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Detect and prevent cyber attacks in real-time. · PDF file Build for SAP®, in SAP®, by ABAP-Experts. ... Detect and prevent cyber attacks in real-time. SAP® is still a blind spot

Mar 22, 2020




  • Build for SAP®, in SAP®, by ABAP-Experts.

    ABAP-Experts is dedicated to writing valuable SAP® add- on solutions. Our product portfolio enriches SAP standard without reinventing the wheel, making the good even better, targeting cost reductions through enhanced productivity, risk reduction and cost avoidance.

    Detect and prevent cyber attacks in real-time.

    SAP® is still a blind spot on the security monitoring map for many organizations, as they often assume that their SAP data is covered by the SAP administration team and traditional security methods. Besides vulnerability checks of custom coding, firewalls, intrusion detection and encryption, humans are often a weak link. Attackers use social engineering to defy technical precautions.

    Information stored in SAP® or in other words the "crown jewels" of a company have become a popular target for attacks. Threats causing loss of intellectual property, manipulation or deletion of data and may only be recognized, days after an attack was ended.

    SecurityBridge gives insight into suspicious activities going wrong in your system. This enables you to identify breaches as they occur. So you can react in time to neutralize dangers and prevent critical damage to your business.

    How does SecurityBridge work: It collects security relevant data from all the systems in the landscape and leverages the power of in-built Event- Listeners to analyse data in real-time. Automated attack detection patterns run and alerts are created when threats are detected which allows you to analyse the root-cause extremely quick.

    SecurityBridge was designed to interlink your SAP® with existing SIEM solution and to bridge the expertise required to assess vast amount of SAP® metrics to filter true threads.

    • SecurityBridge supports all SAP Applications running an ABAP-stack, including those running within SAP's Enterprise Cloud.

    • SecurityBridge ships with an easy to use web-based configuration and monitoring cockpit, providing a centralized view on recorded events.

    • SecurityBridge provides various views on recorded events within the inbuilt dashboard.

    • SecurityBridge correlates information from more than 20 different data sources to create actionable security alerts.

    • SecurityBridge provides pre-configured check patterns, and you can also configure alerts and use cases to environment specific requirements.

    • SecurityBridge comes with predefined patterns to validate recommendations originating from the German SAP User group (DSAG)

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