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Delivering digital accessibility (2011)

Jan 15, 2015



A talk about digital accessibility, why it's important, how it benefits people and organisations, how it's achieved, and how it's maintained.

  • 1. Delivering Digital AccessibilityLonie Watson, Director of Accessibility and WebDevelopment

2. What is digitalaccessibility? 3. Digital accessibility is Something for everyone, not everything foreverybody. 4. What does digital accessibility encompass? 5. Digital accessibilityencompasses... Websites, intranets and web applications; Native and web apps; Email, multimedia and social networking. 6. Why is digitalaccessibility important? 7. Digital accessibility isimportant because... It contributes to great user experiences; It supports your organisations goals. 8. What impact doesdigital accessibility have? 9. Accessibility improves SEO 10. Accessibility minimiseslegal risk 11. Accessibility is good forreaching people 12. Accessibility feels good 13. How is digitalaccessibility measured? 14. Web accessibility guidelines 15. Applying WCAG principles 16. How is digitalaccessibility achieved? 17. Digital accessibility isachieved by... Planning; Implementing; Maintaining. 18. Digital accessibility planning 19. BS8878 Web AccessibilityCode of Practice 20. BS8878 Responsibility Identify a person within your organisation whohas responsibility for web accessibility. 21. BS8878 Organisationalpolicy Create a web accessibility policy for yourorganisation, and make everyone aware of it. 22. BS8878 Web productpolicies For each web product your organisation isresponsible for, create a web accessibilitypolicy that documents your choices. 23. BS8878 Web productsteps BS8878 includes 16 steps that should bedocumented in your web product accessibilitypolicy; Steps include defining requirements, choosingtechnologies, and testing with people withdisabilities. 24. Digital accessibility implementation 25. Find the knowledge If your team doesnt have much accessibilityexperience, identify sources of knowledge youcan draw on. 26. Test, test, and test again 27. Experience, experience,and experience again 28. Digital accessibility maintenance 29. Accessibility isnt just forlaunch 30. Email: [email protected]: 0117 929 7333Twitter: @we_are_nomensa