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Design Learnings from Viral Applications April 2008

Mar 26, 2015



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Design Learnings from Viral Applications April 2008 Slide 2 2 Who is RockYou? Over 50 Applications and Widgets Slide 3 3 To engage the world through social applications The RockYou Mission Slide 4 4 Stats! Invented the Space Double Digit penetration across leading social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Bebo..) 105 Million Uniques 1.5 Billion Pageviews 150+Million Widget views a day Slide 5 5 Agenda The Social Space Product Design Development Phasing Tuning in Depth Q&A Slide 6 The Opportunity Slide 7 7 Alexa Global Traffic Rankings Market for Social Apps is Exploding 2008 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2005 (U.K.) Slide 8 8 Social Applications Increase Site Traffic Over 150% Growth! Over 18,000 applications 95% have an application 60%+ have a RockYou app RockYou Integration Slide 9 9 Source: eBay Investor Presentation, RockYou (1) eBay starts Q2 98, PayPal starts Q100, Yahoo! starts Q195, AOL starts Q192, Facebook starts Q404, and RockYou Starts Q405 (2) Facebook data represents active users, which was disclosed on 12/05 and 12/06. Undisclosed active user data is extrapolated by applying an average active user penetration to global Unique Visitors (per comScore Media Metrix) Facebook platform launch (2) Registered Users (MM) Huge Growth Potential Slide 10 10 How did we grow so fast? Rise of open platforms + laser-like focus on metrics and viral channels Flash Widget Era - Profile - Bulletin - Profile - Requests - Notifications - Email - News Feed - Profile action - Profile - Messages - Notifications - Email - Activity stream - Home surface Slide 11 Product Design Slide 12 12 RockYou approach to product design Apply advertising principles to user-facing web design Build fast and launch asap Iterate on original design Let data guide product decisions Slide 13 13 Apply advertising principles to user-facing web design Its all about Conversion Rate Each touch point equivalent to an ad pageview Profile Views Canvas Pages Invites Feeds Grow by increasing number of touch points and maximizing conversion on each touch point Have a plan to maximize use of every channel Must consider implications for long-term user experience Dont abuse the channels Slide 14 14 Build fast and launch asap Design simple concepts Focus on virality and growth Accept the fact that channels >> features Channels bring in new users and keep them coming back Only the top 0.1% of features can accomplish this alone Validate concepts quickly User tests Just launch it Slide 15 15 Iterate Rapidly Viral channels should drive product concept and feature development Not the other way around! Tune the viral loop A/B Test Release Often Slide 16 16 Let data guide product decisions Dont Be Emotional Numbers dont lie There are no user experts 60% + female 15-25 Do user studies when you dont have web metrics Viral channels should drive product concept and feature development Not the other way around! Have a plan to maximize use of every channel Slide 17 Development Process Slide 18 18 Development Process 1.Marketing / Validation 2.Growth 3.Engagement Slide 19 19 Application Types Channel Superwall, HugMe Content Flixster, iLike, Watercooler Dating Likeness, Compare People Games Zombies, FluffFriends, SpeedRacer, Friends for Sale Gifts Grow-a-gift, Free Gifts, Boozemail Self Expression Cities Ive Visitied, Bumper Sticker Slide 20 20 Marketing / Validation Audience Channels Messaging Slide 21 21 Skew heavily to teen and young adult womenbrand influencers Audience Slide 22 22 Audience Whats the total size of market What percentage penetration is goal Whats possible virality of market? Average number of friends Myspace vs Ning vs iGoogle Slide 23 23 Messaging Develop your concept around high-converting calls to action Simplicity Universal Social persuasion Novelty (art) Slide 24 24 Channels Focus on 1 to 1 channels Map out several different flows to test Install to invite to interacting Install to interacting to invite Balance relevance to throughput Channel vs Content Applications Slide 25 25 Viral Channels News Feed Notifications Email Profile Invites Non-user pages Profile Action Slide 26 26 Growth Phase Break viral barrier Tune growth (Install vs uninstall) Promote It Slide 27 27 The Viral Loop User Call to action to invite friends x = invited friends Accept? Yes y% = invite accept rate x * y > 1 gives you viral growth! Slide 28 28 Tune It Superwall Launched in 2 days tuned for 2 weeks Preview page Invite Messaging Targeting Slide 29 29 Promote It You know the math works All about throughput to multiply Give it a boost! Ad Networks Slide 30 30 Engagement Phase Saturated social circles (audiences) Critical mass makes features more useful Tune for experience Build new features to keep users engaged and happy! Slide 31 31 Critical Mass Youve achieved your goal Percentage of Social Circle supernodes 40% Active 10 % of that 4% of Market Slide 32 32 Channels Focus on 1-to-Many to get People Engaged News Feed Profile Notifications Non User Pages Focus on 1-to-1 to re-engage current users Email Notifications Slide 33 Viral Tuning in Depth Slide 34 34 Metrics for your viral loop User Call to action to invite friends x = invited friends Accept? Yes y% = invite accept rate x * y > 1 gives you viral growth! Slide 35 35 Hypothetical viral numbers Install flow x = 5 (friends invited on average) y = 22% (acceptance rate for invites) Viral factor = 5 * 0.22 = 1.1 VIRAL! Engagement flow Repeat users can generated additional virality! Slide 36 36 Combine multiple flows and channels Install flow x = 5 y = 10% Viral factor = 5 * 0.1 = 0.5 Engagement flow, request channel x = 3 (invites) y = 10% (acceptance rate for invites) Viral factor = 3 * 0.1 = 0.3 Engagement flow, notification channel x = 6 (notifications) y = 5% (acceptance rate for notifications) Viral factor = 6 * 0.05 = 0.3 0.5 + 0.3 + 0.3 = 1.1 VIRAL! Slide 37 37 What to track Requests sent & request CTR Notifications sent & notification CTR Feed events & feed CTR Adds / removes And everything elseplatform tracking is not 100% reliable How to track if youre tight on resources (arent we all) Paid or home grown if youre serious about growing big Get stats in real time instead of waiting a day Store events that cant be tied to a page (i.e. number of requests sent) Slice and dice data however you want Tuning the viral loop watch your metrics Slide 38 38 Using metrics to drive product decisions A/B test entire user flows A/B test calls to action Base decisions off of statistically significant data Flow A Flow B A n new users B n new users X% user dropoff Y invites sent/userZ% invites accepted Slide 39 39 Making the most of viral channels Graph and compare activity metrics over time to analyze trends Focus resources on tuning the largest traffic drivers All viral channels eventually decay why? Invites sent decreases due to saturation Response rate decreases due to user conditioning So keep tuning to stay ahead of the curve! and when youve exhausted your primary channels it might be time to explore some creative alternatives Slide 40 Questions?