSwelledSwollen 9SwimSwamSwum9SwingSwung 8TakeTookToken 9Talk1Taste 2TeachTaught 8TearToreTorn9TellTold8Thank1ThinkThought 8ThrowThrewThrown 9Tie2Touch1Travel5TreadTrodTrodden9Try4Turn 1UndergoUnderwentUndergone 9UnderstandUnderstood8UndertakeUndertookUndertaken 9Use 2Use to 2Visit1Wait1WakeWoke 8Wake (Up)Woke (Up)8Wash1Watch1WearWoreWorn 9WeaveWoveWoven9WeepWept8Weigh1Welcome 2WillWould0WinWon 8WindWound 8Wink 1With standWith stood 8WithdrawWithdrewWithdrawn9Work 1WringWrung 8WriteWroteWritten9

03 1Afghanistan647,50025,824,882 2Albania28,7503,364,571 70% 20% 10%3Algeria2,381,74031,133,486 4Andorra45065,939 () 5Angola481,35011,177,537 () 47% 38% 6 Antigua and Barbuda St. John44564,246 7Argentina Buenos Aires2,766,89036,737,664 92% 8ArmeniaYerevan29,8003,409,234 94%9Australia7,686,85018,783,551 26% 26%10Austria83,8508,139,299 85 %11Azerbaijan86,6007,908,224 82% 7% 87% 65% 2%12 BahamasNassau13,940283,705 29% 23% 13Bahrain620629,090 () 14Bangladesh144,000127,117,967 () 83% 8% 15Barbados Bridgetown430259,191 16BelarusMinsk207,60010,401,784 17Belgium30,51010,182,034 57% 32% 18BeliseBelmopan22,960235,789 () 19Benin 112,6206,305,567 70% 15% 15 %20BhutanThimphu47,0001,951,965() 75%25%21BoliviaLapaz1,098,5807,982,850 () 85%22 Bosnia and Herzegovina51,2333,482,495 44% 31%15% 23BotswanaGaborone600,3701,464,167 50% 50%24Barazil8,511,965171,853,126 90%25BulgariaSofia110,9908,194,772 85% 15% 26 Burkina Faso247,20011,575,898 50% 10%27 ()Burma(Myanmar) ()678,50048,081,302 () 895% 45% 35%28BurundiBujuumbura278305,735,937 () 62% 5%29Cambodia 181,04011,626,520() 95% 30Cameroon47544015,456,092 51%33% 16%31Canada9,976,14031,006,347 46% 16% 10%32 Central African RepublicBangui622,9803,444,951 24% 50%33Chad N,djamena12840007557436 100 44% 33% 34Chili75695014973843 89% 11% 35China9,596,9601,246,871.95 ( ) 36Colombia 113891039309422 95%37Comoros2,170562,723 86% 14%38CongoBarazzaville3420002716814 50% 2% 39 ()Congo Democratic Republic234541050481305 () 50% 20% 10% 40Costa Rica 51,1003,674,490 95%41 ()Cote d,I vore 322,46015,818,068 60% 16% 17%42Croatia56.5384,676,865765% 111% 43Cuba110,86011,096,395 85% 44Cyprus ()Lefkosia9,250654,064 () 78% 18% 45 Czech7870310,280,513 398% 392% 46% 46Denmark430945356845 91% 2% 47Djibouti22000447439 94% 6%48DominicaRoseau75064881 77% 15%49 Dominican Republic 487308129734 90%50Ecuadorquito28356012562496 95%51Egypt100245067,273,906 94% 4%52El Salvador 21040539079 53 Equatorial GuineaMalabo28,050465,746 () 54Eritrea121,3203,984,723 55EstoniaTallin45,2661,408,523 () 78% 19%56Ethiopia 1,127,12759,680,383 ( ) 57 FijiSuva18,270812,918 52% 38% 8% 58FinlandHelsiniki337,0305,158,372 90% 12%59Franceparis54703058978172 81%69%17%13%60GabonLibreville2676701225853 75% 20% 61GambiaBanjul113001336320 ()62GeorgeaTbilisi677005066499 () 65% 63% 63GermanyBerlin35691082087361 38% 34% 17 % 64GhanaAccra23854018887626 () 38% 33% 24%65GreeceAthens13194010707135 98% 13% 66Guatemala 10889012335580 67GuineaConakry2458607538953 () 85% 7% 8%68 Guinea - BissauBissau361201234555 65% 30% 5%69 Guyana 214970705156 () 18% 16% 9% 18%70 Haiti 277506884264 80% 16%71HondurasTegucigalpa1120905997327() 94% 72Hungary9303010186372 982 % 675 % 73IcelandReykjavik103000272512 96% 3%74India32875901000848550 () 826% 113% 24% 75Indonesia1919440216,108,345 () 583 87% 9% 76Iran164800065179752 () 95% () 4%77Iraq43707222427150 () 97% 3%78IrelandDublin702803632944 93% 3%79Israel 207705749760 82% 14% 2%80Italy30123056735130 98%81JamaicaKingston109902652443 559% 5% 391%82JapanTokyo377835126182077 83JordanAmman892134561147 ( ) 92% 6% 2%84KazakhstanAstana271730016824825 