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Delaware State Police Delaware Information Analysis Center

Jan 03, 2016



  • Delaware State PoliceDelaware InformationAnalysis Center

  • Delaware Information And Analysis CenterDelawares statewide fusion centerCollaborative effort between Delaware L.E. and other state agencies, to include the DNG3,500 square feet / off campus warehouse/office spaceStaffed with 6 analysts and a 3 person critical infrastructure unit

  • Delaware Information And Analysis Center

  • Analytical Work Area

  • Core Functionality Resources and Agency ConnectivityThe Delaware Information Analysis Center: Acts as a central contact, repository, and clearinghouse for all Delaware law enforcement agencies Coordinates the exchange of information and intelligence between federal, state, and local law enforcement Is staffed with personnel, some of whom will have federal clearances Complies with 28 CFR Part 23

  • Core Functionality

    Daily information of police activitiesIdentified suspicious activities that are potentially precursors to a terrorist eventInformation gathered from surrounding state centersInformation gathered from federal agencies including the DHS Operations CenterInformation supplied by the local and neighboring JTTFsInformation supplied by local investigatorsOpen source informationOutside agency database resourcesCollection and Analysis of Information


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    DRAFT Memex, Inc. Proprietary

    Delaware Counter Terrorism Watch Center Conceptual Design

    Warnings to Officersvia Mobile Data Units

    DelawareCounter-Terrorism Watch Center

    TacticalAnd StrategicIntelligence

    Actionable Intelligence


    Tips and Leads

    Intelligence Reports

    Information requestsfrom officers

    Federal Watch Lists

    JTTF Information




    Secure FederalHomeland SecurityInformation

  • All Delaware Law Enforcement Agencies

    Statewide Intelligence SystemState-Wide IntelligenceInformation(Tips & Leads, Open Source, etc.)DIAC Provided Intelligence Supervisory Process and Link Analysis ServiceDelaware Statewide Criminal Intelligence Database System

  • Planned Intelligence Sharing Architecture

    Statewide Intelligence SystemState-Wide IntelligenceInformation(Tips & Leads, Open Source, etc.)MOCICMAGLOCLENNESPINROCICWSINRMINRISSNodeOther State LE PartnersRISSNodeRISS CentersDelaware

  • Tips & Leads Flow

  • Law Enforcement Investigative Support SystemLEISSAll Delaware criminal justice agencies participate 37 Police agencies107 Criminal justice agenciesDIAC is able to query and data mine this system

  • Fentanyl Laced HeroinDelaware Dept. of Health

  • Mission Statement The Delaware Information and Analysis Center, through a multi-agency effort, is committed to providing a coordinated, professional and all-hazards approach in preventing, disrupting, and defeating criminal and terrorist activity, while safeguarding constitutional guarantees. (

  • A Daily Reminder ofFirst Amendment Rights

  • Development of the PolicyIdentified a project champion Secretary David B. Mitchell Identified a project team leader Captain William HarrisIdentified resources Identified the project teamDevelop stakeholder contacts Delaware Police Chiefs' Council, Inc.

  • Mission Statement The mission of this privacy policy development team is to ensure the lawful sharing of criminal justice information, while insuring ethical standards and promoting the protection of individuals constitutional rights.

  • Project CharterA combination of the followingMission statementGoalsObjectives

  • Items Considered in Policy DevelopmentInformation collectedInformation disseminationLegal requirements28 CFR Part 23Project transparencyAccountability and enforcementPolicy gapsOutreachTrainingMeasuring success

  • Privacy Policy Templates

  • Questions?Captain Bill HarrisDelaware State Police

    28 CFR Part 23 is the Code of Federal Regulation that controls how criminal intelligence is collected, stored and disseminated. 32 out of 38 Law Enforcement Agencies were participating within 6 months. To date there are 36 law enforcement agencies participating.DIAC will soon be sharing intelligence with other states through a pointer-index system starting initially with PA and NJ.Tip comes into DIACSent to JTTF supervisorJTTF has first right of refusal if refused sent to local PDEntire process from cradle to grave is documented and retained in the system

    Six of the 28 recommendations of the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan touch on Privacy and Constitutional Rights of citizens

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