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Deconstruction of Jessie J - Price tag

Jun 30, 2015




  • 1. At the end of last week our media teacher assigned us a taskto do a music video. He divided us into two groups and gaveus choice between Jessie J price tag and Gagnam Style. My group decided to do Jessie J- Price tag. The first thing whicheach of us had to do was to deconstruct a section of the 4 minutes long video.Here is my detailed deconstruction of thefirst 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the video. It involves the camera shot, the continuity,the colour of the background and wheneverthere is a new costume.

2. Page one: 0.00- 0.50 min 3. Page two: 0.52-1.13 min 4. Page three: 1.14-1.43 min 5. Page four: 1.44-2.13 min 6. Page five: 2.14-2.15