40% () 44% 47%85Kenya58265028808658 () () 40% 36% 16% 86 Korea, North Pyongyang12054021386109 87 Korea ,southSeoul9848046884800 48% 08% 88Kuwait178201991115 85% 89KyrgyzstanBishkek1985004546055 () 75% 20% 90LoasVientiane2368005407453() 85% 15%91LatviaRiga641002353874 92Lebanon104003562699 () 60% 40%93LesothoMasero303502128950 () 80% 94LiberiaMonorovia1113702923725 () 70% 10 % 20%95Libya17595404992838 96LithuaniaVilinus6520036001580() 85% 97Luxembourg2586429080 97% 3%98macedoniaskopie253332022604 70% 21% 3% 67% 30%99 ()MadagascarAntananrivo22666014873387 52% 41% 7%100MalawiLilongwe11848010000416 () 75% 20%101Malaysia33975021376066 () ( )102MaliBamako124000010429124 50% 17 % 90% 9% 1%103MaltaValleta320381603 () 98%104Mauritania10307002581738() 105Mauritious Port louis18601182212 () 52% 283% 166 %106Mexico1972550100294036 97% 3%107MolodovaChisinau337004460838 985% 15%108Monaco1,9532149 () 95% 109Mangolia Ulan Bator15650002617369 90% 4%110Morocco44655029661636 987% 11% 02%111Mozambique80159019124335 () 60% 30% 10%112NamibiaWindhoek8254181648270 ()113Nauruyaren2110605 58% 24% 114NepalKatamandu14080024302653 () 115The Netherlands4152615807641 34% 25% 3% 116New ZealandWellington2686803662265 81% 18% 1%117NicaraguaManagua1294944717132 95 % 5%118NigerNiamey12670009962242 () 80% 20 % 119NigeriaAbuja923770113828587 () 50% 40% 10%120NorwayOslo3242204438547 ( ) 88% 83% 121Oman2124602446645 () 95%122Pakistan803940138123359 48% 12%8% () 8% 97% 123 ( )Palstinian 22631555919 75 % 17% 8%124Panama782002778526 () 93% 6% 125 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby4616904705126 55% 126ParaguayAsuncion4067505434095 () 90% 127PeroLima128522026624582 () 128The PhilippinesManila30000079345812 84% 10% 5% 3%129PolandWarsaw31268338608929 95% 130PortugalLisbon923919918040 97% 1% 2%131Qatar11439723542 95%132Romania23750022334312 () 70% 6% 6%133Russia17075200146393569 134Rwanda263408154933 56% 18% 1%135 SamoeApia2860229979 99%136Saudi Arabia196058221504613 100%137Senegal19619010051930 () 92% 6% 2%138 Serbia and Montenegro10235011206847 95% 5% 65% 19% 4% 139Seychelles44579164 90 % 8%140Sierra leoneFreetown717405296651 () 40% 35% 20%141Singapore64753531600 142SlovakiaBratislava488455396193 () 603% 97% 84 % 41%143SloveniaLjubljana202561970570 708% 1% 1% 144 Solomon islandsHoniara28450455429 145Somalia6376607140643 () 146 South Africa Cape town121991243426386 147SpainMadrid50475039167744 74% 17% 99% 148Sri lanka6561019144875 69% 15% 8% 8%149Sudan250581034475690 70% 20% 5%150SurinameParambario163270431156 25% 228% 274% 196% 5%151SwazilandMbabane17360985335 )) 60% 40%152Sweden4499678911296 94% 15% 153SwitzerlandBern412907275467 49% 40% 154Syria18518017213871 () 90% 10%155TaiwanTaipei3598022135250 156TajikistanDushanbe1431006102854 80%157Tanzania94509031270820 40% 33%158Thailand51400060609046 944% 4% 11 % 05%159TogoLome567905081413 () 60% 20% 10%160 Trinidad and Tobago 51301102096 () 33% 25% 15% 14% 6%161Tunisia1636109513609 98% 1% 162Turkey78058065599206 98%163TurkmenistanAshgabat4881004366383 89% 9%164Uganda23604022804973 () 66% 16%165UkraniaKiev60370049811174 76% 13% 32% 166 United Arab Emirates 828802344402 96% 4%167 ()United Kingdom24482059113439 168 United states9629091272878000 61% 25% 2% 169UruguayMontviedo1762203308523 2% 66% 2%170UzbekistanTashkent44740024102473 374% 214% 88% 9% 171VanuatuPort vila14760173000 37% 15%15%10%172Vatican City (Holy See )440860 173VenzuelaCaracas91205023203466 96% 2%174VietnamHanoi32956077311210 175 Republic of Yeman52797016942230176ZambiaLusaka7526109663535 75% 177ZimbabweHarare39058011163160 () 25% 24% 50%

04 44.5 2 166.2 230.3 2 86.5 210.5 2 73.5 2 24.2 2 14 2 17.8 27.7 2 12.5 2()

05 69121518212427303336394245485154576063


07 () 1 25 315 425 530 650 775

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10 1 57313 636631113 3 2 58423 64763132310 4 3 57735 66083233512 4 60340 6666335405

11 8015093179150204 164241 199256204261215313 201275209279 207373

12 " " " " 1 ( )1000 950-2 ( )83-3 ( )950 3900 : 2900 .4 ( )1502500 : 2200 .5 ( )582000 : 1900 .6 ( )1751861 : 1686 .7 ( )1751861 : 1686 .8 ( )143 1201781 : 1638 .9 ( )180 1781761 : 1581 .10 ( )1471800 : 1653 .11 ( )1101610 : 1500 .12 ( )- 16 15 .13 ( )92 16 15 .14 ( )75 16 15 .15 ( )1201436 : 1316 .16 ( )1221439 : 1317 .17 ( )701042 : 972 .18 ( )53985 : 932 .19 ( )- 9 .20 ( )- 9 .21 ( )- 8 .22 ( )120100 : 20 .23 ( )301 : 30 .24 ( )331 : 33 .25 ( )63571 : 632

14 ( ) (5 6 )

13 ()() 88 59 383648783000225 43 10826712104760036525 23 56 14969312756287930168696 24 37 22791416786420021186 9 50 778348314279687000162946 10 40 1427886120000715001884 17 14 287117835240029500151648 18 44972793486002680082477 6 59143675464036001

15 (%)1 252 113 8.34 6.255 6.256 3.757 3.758 39 2.710 2.711 2.512 2.1

16 () /

17 3 12 254 3048 9144 1609 1760 0453 44928

18 123456789101112